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Severitus - or what the Twins make of it anyway.

Harry grumpily got out of his bed, dragging himself to the shower. It was the week after NEWTs and Harry was exhausted. If he didn't know better, he would have blamed Voldemort for the creation of NEWTs simply to torture the students that he was not able to teach. Snapping at Ron to get out of bed, Harry made his way to the showers, brushing his hair and teeth after deciding that he wasn't up to taking an actual shower.

Now awake, Harry made his way to the Gryffindor common room, biting out an insult to a group of first years when the crash into him, making him land on the sharp stone steps of the stair-well. Scowling as he rubbed his back, Harry grunted at Hermione as she greeted him. Stepping out of the portrait hole, the moody teenager stalked through the halls, making his way to the breakfast table, and hopefully a cup of black coffee.

As Harry sat, angrily nibbling on his breakfast, he wondered if he could brew a headache potion that would help the migraine that was slowly building in tempo and dynamic. Maybe just walking through the halls would help better, he mused as the flap of owls with the morning post sounded from above him. Harry was surprised into a smile when Hedwig came and perched onto his shoulder, a snicker escaping him when Pig flew into Ron's recently required bowl of Brooms and Bludgers, a quidditch themed cereal.

Grabbing the letter from Hedwig, Harry fed the snowy a bit of apple before looking at piece of parchment in his hand. Opening the envelope, the Gryffindor mood lightened up considerably upon finding it a product update from the twins. But he frowned slightly, usually the twins actually sent him a prototype, not a diagram, which Harry assumed what the second parchment was.

Grabbing the other piece of paper, and looking at it, it looked like a muggle advertisement poster. After reading it once, Harry went and read it again…..and again, for good measure, before he promptly fell out of his chair laughing, tears striking down his face as he thought over his actions of the morning, and decided that he needed the twins to send him this product as soon as possible.

Ron, who had been sitting across Harry, shrugged at Hermione and the both looked back at their friend how was trying to catch his breath, just to end up laughing again. Hermione smiled lightly, happy to see Harry happy, but faintly puzzled, so she summoned the letter from the twins and let Ron read over her shoulder. Glancing over the poster, she started giggling while Ron choked on his cereal, both looking up at the head table before dissolving into fits of laughter them selves.

The poster, now in the hands of Neville Longbottom, read in large letters:

Are YOU suffering from Severitus?

Do you insult all of those around you

And have the sudden urge to make potions?

Have you stopped taking showers and started scowling 24-7?

Has stalking down hallways,

Your black robes billowing out behind you

Suddenly become your favorite pastime?

If so, the WWW can help you!

Please just floo to #6 Diagon Ally

Or Owl order us at any time!

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