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Chapter 30: Unsaid Feelings

"Aah! I just can't wait for the dance! It's gonna be so much fun!" Said Erasa laughing, happy as ever. "And you guys have really been doing really great with your dance lessons these past days." "Yeah, I have to admit, it wasn't so bad." Responded Videl.

The raven haired girl was still trying to come to term with what she was feeling when around Gohan. Being close to him while learning how to dance, made her heart beat quickly. ~ He's special somehow and not just because of his powers. There's something more, I just can't explain it. ~

"Yeah, I'll bet Videl. It wasn't so bad being around Gohan right." She said with a sly smile. Videl blushed. "O-of course not! It was just kinda fun is all!" "Hahaha. Yeah, whatever." Videl just rolled her eyes.

And so the days passed, until finally the dance was just less than a week away. Meanwhile, in the dance studio.

"Alright guys, you have all officially finished dance lessons. Now the only thing left to do is go shopping!" Said Erasa with glee. All of them though, didn't share her enthusiasm on the shopping part. "Oh c'mon guys! You reacted the same way with the lessons and you had fun!"

"That's a whole different thing Erasa." Spoke Sharpener. "The lessons were pretty fun, but shopping? I think I'd rather get run over. After all you're a girl and girls love shopping. Right Gohan?" "Yeah, I actually have to agree with Sharpener." Said the young saiyan thinking back to when Bulma and Chichi would drag him along on their shopping sprees. "Same goes for me. Not all girls like going shopping." Stated Videl.

Erasa just rolled her eyes in annoyance. "C'mon I promise it won't be so bad! Besides we all need to find good outfits to wear. After all you don't want to be the only ones looking dressed up all lame right!"

Eventually, all of them agreed to it, not like they all had much choice.

- () -

"Alright then, me and Videl are going to the lady's section. Sharpener and Gohan you'll be looking for men's outfit over there." Said the blonde teen pointing in the opposite direction. "We'll meet up here in an hour okay." All of them nodded as they took off.

"Man, I can't believe Erasa talked us into this. I really hate shopping." Complained Sharpener. "Tell me about it. Sometimes I get dragged along on shopping sprees with my mom and her friend." "Wow, now I couldn't survive that. Well, maybe it won't be so bad without having to listen to girls asking the same questions about their hair and how they look and all." Gohan nodded.

Making there way in the department, both of them started walking around looking for a nice suit. Meanwhile the girls were doing the same thing as they looked for dresses. Well, Erasa was, since Videl was just sitting down bored out of her mind.

"What do you think of this Videl?" Asked Erasa, holding a red dress in front of the mirror. "It looks fine." Said Videl slightly opening her eyes. "I don't know. It doesn't seem like my color." "Ugh huh." The bubbly teen rolled her eyes. "C'mon Videl, you're not even trying to look for a nice dress!" "Shopping just isn't my thing Erasa." Said Videl standing up. "I get that, but you're gonna want to look nice if you want to impress Gohan."

"How many times do I have to tell you, I don't like Gohan!" "Maybe, but I can tell that he does like you." Stated Erasa. "What?" "Yeah, it's so obvious. The way he looks at you and stuff. And he does seem to be more comfortable and happy with you. Actually I've noticed the same thing with you. You two obviously belong together."

Videl was looking down at the ground trying not to blush. ~ I-is Erasa right? Does, does Gohan l-like me, but why? Most guys who have ever just asked me out was just so they could meet dad or just get pictures in the newspaper. That's why I've never accepted any offers. And I know Gohan isn't that type of person...And besides it's not like I like him that way... ~

"Well whatever, either way we're going to find you something nice. C'mon." Erasa said leading her to where more dresses were. Scanning the dresses Erasa spotted one that seemed to look nice to her. "Here try this one on." Videl didn't budge. "C'mon just try at least one. I'm confident that this will look really great on you!" "Well alright."

Coming out of the changing room, Erasa looked over Videl. "See, I knew it. This is the dress you're going to wear to the dance! I can't wait to see the look on Gohan's face when he sees you! You look so pretty!" Exclaimed Erasa. "You think so?" Asked Videl walking over to the mirror. "Definitely."

Meanwhile, with the boys, both of them had chosen their suits as well and so an hour had passed.

