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The Blizzard of 2010

Chapter One: Snowed In

January 2030- New York City

"Harmony! Melody! You girls better be in bed in five minutes or else your Mother is going to kill me!" Finn Hudson ran around his spacious penthouse apartment and wondered how he was going to get his daughters dressed and in bed before Rachel's late show wrapped up at 10 o'clock. He looked out his window on the fifteenth floor and saw the bright lights of New York City, his home for the past 18 years. It never ceased to amaze him how much energy there was in this town. It was a far cry from where he and Rachel grew up, that was for sure.

He heard giggles coming from behind him and saw his two 8 year-old twin daughters, Harmony and Melody, run from the bathroom to their bedroom, trying to hide from Daddy. At least they got their own pajamas on.

He tiptoed to their room and jumped out at them, making the young girls squeal and giggle in delight. He scooped up one in each arm and plopped them each into their beds.

"Nooo, Daddy, I want to wait until Mommy gets home from her show! She always looks so pretty!" Harmony pouted and Finn laughed; she was the splitting image of her mother with her dark brown hair and full lips.

"No way baby girl, I am not getting in trouble with Mommy again for staying up late. I have to be at work early tomorrow anyways, so you guys can see Daddy on TV!" Finn worked as a Sports Journalist for FOX Sports in New York City. Rachel was able to get him the job after she had earned enough clout in the business. They started out with nothing, but worked their way up to a very comfortable life.

"Tell us a story Daddy! Then we promise we'll go to sleep!" Melody looked like her sister, but she had lighter hair and eyes than her twin. She was also the more mature of the two. Melody always thought her twin sister was a drama queen.

"Ok, but one story and then it's bedtime, okay? What do you want to hear?" He went over to their bookcase to pull a book off the shelf when Harmony said "No, I'm bored with those stories, tell us a new one!"

"Tell us how you fell in love with Mommy!" Melody said. Harmony almost jumped out of bed in excitement, "Yeah Daddy! Tell us!"

"Okay. First you have to get under the covers." The girls obliged and he sat down and thought back to his high school years. It was a long time ago, but the memories he shared with Rachel on that fateful night would be etched into his memory forever.

"Okay, Well girls, you know how Mommy sings and acts and dances on stage?", the girls nodded, "Well back in High School, I did the same thing."

The girls erupted in laughter. They couldn't picture their Daddy doing what their Mommy did. Finn was already nostalgic of his high school years and was getting lost in the memories he was recalling for his daughters.

"It's true! We were in Glee club together. That's how we met. It was the Winter of 2010. We were training to go to Regionals and our teacher had scheduled a practice that was going to be held on a Saturday. . ."

January 2010- Lima, Ohio

"Okay guys, here's the deal," Mr. Schuester's voice rang loud and clear in the empty auditorium, "We need to go through the whole set-list before the snowstorm moves in. The weatherman said it should be approaching Allen County by 4 o'clock, so we all have to be home by then so we don't get stuck on the roads. I'm keeping the full team until two, then the leads until three thirty. Alright guys, let's start with 'Somebody to Love', from the top!"

Finn was exhausted. After Sectionals was over and life went back to normal, he couldn't find a way to move on from what had happened between him, Puck and Quinn.

["Daddy, who are Puck and Quinn?", Melody interrupted. Finn took a second to answer. "They were once friends who hurt Daddy very much. Let Daddy tell the story, okay baby?"]

He was trying to use Glee as a safe haven from the torment he now faced from his classmates. He once had clout as a member of both the Football and Basketball teams, but now he was being ridiculed on a daily basis by the people who once called him a friend. While he still wasn't talking to either Quinn or Puck, he was still close to most of the members of the club.

Except Rachel. He avoided her like the plague.

["Why would you avoid Mommy?!", cried Harmony, "She's the most prettiest Mommy ever!" Finn rolled his eyes, "I know baby, but Daddy was young and stupid and if you're a good girl and listen, you'll know why I wouldn't talk to her." Harmony pouted again. "Okay, fine."]

