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"The weather man said it wasn't supposed to rain," he said innocently.

"Well the weather man was uninformed."

"Misinformed," he corrected.

"I do not care," she muttered glaring at him.

Both agents looked up as the elevator bell sounded. Upon seeing their boss walk in, carrying his ever-present cup of coffee, they both busied themselves.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked into the squad room slowly taking in his surroundings. Ziva sat at her desk looking like a drowned rat. She was taking off the shoes she'd worn in and placed them aside to dry, eyeing the writing utensils on her desk.

He turned to DiNozzo who sat at his looking rather pleased with himself. Gibbs looked for McGee and noticed he had left his desk. He was currently at the back elevator carrying a stack of files, waiting patiently, and shooting nervous glances back at the bullpen.

Sighing quietly, he walked the rest of the way to his desk, stopping only to slap DiNozzo on the back of the head.


"Hey!" he said rubbing the back of his head. "What was that for?"

"Rule one," Gibbs said simply walking over to his desk. He grabbed his cup of coffee and slowly glanced at a message left on his desk. He folded the paper as slid it into his pocket before turning and heading back out of the bullpen. Before he headed up the stairs, he graced DiNozzo with another head slap.


DiNozzo winced and rubbed the back of his head before turning back to his paperwork.

"Rule One," he muttered to himself.

"Rule One?" Ziva asked rolling the word over in her mouth. "Is that the one that says never screw your partner?"

"Over, Ziva," Tony looking up at her. "New screw over your partner."

"I could have sworn," she muttered to herself looking up at the catwalk before she grabbed a dry set of clothes from her desk and headed toward the bathroom. Tony looked from her to the catwalk and back before shaking his head and turning back to his paperwork.

Upstairs, Director Jenny Sheppard leaned on the railing over looking the squad room. Jethro Gibbs quietly walked up the stairs and stopped next to her, handing her his coffee.

"Director," he greeted.

"Agent Gibbs," she responded giving him a quick nod.

"Spying, Jen?" he asked leaning against the railing.

"Part of my job, Jethro," she said taking a drink.

Gibbs looked her over carefully.

"Something you want to ask?" she wondered, shooting him a sideways glance.

He shook his head and looked down at the bullpen as Ziva returned in her dry clothes looking pleased with herself. "Nothing of particular importance. But I was just wondering where Ziva could have gotten her rules mixed up. Got any ideas?"


Special Agent Jenny Sheppard walked into the squad room where Stan Burley and Chris Pacci were standing face-to-face arguing about something.

"You told me she was nice," Pacci muttered.

"She was nice, Pacci," Burley returned.

"She was hell in a hand basket, Stan."

"So you didn't like her?"

Pacci rolled his eyes. "What gave you that idea?"

Jenny sat down at her desk as Gibbs walked into the bullpen and smacked them both on the back of the head.


"Geeze, Boss," Burley complained rubbing the tender spot on his head. "What was that for?"

"Rule One," he said simply.

"Rule One," Burley muttered to himself. "Rule One," he repeated. He turned to Pacci. "Is that about asking for all the information?"

"No," Pacci replied. "I thought it was wearing gloves at a crime scene."

"You're both wrong," Jenny muttered.

They turned to her.

"Alright, Jenny," Burley said mockingly. "If you're the expert, lay it on us."

She looked up at them. Gibbs saw a flash of mischief in her eyes. "Never screw your partner."

Gibbs ran a hand over his face. "Over, Jen. It's never screw over your partner."

"I like mine better," she said defiantly leaning back in her chair.

"And why is that?" Pacci and Burley asked curiously.

She smiled at the two of them before she looked over at Gibbs and slowly glanced his features over, her eyes lingering on his prominent features before finally locking with his. "Because rules were made to be broken."


Jenny turned from the bickering agents in the bullpen to the man standing beside her. Slowly, she looked his features over, her eyes lingering in some areas before finally locking with his.

She smiled innocently. "No idea."

Gibbs rolled his eyes before he leaned in closer. "Right," he whispered before turning and heading back downstairs.

Jenny looked down at the railing and noticed a slip of paper where his hand had been resting. She slowly picked it up and glanced at the handwritten text before smiling to herself.

…Because sometimes, rules are meant to be broken…

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