"Hey guys, so how did you do?" Asked Erasa. "Not bad. We were able to find some pretty nice suits. How about you girls?" "Well, we managed to find nice dresses that I'm sure both of you will love, right Videl." She said giving her a sly wink. "Right." She said eyes looking down narrowed, trying yet again not to blush. ~ I can't believe I let Erasa talk me into buying a dress... ~

- () -

"Hey mom, I'm back!" Yelled Gohan as he entered his home carrying a bag with his suit in it. "I'm in the living room sweetie." Walking into the room, Gohan was surprised to find Bulma there as well. "Oh hi Bulma." "Hi Gohan. So, I hear that you went shopping for the dance?" Said Bulma. He nodded his head. "That's right."

The scientist had a somewhat sly look on her face, so he could only imagine what she was about to say. "So, then who's the lucky girl you're gonna go with?" At that he instantly blushed, though he tried to hide it. "Well, ugh...I haven't asked anyone yet. Actually, me and my friends were just planning to go all together." Bulma smiled. "Really? Well by the looks of it, you seem to have someone in mind. Am I right?"

Truth be told, Gohan wanted to ask Videl, but he just didn't know how to or when. Or if she would even accept for that matter. Not to mention what she might think. But it didn't really seem to matter if he and his friends were all gonna go together anyway.

"Well, let me give you some word of advice." Started Bulma. "If you want to ask a girl out, first off start a casual conversation, try to be cute and confident. Girls love that." "Listen to Bulma Gohan, I don't want you blowing the chances of you getting a nice future wife and me having grand kids!" "Mom!" Said Gohan totally embarrassed. "Don't talk back. I just want you to have fun, okay." "Right. Well, ugh, I'm gonna go outside to train." He said wanting to get out of the spotlight. "Okay hun, be careful." Said Chichi. "Bye Gohan." Waving he took off.

"Well, looks like Gohan found a nice girl if he blushed that easily. So, you know who the girl is?" Asked Bulma to Chichi. Nodding her head she spoke, "Yup. It's Videl Satan." "Oh, I thought as much. He really seems to like her. Every time we tease him about her, he blushes so easily." Chichi laughed. "Yeah, we've got to get them married some day." She said with glee. "Hahaha. We sure do."

- () -

The next day.

"Alright guys, looks like we've got almost everything covered for the dance. The only thing left to do is find ourselves dates." Stated Erasa at the lunch table. "What? I thought we were all just gonna go together Erasa." Said Sharpener. "Yeah, what gives Erasa?" Asked Videl. "I never said that we'd go together did I? Besides I think it would be nice to meet other people."

~ Well, that may not be true, but it's a prefect chance to get Gohan and Videl together. I am so confident that he'll ask Videl out! ~ Thought Erasa. And the bubbly teen was correct as the young saiyan was just thinking exactly that.

~ Wow. This is my chance, but I don't even know what to say. Bulma did tell me to just start a normal conversation... ~ Thought Gohan as his heart beat quickly. Meanwhile hearing as though all of them had to find dates, Sharpener decided to make his move. "So babe, what do you say you and me go to the dance together?" He asked to Videl. Narrowing her eyes, Videl spoke, "Not in your life Sharpener." That's when she noticed that Gohan seemed to be deep in thought.

~ I wonder what Gohan's thinking about? Wait, he can't have someone in mind to ask out... ~ The young girl didn't quite understand why the thought of Gohan asking some other girl was making her so mad. "C'mon don't be like that, I know you want to go with me." Stated Sharpener. Punching him in the chest, Sharpener fell to the ground from the table. "How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not going out with you ever!" "Wow Videl, what's got you so worked up?" Asked her best friend, although she had a pretty good idea. "Nothing, it's just nothing."

In the final class period...

"So, Videl are you planning on asking Gohan out anytime soon?" Asked Erasa. "What, why would I do that?" "Well for one, I know you like him no matter how much you deny it, and secondly he might be too shy to ask you personally, but I could be wrong though." Videl sighed, "I don't know..." "Well, you'd better hurry up because like I've said Gohan's a really cute and nice guy, I'm sure a lot of girls are gonna ask him. I know I would have, but won't for you."

