Weeks go by; still Yuki does not see or hear from Shuichi. The last he's heard of anything Shuichi or Bad Luck is the tabloids finding out just what Shuichi has--colon cancer--and someone even managed to get an interview from him--a person from a reputable magazine. He reads the article again, the last piece of Shuichi he has right now.

JPOP: Shuichi Shindou, welcome. It's been around that you have cancer. Can you tell us more?

Shuichi: Sure. What would you like to know?

JPOP: Well, what type of cancer is it?

Shuichi: Haha, it's uh.. colon cancer.

JPOP: That's not a fun one. Neither of them are, but others are less..embarrassing, to talk about.

Shuichi: Not really; colon cancer doesn't automatically mean the a.. the colon is a, about, six-foot-long part of the large intestine. The cancer can be anywhere inside there. Mine was in the upper area.

JPOP: You say was. Is it gone now?

Shuichi: I hope so. I've had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for it, so I really hope it's gone.

JPOP: And if it's not?

Shuichi: Well.. I'd try to cure it again. If it ends up.. incurable, well, I'd have to get my affairs in order--which would include a last concert or tour.

JPOP: Even if you were dying, you'd perform?

Shuichi: Under reasonable health, of course. I love making music.

JPOP: Is there anyone special supporting you in your fight?

Shuichi: My family at N-G, and at home. My fans, I think too. All my fans are special to me as well.

JPOP: What about Eiri Yuki?

Shuichi: Mhm. He's been supporting me since the beginning. I thank him for all that he's done.

JPOP: What do you dislike most about the cancer?

Shuichi: Well.. the worst part is that chance that you didn't take care of it in time, and you don't have much time left. The chemotherapy isn't fun either, but I think one of the worst parts.. if pity.


Shuichi: Yeah. People can ignore you or wave you off when you're fine, but if they find something wrong, they can pity you and act like your best friend, or like they always want to hang out with you.

JPOP: Have you had much of that yet?

Shuichi: A bit. But why waste time with that? There's so much else to be doing.

JPOP: What else would you like to be doing?

Shuichi: First, finding something to keep a wig on during concerts. [laughs] But, really, I'd still like to do what I've been doing--work on my music, hang out with my friends, live life.

JPOP: If you learned you only had a week left to live.. what would you do?

Shuichi: A week? Well.. the same thing I just said, but I'd probably fit at least two concerts in. My last concert has to be a big one. Not just for people to remember me by, but something big enough to.. to remember, even in death. Something that even my spirit will feel, forever.

JPOP: Beautiful. Honestly. [pause] Thank you very much for the information and insight, Mr. Shindou.

Yuki stares at the words for a while; as a writer--and knowing Shuichi--he can read the lack of emotion in the statement about himself. He tosses the magazine onto the desk, sighing and running at his temples. He doesn't call anyone. Tohma, Mika, even Shuichi. He's still hopeful, but inside, he feels he's lost Shuichi. