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Jenny looked at the man in front of her with all the contempt she could muster. She was completely angry with him for all the pranks he'd been pulling. He'd snooped and spied and she had finally had enough. His back was pressed up against the back of his chair as she leaned in very close to him.

"Burley, I swear, if you don't knock off your crap, I will castrate you."

She watched with mild satisfaction as the man in front of her cowered.

"Sorry Jenny," he stammered.

"Do not apologize, Burley," she snapped and moved away from him. She calmly walked back to her desk and worked on finishing her paperwork.

Burley sat scrunched up in his chair looking like a frightened kitten while Pacci roared with laughter from his chair. The ping of the elevator alerted them to their boss's presence, but Stan never moved. He looked toward Jenny like a frightened kitten while Pacci tried to stifle his laughter.

"Steve," Gibbs growled.

The young man jumped a little before straightening up a little. His eyes were still wide as he looked up at his boss.

"Yeah, boss?"

Gibbs narrowed his eyes and looked in Jenny's direction. Her eyes never left the screen, but he could make out a slight smirk on her face. Then, without warning, Gibbs reached out and smacked the back of Burley's head.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"What ever she did to you," the man said walking to his desk, "you probably deserved."

Pacci couldn't contain himself any longer and fell out of his chair roaring with laughter. Jenny smirk grew into a full out grin as Gibbs sat down at his desk drink his infamous cup of coffee.

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