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Lulu- 16 - Utau- 16

Tadase- 15 - Rima- 15

Kairi- 15 - Yaya- 14

Nagihiko- 17 - Amu- 15


I laid down in my bed, and engulfed myself in my comforter. The wet substance started to come back to me. I could feel it running down my cheeks...

What is it?



Today was the day of graduation. And let me tell you. I'm excited. I finally get to leave that hell hole people force me to call school. I've had a lot of job offers, and college scholarships, but there's so many bad memories at that place, I was glad to get away.

Bad memories like... her?

I quickly shook my head as I went to my locker for the last time. I didn't need anything because it was empty, but because I wanted to look at it one more time. I sighed. This is my last time in this school. Graduation is in two days, and I still want to be a famous violinist. I had a lot of offers to join an orchestra, but I wanna stick with my dads business. He started an orchestra of his own, and I want to be a part of it.

"Ikuto." I turned to see Lulu. From this past year, she stopped being stalker-ish. Especially ever since... You know. I nodded in acknowledgment. She made a small smile. "I just wanted to tell you congratulations. On graduating I mean." she said.

I nodded. "Thanks."

Her expression didn't change. "I wish that I was graduating. The seniors this year were amazing." I looked at her. She had a face that said that she'll miss us. I showed a serene smile at her, as I rubbed her head.

"It's not like you don't know where I live. And you know where Kukai and the others live too. We can all hang this summer." I said. She smiled as she nodded. "Sure! Bye, Ikuto!" And she was off.

I'm glad that I have girls that are friends that are actually trying to just hang and nothing else. It's kinda nice.

"Ikuto! Open the damn door!" I heard Kukai shout. I chuckled as I lazily got up from my bed, and walked over to the door. Once the door was open, he dashed inside.

"Finally! I have news!" he exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow as I walked over to my recliner chair. He was spazzing again, and I was pretty used to it. "What is it?"

Kukai breathed in before shouting, "A-!"

"IKUTO!" Nagihiko exclaimed as he busted through the door. Tadase and Kairi were close behind him. I choked on the soda I was drinking. "What do you want?" God, why are they so damn excited?

"No! I was gonna tell him!" Kukai yelled. Nagihiko turned from me, to glare at him. "Not on your damn life." Then they went at it... Again. I pinched the bridge of my nose. What are they so excited about? I turned to Kairi and Tadase.

"Do you guys know?" Kairi looked at me, and nodded. Tadase replied by shrugging sheepishly. I rolled my eyes as I walked over to Nagihiko and pulled him off of Kukai.

"Okay. I'm only going to ask this once," I started, then pulled Kukai and Nagihiko closer to me. "What the hell do you two want to tell me?" I asked calmly. I don't want to scare them out of not telling me.

They both looked at each other and nodded.


I immediately dropped them. My eyes widened. "A-Amu...?"

All the feeling in my body went numb. I could feel was myself turning white, slowly.


"I think we broke him..." Kukai's voice.

"You lot shouldn't have told him so quickly." Kairi.

"Ikuto?" Tadase.

I clenched my fists as I slowly composed myself. "Didn't I tell you guys? I'm over her..." I choked out. It was true. I'm completely over her... The guys looked at me strangely. Like they didn't believe me.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm over her. It's been a year..." I clenched my fist with more force. I am over her... I really am.

"Well if you're over her, I guess you won't care that she's coming here. To this house. She's even going to the same school." Nagihiko explained. My eyes widened. Amu's going to the school that I'm graduating from... Seiyo. Why is she coming back? Why here? But wait... Why the hell do I care?

She left me. She took my heart and stomped on it. Why would I still love her?

Is it wrong that she wanted to live with her family? How selfish...

I heard the conscience ringing in my ears. It has a point... But what about me? What am I supposed to do when she comes? Just stay silent? Act happy?

"Ikuto!" I heard Kukai shout my name. I lazily looked in his direction. "Huh?" he rolled his eyes. "I said that she's on her way here. You better get dressed. She says she missed you the most out of all of us."

"No surprise there." Nagihiko muttered. My eyes widened even more. If that was possible. What am I supposed to feel? I'm over her aren't I?

But... Now that I know that she's coming back, I feel really... Happy.

But why? She crushed me. She was the first girl I ever loved, and she tore my heart in two... And yet, I miss her.

"Ikuto-san! Guess who's here!" I heard my mother call from downstairs...

I guess it's time to see where my feelings lay.

After I quickly got dressed, I walked down the stairs slowly. I heard my mother's voice, "Oh it's so nice to see you again!" Utau's voice, "You were gone for too long!" well, it was more like a whine. And finally, my father's voice. "I'm so glad that you moved back. And what's best is, is that you moved right next door." he sounded... excited. I've never heard his voice like that in a long time... Like, a year.

Okay. Here I go. I took a deep breath in, then I walked fully down the stairs. Once I took my last step, I looked up. My breathe hitched. There she was...


