Hello to all that read this story.

Well to start off I need to apologies to anyone who is angry at me for not updating, also sorry if I got your hopes up by thinking this was an update. I understand that me not finishing this story has upset a few people and in truth it has upset me also. But please let me explain.

Alright so I have been going through an extremely hard period of time in my life and it has been affecting me in many ways. One quite obvious is my lack of writing. To me my life has reached an all new level of suck that I didn't think was possible. But, the good news of all that is that, I am doing better.

I will try my hardest to update this story and continue my other ones. I only have a few months left of school and I do know for a fact that I will write during that summer, because I seem to lack a life. I also hope that all the drama in my life at the moment will help write some of the chapters because if I'm not making it up completely it will be a tad easier.

Also I am deleting all previous author notes I have on here because I think they disrupt the story and they piss me off. Anyways that's all I have to say. So please people don't give up on me. I promise to update from now on. Maybe even by the end of the month. And as always your opinions mean a lot to me so don't be afraid to give me feedback. Even if it is telling me I suck at writing and need to get better.