Hey! So, this is my first story in... several years. And let me tell you, the things you write at 13 aren't all that great.

This will most likely be a two-shot. I've never written Derek/Casey, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. Kevin Rudolf's song Great Escape always reminds me of D/C, and so I decided to write about it. The song sort of implies death, or at least I think it does -- but there is no character death here.

Disclaimer: I don't own Life with Derek. If I did, well, certain things would be different. :] I also don't own Great Escape by Kevin Rudolf - props to him for making a pretty rockin' album.

The Great Escape

One night when I was asleep, I had a dream I could fly, I felt the cold on my skin, then I opened my eyes.

It was if the sound had been stolen from the room, much like any coherent thought that he managed to have. He couldn't hear anything but the hard thump of his heart against his chest as he gripped her smooth thighs, squeezing almost too hard because he can't believe this is even happening. Her soft sighs that conveyed her pleasure were tinted with an urgency that he too felt rushing through his body. The air in his lungs was trapped as he struggled to breathe, not because he was exerting himself, but because he was so nervous and terrified of making the wrong move with her.

It continues like this, where he feels a strange feeling bubbling up from his stomach, exploding in his chest while his eyes move up to catch her beautiful face. His eyes land on her mouth and something is keeping him from exploring any further. He can hear her familiar voice, but as he shrugs away beads of sweat from his face, the voice fades until deafening silence meets him.

His eyes open and he's laying on his back, a cold sweat blanketing his skin. His heart is in his throat throbbing and the familiar feeling of dread and self-loathing flows over him. He could never see her face, but he knew who it was. It only made sense that she tormented him every living moment of the day, what stopped her from intruding on his dreams? It was probably an inherent part of her incredibly stubborn and irritating nature. Her incredibly passionate and startlingly refreshing nature. He eyed the green digital clock on his nightstand and sighed.

It was like this every night for as long as he could remember. He couldn't call them wet dreams, because it wasn't as if he had that kind of reaction. There was something, an overwhelming pressure and intensity that made it hard for him to just breathe but yet a feeling like he could fly, a joy that he had never had the pleasure of knowing in reality. That's how he knew it was her. Her ability to make him feel so worthless, and also her uncanny ability to make him feel like he's a King. Sure, he played it up to everyone like he was a king, deserving of anything and everything. Everyone generally respected the notion too.

Except her. Of course, Casey is a princess.

So I jumped out of bed, went down the fire escape, now I'm laid out on the street, I wasn't running away.

Derek rose suddenly, and threw his legs over the side of his bed making his way to the bathroom. He couldn't just lay there, he had to get up and own the place like the king he was. He can't let her take over his thoughts like this. It wasn't fair. He knew that there was an attraction between them, he knew that she must entertain some kind of notion of her and him. It was almost palpable, the imperceptible shivers she feels whenever he touches her, the way her eyes burn with intensity when he antagonizes her, her ridiculous track record of dating people who weren't in the least bit similar to him. Of course, he fell victim to that pattern as well. There was something that they brought out in each other, to push each other to their brightest and to their worst. Only he could do that to her, only he could do it.

He splashed water on his face, wiping the excess water on his green pyjama sleeve before heading down stairs and through the kitchen. He pushed the back door open and sat down there near the door, sighing as the chilly night air began to warm as day rose. He slowly gripped his hair, trying to erase the feelings the recurring dreams brought forth in him. His heart thumped against his chest. He could never have her, and he could tell she was just fine without him. She may be attracted to him in some way, but never in the way that he was attracted to her. (Or loved her, whatever, it's just semantics.)

"What are you doing out here?" her soft but strong voice flowed past his ears, and he froze.

"Oh, a little bit of this and that." He replied after a beat, letting her hear the smirk in his voice. She stood behind him, and he almost smiled because he knew her eyebrow was raised and she was busy trying to pin something on his behaviour.

"You're not exactly an early riser Derek, that only happens when I – when my mom makes chocolate chip pancakes or something with meat." Casey, voice dripping with mild disgust, crossed her arms over her chest walking past him into the backyard without looking at him. Derek snorted, it certainly didn't help that Casey's cooking was to die for, not that he would ever tell her such a thing.

"You assume I only think with my stomach, but have you ever thought that there are much more... appealing things to do when the house is asleep, in the middle of the night?" Derek rose and took a few steps toward her, leaning against the red brick of the side of the house. Casey let her arms drop and inclined her head in his direction without even fully turning.