Her back was towards me, and I could already see the changes. My father looked at me. "Ah, Ikuto. There you are." Shit. She started to turn around...

My eyes widened.

Her hair was all the down to her wrists, her golden orbs had gotten bigger and... golder. And boy, did her body... develop.

She'd ruined me. I knew Amu was the reason I was so unhappy, just as I knew she was the only way I could ever be happy again. Just seeing her again had filled me with hope and strength. I couldn't let her go when I just found her again. She was my everything. How stupid was I... Again. I still loved her. I love her. She's mine, and she always will be. My Amu. I don't care that she was gone. She's back now, and she's here to stay. That's all that matters. That's all...

"Ikuto..." Amu mumbled as she walked closer. My heart started to beat with more force. I kept on thinking that it was going to pounce right out of my chest. My stomach was in knots, and my palms grew sweaty. I don't know if I like this feeling or not. As she got closer, my heart would beat faster.

When she was close enough, she wrapped her arms around my waist. Her sweet strawberry scent... I missed it so much... I wrapped my arms around her. Her body was like a puzzle piece to mine. And she fit perfectly. The void in my heart wasn't there anymore. Just by her touch... Just by the feel of her, the scent of her... Her presence. It's everything. Everything.

"Ikuto... I missed you so much." she whimpered. I could feel her tears going on my shirt. I didn't mind one bit. I ran my fingers through her hair. I could feel the guys behind me, staring at me. I'm probably going to get a bunch of "I told you so" shit later. I don't care. It's worth holding her in my arms again. And I hope it'll never end.

"I missed you too, Amu." I replied. I tilted her chin up towards me, and planted my lips on hers. It was perfect. It was soft and passionate. Her lips were playing with mine, sucking lightly on my bottom lip. I didn't ask for entrance. I just let our lips talk. It was long enough for me to get that warm feeling I always felt around her, yet short enough for me to want more. When we pulled away, I let my forehead fall onto hers, so I can look deep into those honey colored eyes of hers. Mesmerizing as before. No change.

"I love you, Ikuto." she whispered. I felt a jolt of electricity come up inside me. It's been too long since I heard those words. I smiled as I held her closer. "I love you too, Amu. I always have, and I always will."

"Ahem." I turned to Kukai and the others. "It's good to see that you guys are back together, and you're all lovey-dovey and crap, but I actually plan on eating tonight. So can you lighten it up?" he said. I glared at him. Amu giggled as she walked over to them.

"It's so good to see you guys again. I missed you so much." she said with a smile. Everyone smile with her. It's hard not to.

I lounged on the couch, as I saw Amu cook breakfast. She looked so cute in her apron. It was nice having her here again. My mother and father have been smiling more, and Utau has been more happy. I even actually get out of my room for a purpose now. But then as I looked at the time and I looked at her, I noticed something.



"Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

She looked at me with a differentiate expression. Then she tilted her head to the right in confusion. "You didn't know?" she asked. I raised an eyebrow at her. "Know what?" Utau giggled as she walked in the kitchen.

"Amu already graduated high school."

I looked at Utau with shock. Then at Amu. Then back at Utau. Then back at Amu.


"It's true." Amu said. "How is that possible?" I asked. After I asked, my father walked in. "Often, students who graduate early are more mature and academically ahead of other students. Everyone needs to feel motivated by healthy challenges." he explained. "They usually also take night classes, and summer classes, which gave them more credits."

I looked at Amu in awe. I knew she was smart, but damn. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Who knew you were so educated." I heard Utau leave the room along with my father. At least they know when to take a hint. I heard Amu giggle.

"Ikuto~, I'm trying to cook!" she exclaimed while laughing. I chuckled as I started to kiss her neck. She giggled a little more as she ran her fingers through my hair. I love that feeling. I looked into her eyes, and smiled. "God, I love you." I whispered. She lightly blushed, then smiled. "I love you too, Ikuto."

"Ahem." We turned to see Nagihiko and the others. I growled. "Can't you guys see that I'm busy?"

Kukai chuckled. "Well, we wanted to stop this before it got to the point past PG-13." he said with a grin. I rolled my eyes as Amu giggled. Oh how I love her giggle. It's sort of... Magical?

Oh my god that was so cheesy...

You know what? Fuck it. That shit is magical.

"Ikuto." I turned to see Nagihiko. "It's time to get fitted for our graduation caps and gowns."

I smiled as I followed him out the door. I took one last look at Amu. "I'll be back later." And with that, we were off to the school.

When we finally made it, the place was a mad house. We had to get fitted for our black cap and gowns, practice entering and exiting the garden. Yeah, we're having the graduation outside. (The whole set up is on my profile. TAKE A LOOK!) It took hours to perfect it. I thought it was so annoying. The director was going off about us sitting down, going through the whole ceremony, then to get ready for some surprise after. I payed no attention to it. I just wanted to get it over with.

"Okay. That's it for today! See you at the ceremony tomorrow!"

