Disclaimer: All I own is the poem and the Grave stone.

Good Bye My Friend

It's empty of happiness

No Joy and No Fun

Walking by just gives me the shivers

He is no longer there

The room is full of him though

Then why am I scare of it then?

"Come on in Jack, I think I found something." Something whispers in the room to me

Just memories

The room is dusty

It's occupant is no longer

But something has manifested

Negativity is always lingering

It's empty of happiness

The man who works in there is no longer

"JACK" something cries out

Just memories

He is gone

Gone for good

No more worries

No more bickering

Yet I can't let go

"Jack am actually scared of what's out there in the big universe" he had once told me

Just memories

No Joy and No Fun

No Love

Just pain

I have to go in

I am a General

Its overwhelming

But its something

The light is on

The light holds the fear back

"Jack don't forget to turn out my office lights" he whispers in his dying breaths

Good by my friend

The office lights go out

Now he's gone

He lingers no more

And as I shut his door

I hear

"Thanks Jack, thanks for being there" he whispers

And I whisper back

"Good bye my Friend"

He was dead. His best friend and family member was dead.

He had died off world.

I had wrote the poem just for him. He wouldn't be coming back this time or any other time.

I stood at his grave and read it to him after his funeral.

SG-1 is no more and I have finally retired after the last mission.

Sam Carter transferred after the memorial service, I don't know what she does now.

Teal'c returned to Chulak and the last I heard of him was that he was happy to be home.

Cam Mitchell is god knows where, the last I heard from him, he was writing a life story about a hero.

I stand at his grave and look up at the sky.

He is in Archaeology heaven and is getting into trouble

I just know it.

I have to go now.

I whisper to the heavens above as I look down at his grave.

"Good Bye Daniel Jackson and thanks for being my friend"

And as I am heading towards my car, I could have sworn I heard

"Hey Jack, I think I have found something"

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Born: July 8, 1965

Death: July 8, 2009

Rest in Peace

Friend to All

We come in Peace and we leave in peace