Dragon Ball Z Fan fiction – Darkness Within

Author's Note:

I don't own the show or whatever comes with it. This is just my fan fiction since I'm a big fan like anybody else. Besides, if I was the owner I would have made all your crazy, but awesome stories into movies! And wouldn't have removed Toonami or DBZ from TV.

SPOILER ALERT: This chapter contains scenes from the Cell Games, so if you haven't seen them you might want to skip those parts. Episodes are: Cell's Breakdown, A Hero's Farewell, Cell Returns, The Horror Wont End, & Save The World. I know I'm making it like the episodes but in the future I promise not to make them like that. That's why this ch. Is called Painful Memories.

Dedicated to all the fans, show, and creator Akira Toriyama.


This is my 1st fic so sorry if it's not good. Some pointers would be great! And hope you like it!

Summary: After the defeat of Cell, Earth is once again able to rest in peace. But for Gohan life seems hard to go on as he blames himself for the death of his father. That is until a special young girl enters his life. But this happiness wont last long as something evil seems to be rising in Gohan, threatening anyone who tries to help him.

Chapter One: Painful Memories

A young boy of the age eleven was flying through the sky, lost in his own thoughts. He was quite handsome with spiky black hair and was wearing a purple gi with a blue belt. The boy was none other than Son Gohan, son of the famous Son Goku.

It had been a few days since the young saiyan had defeated the diabolical android Cell and had followed in his father's footsteps as protector of Earth and saved the planet, just like Goku had so many times. But Gohan didn't care if he was a hero, failure, or whatever. All he wanted was his father there with him and his mother.

The thought of that made him cringe. Ever since Goku had died, it had brought a great impact to the Son family. His mother wouldn't admit how sad she was but Gohan knew. He just couldn't bare the thought of having killed his father because of his selfish arrogance.

That fateful day at the Cell Games, when his father had yelled at him to finish Cell off after he had been weakened by Gohan's enormous Kamehameha Wave.

"Hey, what's wrong? What's he waiting for?" Asked Tien.

"If he waits too long Cell will regenerate himself. Remember he has my Cell's inside him. Said Piccolo.

"Gohan! You've got to take down Cell before he can regenerate!" Yelled Goku.

"Take him down now? Hmm...No. I think I'll wait. I'm going to let him suffer for a little while".

"Wait? No Gohan."

"He's running out of time Goku." Said Piccolo.

"Yeah. Gohan, listen to me! You've got to get him! Do it now!"

All the while, Gohan looked on smirking, knowing that he had the power to defeat Cell, but just waited. Wanting to make the villain suffer for all the pain he had created.

"We all know you have the power! It's time to use it!" Yelled Goku.

(End Of Flashback)

~ It's all my fault. If I had only destroyed Cell when I had the chance, dad would still be here with me and mom. I let my stupid pride get the better of me. Everyone says I'm the strongest and smartest warrior on the planet, but what good is it when you get your own family and friends killed. ~

"Hey Gohan!"

Being so lost in his thoughts Gohan didn't realize where he was or where he had arrived. He was at Kami's Lookout, but ever since Kami fused with Piccolo, they just called it the Lookout.

The source of the voice was Gohan's long time friend Dende.

Gohan stopped in midair and landed. Standing in front of him was Dende and Piccolo.

Trying to hide his feelings Gohan spoke, "Hey Dende, hey Piccolo."

The namek smiled "Hey kid."

"So what brings you over here Gohan?" Asked Dende.



The saiyan would have answered his young friend's question, but he couldn't help thinking back to the Cell Games. Flashes of the Goku's sacrifice and the final battle between him and Cell kept entering his mind, threatening for him to snap with all the emotions he was feeling at once.

Anger towards Goku, his so called father who was always leaving his friends and family to train. And finally he decided to stay in Other World because of villains coming after him, but that was no excuse to leave him and Chichi who still needed a father and husband.

Guilt for feeling the way he did. He knew his father was only trying to protect them and the Earth but...and for not finishing Cell more quickly, otherwise Goku would still be here.

And sadness for the loss of his father, who even though he was angry at, still loved and missed deeply. Gohan just couldn't believe that Goku had decided to remain dead rather than be there with him.

~ He probably doesn't want to be here because what dad would want to be living with a murderer, his own son. ~

"Hey Gohan!!!"

That yell finally knocked out of his thoughts.

