Title: Qualifications

Author: S J Smith

Disclaimer: No no, never never, uh uh uh.

Rating: K

Word Count: 331

A.N.: Written for Bob_Fish, who prompted me with: I would like you to give me Winry's job interview with Garfiel, or a snippet thereof. Bonus points if you manage to imply Garfiel has a boyfriend, because I like to see him happy. XD Thankyewverymuch. Unedited except by me.

* * *

What was Dominic thinking? Oh, to be sure, the little girl standing in front of him was darling - look at how cute she was, with those big blue eyes - surely she's a heartbreaker. Mmm, she'd need to get some lotion on her skin, it was just going to dry out in Rush Valley, but she didn't come here for tips on moisturizing. She wanted to be an automail mechanic.

"Well, dear, tell me why you want to be my apprentice?" Garfiel smoothed his thumb over his moustache, making sure the wax curl hadn't melted. "I understand your grandmother caused quite a stir in Rush Valley in times past, so why would you want to stay here?"

She clenched her hands into fists, her mouth going firm. "Because I," she hesitated and Garfiel read a myriad of emotions in her face, "I want to be the best automail mechanic ever. And to do that, I need more than just my grandmother's knowledge, I need to learn from anyone who knows something I don't."

"Ahhh." Garfiel touched a forefinger to his cheek. "That's a very good answer, Miss Winry." Pursing his lips, he considered. He'd have just enough time to get this sweet thing settled before Jonathan came over to dinner - and what would Jonathan think? Oh, he'd probably want to do her hair and teach her metallurgy! "I'll take you on -" before her eyes could light up any more, he hurried on - "as a trial apprentice. I have a spare room upstairs, you can stay there for fifteen days. And, if you have the skills to impress me, we'll talk further about a true apprenticeship."

The girl had a smile brilliant enough to rival the morning sun, bobbing her head and repeating her thanks and that Garfiel wouldn't regret this before spinning out of his shop, saying she was going to get her luggage.

"Ah, girls." He sighed dreamily. "I was just like that at her age."

* * *