My heart will always be forever yours

My heart was yours from the very start

Along with my soul and my fragile heart

And all the love in me was yours forever

Yet you had someone else you treasured

With blond long curls that shined like the sun

That smile she wore that illuminated your life

She was as beautiful like mighty Aphrodite herself

Where I was as plain as the winter season

When you were sent away my world froze dead

The pain spread threw me slowly killing me

Because you were my air, my water and my salvation

The only thing to breath for, to wake for so in my heart I bled

Then she died, was gone alive no more

I was alone, soulless and lifeless

I waited for fifteen depressing lonely years

Waiting, praying, hoping you will walk through that door

For without you I have nothing. Can loose nothing. Am nothing

The nights I cried over you, pearly tears falling for you

Then you came and my spirit soared like an eagle

Gone with the days of crying, aching, breaking and dying

But this man was a stranger, different. Not the same

Cold hollow eyes, lifeless soul and empty heart

You shouted sharp poisonous words into me

I told you the loss of your love which you claimed I was to blame

Where was the man that had taken my love

The man that glowed with kindness and joy?

The smile that would lighten my life?

That would make my heart flutter like a dove

But he was gone, he died with his lover

A new man replaced him of cold hatred and anger

I cried more tears when you were here then when you gone

Yet I still loved you and will till now and after dawn

You tired to prove me wrong to change my feelings that died

So you did what you could so violent and cruel

Though the pain was nothing from what I had endured

You took away all that was left of me; you took my life away

But how can I die when I was lifeless from the beginning?

How can I die when I had nothing to live for?

You will never love me for your heart is filled with sorrows of your loss

And that night you have proved that, you have stopped me from breathing

But I will always love you for there is no cure

My heart will always be forever yours

Hey that was just a small poem I wrote based on Mrs. Lovetts feelings towards Sweeney. Plz review me n tell me wat u think! I no its not like the movie coz lucy neva really died till the end, but its similar. N Sweeney didn't kill nelle just coz he wanted 2 prove her wrong, but annwaay plz review!