"Huh, What? Oh, sorry Dende. I must have spaced out there." Said Gohan, putting a hand on the back of his head.

Dende looked towards Piccolo who was looking at Gohan with a worries look on his face and back to Gohan again.

"Are you alright Gohan?"

The young saiyan seemed to get a bit nervous with that question.

"Yeah! I mean why wouldn't I be?!" Asked Gohan rather hasty.

Gohan's sweat dropped. He sure wasn't comfortable with the situation. He didn't want his friends to worry about him.

Now it was Piccolo who broke the silence. "Are you sure your alright kid? You seem a bit tense."

~ Oh just great Gohan! You idiot! Your making yourself look suspicious when you you don't even want anyone to worry. ~

Having heard that, Piccolo gave Gohan a look.

Remembering that Piccolo could read minds the half saiyan made sure nothing else entered his mind.

"No really, I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

Piccolo was still giving Gohan a I don't believe you look.

"Yeah, so..ugh...What did you ask me before Dende?"

"I asked what brought you over here, not that I'm not happy to see you."

~ What do I say? I was so lost in my thoughts thinking back to how I killed my father. ~

Of course Gohan made sure Piccolo didn't hear that by mentally trying to block him.

"Nothing. Just thought I'd drop by and see how my friends are doing." Said Gohan, even though he was lying.

Dende bought that but Piccolo on the other hand didn't. He knew Gohan too well to know he was hiding something. But for now he decided to act like he believed him. Didn't want to make him any more nervous than he already was. He would though, eye Gohan carefully and see if he could figure out what was bothering him.

Dende spoke, "It's been great up here. Piccolo and Mr. Popo having been helping me on how to be a better guardian for the Earth."

"That's great. So I'm guessing the job's been going well?"

"Yes it has."

"Well, I guess I should be going now. Mom will be mad at me if I'm late for lunch. Then I'd have to face the 'Frying Pan of Doom'. Wouldn't want that."

Of course, this was just an excuse to leave.

Gohan powered up and levitated of the ground.

"Bye Gohan!" Yelled Dende. "See you later kid."

Gohan raised a hand signaling good bye and took off.

Once the young saiyan was out of hearing shot Dende spoke. "Piccolo, do you think Gohan was telling the truth about being alright? He seemed kinda troubled by something."

"I couldn't really say. He was trying to block me out. But I think we should keep an eye on him. Something definitely not right with him."

(Meanwhile with Gohan)

After flying a few miles Gohan decided to stop. Gohan was at a desert wasteland.

~ Great. Out of places to land I land here. Oh well. ~

The place was indeed where the Cell Games arena had once stood.

"That was Piccolo. He almost saw through me. I don't want to worry them. I deserve to feel the way I do."

Memories of the fight with Cell came flashing back to him.

Cell had just spat out Android 18 and was reversed back to his second form. Wanting Cell to continue to suffer Gohan toyed with him. Suddenly the android started to pump himself up like a balloon. He had created himself into a bomb, ready to explode in one minute.

"No you won't!" Yelled Gohan, ready to attack.

"Watch out! You might make me explode! You don't want to make me upset. One little shock could set me off. Then it's bye bye Gohan, bye bye Goku, and so long Earth!"

There was nothing Gohan could do but watch as Cell continued to grow. He dropped to his knees. "I failed. What have I done." Gohan curled his hands into fists and started pounding on the ground, making small cracks. "Grrr. I've been a fool. I let Cell win again."

Next thing he knew his father was right there in front of him with a big smile on his face.

"Hey, you put up a good fight Gohan. I'm proud of you."

"What daddy?"

"Take care of your mother for me. She needs you. Tell her that I had to do this Gohan....Goodbye my son."

Gohan got up to try to stop his father but it was too late. In an instant he vanished, taking Cell with him.


Gohan couldn't believe it. His father had sacrificed his life again to save them all. And he wouldn't be able to be brought back to life. The dragon wouldn't grant the same wish twice. Tears started to fall down Gohan's face.


The young saiyan was once again down on his knees crying. Krillin had come and put a comforting hand on Gohan's back.

"That's right cry. Let it all out little buddy."

"It's all my fault. Dad didn't have to sacrifice himself. I wish it would have been me. Now he's gone and I'm still here."

"Hey don't blame yourself. If it weren't for you the Earth and all of us would be history. You saved us. Your dad was very proud of you Gohan, you know that. And he had to do what he did because he loves you."

