For those of you familiar with my other story, Waking Up, it's the same sort of idea with this one. It'll be marked complete because it's a series of oneshots revolving around a same theme, in this case that theme being getting caught jacking off (I know, that was very delicately put), but will be updated as the stories come to me. (no pun intended) (darn gutter mind)

And no! You have not misread! This fic does contain mature content, is rated M, and is explicit... (I'd keep going with my list of things that all mean the same thing but I think you get the point.)

A summary that's a little more complete: This series will have oneshots in which the twins walk in on each other, or otherwise get caught, in 'the act'. Because they are oneshots, they may have little to no connection with each other and will range from first time to established relationship ( I may even possibly write something where it's an honest 'innocent' walking in on your twin and that's all there is to it...but we'll see...). I'll try to clearly indicate the twins' 'couple status', as I'm going to be calling it, at the beginning of each fic so you know what you're dealing with. (For a clearer distinction of the terms, see my profile). Any other questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask.

WARNINGS: TWINCEST and MATURE CONTENT (in case you missed it the first few times...)

Enough with the blah, blah (this is the only time I'll talk THAT much) and on to what we came here for!

couple status: First Time

Did you just...?

When Kaoru had walked into his shared bedroom that afternoon, he hadn't expected the sight he'd been greeted and by. And what a sight it was.

There lay Hikaru on their bed, jeans and boxers pooled around his ankles, shirt pushed up to reveal a pale toned stomach, eyes screwed shut, lips parted in silent pants… a hand firmly wrapped around a swollen erection, pumping steadily.

Hikaru let out a groan and Kaoru felt something warm stir in the pit of his stomach. It wasn't the first time that particular feeling had made itself known and he had long since accepted it for what it was.

It also wasn't the first time they'd walked in on each other in such a position. After all, they were both hormonal teenage boys who happened to be twins and, not only shared a room, but shared a bed. Generally, when it happened, they would leave quickly, perhaps squeaking an apology, closing the door behind them and giving the other ample time to finish up before daring to return.

And this time was no different. Tearing his eyes away as soon as he could, which admittedly may have taken a few seconds longer than it should have, Kaoru backed away towards the door and had almost made it out of the room unnoticed when…

"…Kaoru…," Hikaru half groaned, half sighed.

Kaoru froze, not quick enough to bite back a surprised gasp. Hikaru's eyes snapped open, or as close to snapping as they could in this state, to locate the noise, his head just barely lifting from the pillow. When his eyes found Kaoru's, he did nothing to try and cover the slip his twin had obviously heard. He was too far gone to care enough, his hand not even so much as faltering in its movement. If anything, it picked up speed.

Kaoru swallowed thickly. "D-did you just…?" he managed to choke out, unable to hide the raspy tone his voice had taken.

For all answer, Hikaru just groaned, throwing his head back down and biting his lip. Kaoru was watching him and he was all too aware of how much his body liked the attention. Everything he was feeling intensified tenfold simply by having that particular pair of eyes focused on him.

Kaoru took a step closer to the bed. "Do you… Do you think about me when you…? Think about the things I could be doing to you?" he asked, his voiced laced with want he saw no real point in concealing. "The things you want me to be doing to you?"

Hikaru's hand visibly picked up speed, tugging almost violently at his member, needing release more that he could ever remember. "Yes, oh god yes…" he moaned, partly to answer his still approaching twin, partly simply because staying quiet was asking too much at this point.

Kaoru stepped forward, stilling Hikaru's hand with his own. For the first time since he had spotted Kaoru by the door, doubt flashed through Hikaru's mind. Kaoru physical action to stop him pulled him out of his lust induced tance just enough to make him question how Kaoru might have taken the recent revelation.

But he needed release too much to let it get in the way right now. It occurred to him that Kaoru might want to talk about what it all meant but… "Kao, we'll talk later… I really have too…" he managed to pant out.

Kaoru smirked. "Who said anything about talking," he reply huskily.

He moved Hikaru's hand away from his straining cock, pearly drops or precum leaking from the tip. He crawled on the bed and flicked his tongue out to lick them away before curling a hand around Hikaru and slipping his mouth around the head of his dick, his tongue swirling around it curiously.

"Oh, fuck," Hikaru swore, his now unoccupied hands gripping the sheets beneath him as the sensation soared through him, his hips bucking up instinctively. Kaoru forcefully pushed him back down, held him there and took more of him in his mouth, his tongue doing wonders Hikaru's mind was way to fogged up to process. He may not have had much experience but he'd thought, fantasized and dreamed of this enough that he was pretty confident that he was doing this right. "Fuck yes…so good…" And Hikaru seemed to agree.

His barely there fingers stroked Hikaru languidly before suddenly giving a harder squeeze and his wasn't at all surprised that it had Hikaru coming in his mouth. He swallowed, sat up and wiped his mouth.

Hikaru was thoroughly spent. He lay on the bed trying to catch his breath and regain some semblance of composure.

"Good?" Kaoru asked, a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Fuck," Hikaru groaned, bringing his hands up to his face. "Fantastic doesn't even start to cover how good that was."

Kaoru leaned down, his weigh on his arm, to place a small peck on Hikaru's lips. Hikaru wasn't having any of that as he knocked Kaoru arm, causing the slightly younger twin to topple onto him. He used the opportunity to capture Kaoru's lips with his, slipping his tongue into the inviting mouth almost immediately. He could taste himself on Kaoru's tongue and it made his stomach swirl happily.

When he finally let Kaoru pull away, said redhead was a deep shade of red. Kaoru cursed softly at the blush, thinking how utterly ridiculous it was that he could suck his brother off and not think twice about it but felt incredibly embarrassed about lying on to of him, acutely aware that his pants were still tangled around his ankles.

They didn't need words to express how they felt and, honestly, neither was quite ready for those words just yet. Hikaru let out a small chuckle and they lay there, staring into each other's eyes, exchanging soft kisses, until Hikaru's stomach rumbled, reminding Kaoru of why he'd come in here in the first place.

"Dinner's ready," he informed his twin, placing another small kiss on his lips, getting up and heading to the door.

Hikaru fumbled slightly with his pants before pulling them back up and following eagerly after him.

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