"You're pretty much disgusting, so spare me the details of what you think are appealing things to do in the middle of the night." She huffed quietly, the broken waves in her hair catching the first rays of sunlight peaking over the trees.

Derek's mouth quirked slightly upwards and he walked up to her now, falling into step with her as she attempted to walk away from him. "You know what they say about ladies in the street and freaks—"he started.

"Yeah yeah, in your strange and pathetic dreams." She half-glared at him from the corner of her eye.

From something I could control, it was inside of me, I didn't know where to go, but I decided to leave.

It continued like this, their pointless but never tiring banter. But he was getting tired of it, quickly – not in the way one would expect however. Today marked their last day of high school, the next two months marked their last summer before they jumpstarted their lives. So what should he do, subject himself to pointless but never tiring banter for the next four years or get out while he still can. Because only a finite number of things can happen at this point. She'll keep dating her cookie cutter and scummy boyfriends, making him perpetually nauseous (from both the jealousy, and keeping up appearances with the blondes). Or she'll be single and never take him up on his silent but urgent offer.

Or the worst, their pointless but never tiring banter will cease to exist and their personalities will finally diverge. But Derek is not an idiot, as he knows the last thing will never happen. He will continue to love her, and their personalities will continue to clash and co-exist so beautifully without ever missing a beat.

He just knows this, and he couldn't ever tell you why. He just knows that a few years ago, his dad made a monumental mistake in marrying her mom.

I still remember that night, I've never been the same, still wonder if I can fly, was it just a dream?

The self doubt crept up in his mind then, as he looked at her face smiling softly at the now brightly lit horizon. Maybe even if their parents hadn't married, she wouldn't have given him the time of day. Derek knew that she needed him, she needed him in ways that she probably wasn't aware of. The difference between them was that if he continued like this, observing her, touching her, pestering her, loving her... he could come to a point where he couldn't live without her and she, being the passionate and startlingly refreshing person that she is, could probably still live without him.

She looked over at him then, an inquisitive expression her face. Her nose scrunched up prettily as she analyzed his own expression, which he tried not to reveal as his breath got caught in his throat.

"Go make me some breakfast woman." He voice rough as tried to cover up his delicately placed tracks. Her expression fell, and he sighed with relief when she began to screech at him. This was safe he thought, as she pointed a finger at him, going on a feminist jibe about modern times and his neanderthalism. This was nice, he could watch her with his trademark smirk, taking in her soft curves in her always tight pyjamas (was she purposely doing that?), and she would be none the wiser.

I wasn't happy for so long, so many times I just walked away. Think I was searching for something, not knowing what I had to face.

As he sat on his recliner a few days later, his heart throbbed purposefully in his chest as he tried to concentrate on the game. What was she doing with him now, what was her doing to her now? His hand continuously gripped and loosened on his glass, his face blank even when his favourite team won the game in overtime.

His little step-sister watched him with a worried gaze, and she sighed quietly leaving the couch. She had grown to love Derek as a brother, and begrudgingly came to accept his not so brotherly feelings for her older sister. She knew he was slowly dying, being stuck in the house with their parents and her oblivious sister. Lizzie looked over at Edwin who sat at the dining table as she climbed the stairs, and she met his similar expression with sad eyes. Edwin just shrugged his shoulders slowly, as if to say that there was nothing they could do even if they wanted to. Lizzie looked away then, and closed her bedroom door as they all waited for dinner time. Tonight, Derek and Casey would be announcing which universities they would be going to.

Until I found out the reason, that's when I made my great escape.

As much as he wanted to follow her, he couldn't subject himself to not having her. If he couldn't have her, as he rightfully should, he'll just remove her from the equation completely. He was Derek Venturi, he was not one to fall for feminine wiles and not get anything in return. Even if it is Casey... who he loved so dearly and lusted after so fervently. He used to tell himself that he could exist alongside her, as long as she tolerated him, as long as she met him at every match and kept their routine in check. But he just couldn't handle it anymore. It was just boyfriend after boyfriend with her; it was like she never took a break. And the way she dressed today to go see said boyfriend who he could care less to remember the name of, he knew he needed to get away.

Tonight, he'd make his great escape and somehow, someday he would get over it. After all, he got everything and anything he wanted as long as he removed exceptions. She was the only exception.


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