At that moment the guy they were talking about caught up with them. "Hey Erasa, Videl." Seeing right through Gohan, Erasa had a pretty good idea that he wanted to be alone with Videl. "Well, ugh, I think I'll leave you two alone." Said Erasa before taking off. Surprised by her friends sudden leave, Videl turned to Gohan. "So, Gohan what's up?" "Videl, is it alright if you meet up with me on the roof after school today? I want to talk to you about something." Smiling, she responded. "Yeah, sure." "Okay great." At that instant the bell rang signaling the end of the period. "Well, I'll see you there then." Said Gohan as he took off to the lockers.

Seeing as Gohan had left, Erasa walked up to Videl. "So, what was that about?" "I don't know, he said he wanted to talk to me right now after the bell rings." Laughing Erasa spoke, "I bet I know what he wants!" "What?" "Oh you'll see! Now c'mon, let's go change."

As Videl opened the door to the rooftop, there was Gohan sitting down waiting for her. Walking towards him she spoke, "So Gohan, what was it that you wanted to talk about?" Standing up he looked her in the eyes, trying not to get red, his heart beating fast as he spoke, "There was something I wanted to ask you...Ummm, Videl... I was w-wondering if, if you want to go to the dance with me?" Videl stood there shocked at what she heard, she couldn't describe how she felt, but she knew she was glad it was Gohan who asked her.

Smiling she nodded her head, "Yes Gohan, I'd like to go with you." Smiling even bigger Gohan spoke, "Great, then I'll see you tomorrow okay." Quickly he powered up and took off to the sky, due to being shy and a little embarrassed about the situation. As for Videl she stood there still a little perplexed. ~ I don't even know what to think...Could Erasa be right...does he like me and... ~

At that moment her cell phone rang, answering it an excited voice spoke, "So, what happened Videl? Was I right on what I thought that Gohan was gonna ask you out?" Spoke Erasa. "Y-yeah, you were. He seemed a little nervous, but he did ask me." "Tell me that you accepted!" "I did." Laughing Erasa spoke, "Awesome! See girl, I knew he totally has a thing for you!" "Yeah, I guess so...Listen we'll talk later Erasa, I gotta get home." "Oh well okay. Bye." "Bye"

Like she had always been thinking, what exactly did Videl feel for Gohan...was it love or just mere friendship?

A couple of days later...It was the night of the dance...At Erasa's place the girls were getting ready while they waited for their dates to arrive. Erasa was having fun getting all dressed up in the green dressed she had picked out, but for Videl it was another matter.

"Seriously Erasa how the heck did you convince me to buy and wear a dress anyway?" Erasa smiled, "You know why." At that Videl just rolled her eyes. "So, I was surprised when you told me that Sharpener was gonna be your date." Blushing she spoke, "Yeah, well I asked him out and I'm just glad he accepted. Truth be told I always did feel something more for him, annoying as he can be. So what about you Videl? Do you know yet what you feel for Gohan." Looking down she spoke, "I, well I don't know. He's such a great and sweet friend. When I'm with him I feel so safe and happy..."

In that instant the door bell rang so Erasa didn't have time to comment. Upon opening the door, there stood the boys looking handsome. Gohan having a dark blue suit on and Sharpener having a brown suit on. "Hey guys, you arrived just on time." Turning around she yelled. "Hey Videl! Let's go!"

Her footsteps could be heard coming as she finally came into view. Videl wore a blue dress, almost similar to the color of her eyes and her hair was down, making her look really pretty. As Gohan looked at her, he once again felt all warm inside and had to stop himself from blushing. "Hey Gohan, Sharpener." "Well look at you babe, your looking - " begin Sharpener, but stopped as soon as he saw the glare Erasa was giving him. "H-hi, Videl. Wow, you look really beautiful." Spoke Gohan. Blushing a little she spoke, "Thanks." "Alright guys let's go."

About 15 minutes later the whole group arrived at the school. Upon entering they were greeted with loud music, loud talking, and people dancing. Quickly Erasa all pulled them to the dance floor to just all dance and have fun. And have fun they did, as they danced all together. After several minutes, they went to get some drinks and chat for a little while. "See didn't I tell you guys this was gonna be fun!" Spoke Erasa. "I have to admit you were right." Said Videl.