I sighed as I hung up my cap and gown. God, I can't wait until this is over.

"Ikuto, wake up. We have to get to the graduation!"

I grumbled as I lazily got up. I looked to see Kukai. I glared at him. "Why are you here?" I growled. Kukai grinned that annoying grin of his. "We're all here! This'll be our last time walking to school together!"

I looked at them.


The one that always had my back. Not the best driver, but was always reliable. He was there through all the rough times, and the easy times. He was sarcastic sometimes, and a pain in the ass, but overall he's a good friend. But I would never admit that out loud. He smiled as he looked over at Amu. She was still sleeping. Nagihiko looked at me, and nodded.


The asshole. The jackass. The pain in the ass. But all in all, he's there. He's there when I need him. He was also there through all the rough times, and the easy times. He was there. He's awfully sarcastic too, and likes to give me a hard time, but hey. Over all he's a kickass friend.

I'm honored to graduate with these guys.

... But I would never admit it out loud.

When we made it to the school, the usual happened.




"Please don't graduate!"

"I will die! We need you!"


The three of us sighed as we walked to the music room. That's where we're all going to leave from. There's a door that leads to the out door stage. When we walked in, all the senior girls looked at us. They suddenly bowed.

"It's an honor to graduate with you, Ikuto-sama, Kukai-sama, and Nagihiko-sama!" They shouted simultaneously. I sweat dropped along with Kukai and Nagihiko. This is just too weird. On so many levels.

"Okay minna-san! The ceremony starts in fifteen minutes! Get ready!"

And with that, I grabbed my cap and gown, and got ready for my last time walking in this school.

When it was time to finally get outside, Kukai was starting to get impatient. "Come on! I wanna get this over with!" he whined. Nagihiko smacked him over the head. "Be patient. We have like two minutes." he said as he looked at his watch.

"Welcome the class of 2010!"

That was our que. We walked out one by one, being exposed to the audience. I looked around and saw my parents in the audience. I even saw Amu's parents. The people I didn't see were Amu, Utau, and Rima.

Where are they?

As the ceremony went on, I didn't see any sign of them. Are they missing it? Did they get into an accident? I looked over to my parents, and Amu's parents. They had smiles on their faces. Aren't they worried?

"Fujisaki Nagihiko." I heard Nagihiko's name being called. He stood up, and smiled. The girls swooned. "Nagihiko-sama!" I heard girls from all over the auditorium. I cringed at the loud noise. So did all the other guys. As he walked up the steps, he gladly took his diploma and went to sit down.

As the principle read more names, I looked for a pink head. She was no where to be found. What the hell?

I was starting to get impatient. Where is she? I'm starting to worry.

"Souma Kukai." I looked to see that Kukai stood up and gave everyone the thumbs up. He jogged to the stage, and took his diploma. "Thanks everyone!" he yelled, as all the leeches- I mean girls cheered. Kukai jumped off the stage and walked to his seat.

As he walked to his seat, I mouthed to him 'Have you seen the girls?'

He replied by shaking his head. I sighed as I looked around again. I'm going to be the last person called, so I have some time. But when I tried to get up, and search, one of the teachers sent a glare at me that told me, 'Sit down or you're dead'. I replied by shivering and sitting down.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto."


I cringed as I slowly walked to the stage. There was still no sign of Amu. I gave up. Maybe she just didn't come. I rolled my eyes as I took the diploma. "Thanks."


I sighed as I walked back to my seat. I guess she really didn't come.

Can I go home now?

"Now, before the students are gone completely," the principle started. "We have a surprise for you all." he stated as he walked off the stage. Then out walked Amu, along with Utau and Rima. What the hell is happening? They all looked up at Amu like she was some sort of angel... Which is true, but that's not the issue here.

"Hello everyone." Amu greeted with a bow. Utau walked to the podium along with Rima. "As you all know, Amu has been gone for the year." Rima stated. "And as you all also know, Amu doesn't exactly talk much." Utau added.

Rima smiled. "Well this past year, Amu has changed. And she finally has the courage to do something for this graduating class."

They both looked at Amu as she nodded.

Amu looked out over the crowd, and locked her honey colored eyes on me. She smiled as she opened her mouth,

and started to sing. Her voice has a bright, speech-like quality in her sound. We didn't have any trouble understanding the words she was singing. Her sound reaches out and grabs us. Her voice that really melt us also has a quality of depth to them. There is something that makes us feel like the sound is coming from the bottom of her soul. The brightness in her voices speaks out to us, while the depth is drawing us in. When both things happen at the same time, we know we are hearing really beautiful singing.

And we were hearing beautiful singing.

When her song was over, all I heard after was cheers from all around. She finally did it. She sang... I'm so proud of her. I looked at her with a serene smile. She smiled back.

She looked so happy. Everyone cheered as they threw up all their caps. It was as if it was slow motion as I caught Amu's eye, and all we did was smile at each other.

I could tell our future was a pretty damn bright one.


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