It's not that he didn't like her. Quite the opposite, in fact, he liked her a lot. But he was still raw from his first heartache with Quinn that he just didn't feel ready enough to be with her. Part of him thought he would never get over Quinn.

So he went through the motions of being her friend; saying hi to her at Glee, texting her for the Spanish homework, but he wouldn't ever trust himself to be alone with her. He thought that he would either cry, kiss her, or probably do both. So he stayed away.

The whole team ran through the set-list and Mr. Schuester was pleased with the routine. He allowed most of the other kids to leave but kept Rachel and Finn so he could work with them on some vocal coaching for their lead solos.

"Okay guys, you are sounding pretty good but I want you to work on your energy. You guys used to be able to sing with such energy that it was mesmerizing to watch. I want you to work on it for a few more minutes and then get yourselves home, I heard it's really supposed to come down tonight. See you guys Monday, enjoy the rest of your weekend!" Mr. Schuester waved goodbye to them and left the two leads in the auditorium alone.

For a few seconds Finn felt really awkward; should he stay and practice with her or go home? He was really looking forward to spending the blizzard beating his record on Call of Duty.

"So do you think we can practice 'Don't Stop Believing' for about five minutes Finn? I'm really having trouble with my runs at the end." He nodded and she went to the piano and played the music while they practiced. They went through it twice and both Finn and Rachel found it to be quite lacking in energy. What had happened to them that had affected the way they sounded together? They both went to speak to each other at the same time.


"Rachel-" They blushed and he urged her to continue.

"Did I do something wrong, or something to hurt you? I've tried, I wanted to be there for you so badly but you never reached out to me, so I thought you were mad at me or something. . ."

"No, Rachel, It really has nothing to do with you. I've just been trying so hard to get over her, you know?" He didn't have to say her name, it was a given. "I'm sorry if it's been affecting you, I don't know what to do really."

"Maybe you should stop trying so hard. When you're ready to free yourself of this burden, it will happen." She smiled her most encouraging smile and he took a second to think about what she was saying. Was he trying too hard to get over her? Maybe he was. When he realized that, the dull ache in his heart that had been a constant since December was less prominent. But it was still there.

Finn tried to smile. He wasn't sure if he did, but he felt more confident in himself with Rachel's support.

"Let's try the song again. I have a good feeling about this." They went through the song again and it sounded almost as good as the very first time. What was it about Rachel Berry that soothed his damaged heart? He would probably never know. They practiced until they both thought they sounded perfect.

When they finished, she went over to him and gave him a big hug. "I want you to know that you can always talk to me, Finn. Whenever you need to."

"Thanks Rachel. But its almost Five o'clock, we'd better get going before. . ." His eyes widened in shock. Five o'clock, but the storm was arriving at four. . .

Rachel realized the seriousness of the situation and sprinted towards the exit with Finn following her. When they reached the front doors of the school they were stunned.

There was enough snow on the ground to completely block the door.

They were snowed in at school.

"We were snowed in! We couldn't get out and no one could get to us!" The girls were giggling at their parents' misfortune. All of a sudden Finn heard the front door open which signified that his wife was home from her show.

She was going to kill him when she saw the girls awake!

"Finn? Honey where are you?" She called from the foyer.

"I'm in the girl's room, telling them a story!" She immediately went to her daughters bedroom and alas, they were both still wide awake.

"Mommy!" cried the girls in unison and she went to their bedsides to give them both big kisses. She gave Finn an even bigger one and the girls giggled.

"Hello angels! Mommy is happy to see you but you know you should both be asleep! What's going on?"

"Nothing Rachel, they wanted to hear the story of how we fell in love and I'm telling them about the Blizzard of 2010."

"Ah I see. Well this happens to be a long story. And the rest can wait for the morning. Come on Finn, lets get these little girls into bed!" The two parents gave each of their kids another kiss good night and the girls finally settled down and went to bed, anxious to hear more about their parents in the morning.

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