Gohan finally looked up, tears still falling down his eyes.

"Noe c'mon lets go."

Both warriors got up. Seeing android 18, Krillin went over to her and picked her up. As for Gohan he looked up in the sky, tears still in his eyes. "Daddy."

All of the Z Fighters thought it was over but suddenly a giant storm cloud appeared.

"No it can't be." Said Vegeta.

"What is that?" Asked Trunks.

"H-He's back." Said Piccolo.

There was no denying the danger everyone could feel it in the air. But there was little warning for what was about to happen next. A death beam was fired hitting Trunks.

"Hahaha. Who was it that I hit? Was it Trunks?" Laughed the cruel android. "What's wrong? Surprised to see me?"

"Cell you monster! Look what you did to Trunks!" Yelled Gohan.

Cell explained that one living cell had survived and that's how he was able to regenerate himself. His cell's had tasted the power and reawakened it after the explosion, even though he had lost android 18. He also discovered that he had the ability to use the Instant Transmission. Somehow his cell's absorbed the knowledge from Goku.

"There. There you have it. I'm alive but I'm afraid I can't say the same thing for Goku."

Gohan had just about had it! With a yell he powered back up to a ssj2.

"Still won't give up?" Asked Cell.

"Not a chance."

"Hmm. Really?"

"That's right. One thing I learned from my father is too never give up. Even when the odds are stacked against you. If your as powerful as you say you are, then bring it on! Well, what are you waiting for?"

"You've still got a lot to learn boy. I'll make sure you end up just like Goku!"

Everyone was scared but Gohan stood his ground. All eyes were then turned back to Trunks.

"Look! Trunks is moving! He's alive!" Yelled Krillin.

"Trunks hang on!" Yelled Yamcha, running up to him. "He's in really bad shape. He might not make it!"

"Trunks my son." Said Vegeta. Something inside the prince snapped as he saw his son lying there, dying. With a yell Vegeta shot forward, turned Ssj and threw a energy wave to Cell. Vegeta continued his merciless assault and threw energy blasts. After a few minutes he stopped. "At last it's over."

All of a sudden Cell appeared out of the smoke. "Wrong! It's over when I say it's over!" With a hit Vegeta was sent flying to the ground. "And it's over now!"

Seeing as Cell was about to kill another person, Gohan flew at top speed towards Vegeta. He wouldn't let anyone else die again!

Gohan threw himself onto Vegeta and got hit by the attack full force.

Next thing he knew Gohan woke up and slowly got up. Blood poured to the ground. His hand was soaked in blood, broken.

"Gohan! I told you not to get in my way! I sure do hope you not planning on continuing this fight! I wouldn't want you to suffer. Hehehe." Said Cell. "Well, have it your way. Let's get this over with."

~ I'm not giving up. No way! This is for my dad! ~

Cell cupped his hands together, getting ready to use the Kamehameha Wave. Gohan's eyes widened knowing that Cell was intending to put enough energy there to destroy the Earth.

"Gohan! This is it! It ends here! First I'll destroy you, then your friends, and then this worthless planet! But before I do I want you to remember something. I will live forever!

Everyone was scared knowing that it was all over. There was nothing anyone could do to stop him.

"Hahaha. This place has been good to me. But all my feasting here is done! Soon it will be nothing but a cloud of dust!" Yelled Cell.

~ I can't stop him! I can't. He's come back so strong. Dad, I'm sorry. It's my fault it's come to this cause I didn't kill him quickly like you said. ~

"Just like it's my fault that your not here with me anymore."

"What's wrong Gohan? Aren't you going to try and stop me now? Hahaha." Asked Cell.

"What's the point? I know I've lost my one chance to beat you. Now all of us will die together and b with my dad."

"Huh, how boring! I expected the end to be a little more dramatic. But if this is all I get then there's no use in dragging it out!"

~ So this is it. This is how it ends. ~

(End of flashback)

"I'm no hero. I'd given all hope in defeating the enemy. Dad's the real hero. If it wouldn't have been for him Earth wouldn't be here right now. But I promise, I will never give up like that ever again. I'll start training again, that way I won't let anyone else down."

With that Gohan stood up. "I guess I should ask mom first. She won't be happy but hopefully she won't get too upset."

Powering up, the young saiyan flew off towards his home and got ready to face his mother about wanting to continue his training.

But as he left a dark figure had been watching him the whole time, waiting and planning it's first attack.