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The 31st Denarian: Beware The Love Freak!

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Disclaimer: The Dresden Files belongs to Jim Butcher. Sci Fi (now Scyfy) are geniuses to have managed to ruin it. Disgaea Belongs to Nippon Ichi Games.


"This is bullshit," Harry said, his gun in one hand, and Nicodemus' noose-necktie in the other. Luccio's staff at the Denarian's head completed the arrangement.

"I appreciate that you and your associates do not trust me, Dresden," Nicodemus said. "But nevertheless, we are being sincere in this instance. Please, we beg you, take the coin and hide it in the deepest hole you or the Church can find. She must not be released!"

"And I still call bullshit," Harry said as Sanya nodded next to him, neither glancing at the heavy metal box the Denarian was holding like it contained mordite. "You're giving me a coin to put away? What's the catch?"

"No catch!" Nicodemus pleaded. "Please, you must believe me! The things she does... there are some things even we don't have the stomach for! For the good of all, you must dispose of her!"

"You speak of 'her'," Sanya said, looking over Nicodemus' shoulder where the other Denarians looked on the point of running away. "Who is she? Which of the Fallen do you deem to dangerous to be unleashed?"

"If I tell you, she'll wake," Nicodemus said. "The last time that happened, she caused the sixties, even without a host! We've yet to recover from the blow. Should she awaken again, chaos and destruction will bloom like weeds!"

That made Harry pause. "And you don't want that?"

"Not the way she does it!"

At that point, the locked metal box in Nicodemus' hands tore open, and a glowing coin shot out, slamming into Luccio's forehead.

"SHIT!!! RUN!!!"

The Denarians ran. Nicodemus tried to follow, but Harry still had a hold on his noose, pulling him off his feet. Everyone backed away from Luccio as the coin stuck to here forehead, an angelic rune beginning to glow.

"NO!" Nicodemus cried, struggling to get away and pulling Harry with him. "Refuse her, wizard! Deny her! Use that free will, damn it!"

The was when Harry's day, already pretty weird, got weirder.

"I accept," Lucco said, sounding dazed. "Welcome..."

"NO!!!!!" Nicodemus cried. "It's hippies, Joan of Arc and King Arturia all over again!!!"

Luccio's body began to change, becoming smaller. Her hair lengthened and became bright gold, small cute bat-like wings protruded from her back, and a slim tail with a heart-like pointed tip grew behind her.

"I am Fallen Angel Flonne!" Luccio, or a least Luccio's body, said as a second pair of eyes opened above her eyebrows, wide, bright, innocent and glowing blue. "I am the Netherworld's warrior for Hope, Faith, Love and Justice! I spread the gospel of love to all places, even in hell itself! Nicodemus, you have been a very bad boy..."

Nicodemus tried to choke himself with his own noose.


- END!


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