Soon, a romantic song played, making for a perfect slow dance. Erasa quickly pulled Sharpener again to the dance floor and left Gohan and Videl alone. There was a semi awkward silence, until Gohan spoke. "What do you say Videl, do you want to dance?" She smiled. "Sure." Slowly taking her hand they walked to the dance floor. Placing his hands on her waist and Videl, her hands around him, both of them slowly started to dance too. It was a bit awkward both of them being so close to each other. Both of them having that warm fuzzy feeling inside, trying their hardest not to blush as they looked into each others eyes. As the minutes passed the gaze and warmness got so intense that, their heads started moving forward, both of them closed their eyes and slowly their lips got close to touching, when suddenly Gohan opened his eyes and gasped.

Opening her eyes, "What? What is it Gohan?" Videl could instantly see the fear on his face, as if he were waiting for something bad to happen. That's when all of a sudden there was a loud whoosh sound, like if someone had fired a gun and then a window broke. It all happened so fast as Gohan pushed himself and Videl onto the ground in time. That's when the music stopped blaring and everyone got scared, thinking it was gun fire.

~ That was no gun fire... ~ Thought Gohan as he slowly got to his feet. Blood running down his arm, the supposed "gun fire" had managed to graze him. ~...It was an energy wave...It had to be... ~ The young saiyan didn't even have time to finish his train of thought as more energy waves were fired aiming for him. He easily deflected them away from himself and the other students. Then a full powered energy wave was quickly shot passed him and headed straight for Videl. Turning around he screamed, "Videl!" Her eyes looked on in terror as the blast quickly closed in. She closed her eyes in fear waiting for the attack to hit her.

After several seconds, she opened her eyes and saw that Gohan had taken the attack full on to save her life. "G-Gohan!" He dropped to one knee panting, that blast had been a very powerful one and not being in any ssj form, had caused him to take great damage.

"Gohan!" Yelled Videl as she kneeled next to him, taking in how hurt he was. He had blood running down his face and arms, and his nice suit had been partly torn. Gohan faintly smiled, "Don't worry. I've been through worse." "Oh my gosh, Videl, Gohan! Are you guys okay!" Yelled Erasa as she and Sharpener came running. Erasa kneeled next to Gohan as well. "Oh my gosh, Gohan you're hurt."

Outside sirens could be heard belonging to the police. Apparently one of the students must of called them thinking it was some sort of shooting. A couple minutes later, Gohan was sitting in an ambulance with his friends while Videl answered a couple questions to the policemen. They were pretty worried about him, after all he had been "shot" and didn't know he would be fine due to his saiyan nature.

Walking towards them, Videl stated that Erasa and Sharpener were to go home and that she would take Gohan to the hospital due to her helicopter being faster than an ambulance. Saying their goodbyes they all took off. About 15 minutes later Videl had arrived at her home.

"Are you sure your alright Gohan? I mean I can take you in my copter if you want. I don't want you flying all hurt like you are" Said Videl. Gohan slightly smiled. "Don't worry about me I'll be fine. Besides I don't want you to fly all the way back home by yourself." "Well okay, but please be careful." She said looking him in the eye. "Yeah." Videl then went on to embrace him in a warm hug. Smiling he hugged her back. With a final wave, he took off into the night sky.

- () -

After about 20 minutes from flying Gohan decided to land in a forest near his home. He wanted to get himself cleaned up so his mother wouldn't worry so much about what had happened. He didn't want to admit how weak he felt from taking that blast on, but it really had left him pretty drained. And he just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

After getting himself more or less cleaned he stood up as an ominous wind rustled threw the trees. The young saiyan now suddenly felt as though he had to be alert for some reason, he had that eerie feeling again that he wasn't alone. And that's when he heard the whispers, the same eerie whispers from the shadowy figures that would invade his dreams. At the same time he heard them he fell on his knees as that overwhelming pain in his head hit him. Clutching his head, he tried to fight the pain to no avail. The whispers were just making the headache worse and the young saiyan could swear he was hearing a dark voice calling out to him.

Yelling out loud there was nothing Gohan could do, but endure the pain. He could already feel himself loosing consciousness due to the state he was in. The young saiyan slowly looked up, slightly opening his eyes as he saw a figure standing before him, before he completely fell unconscious.

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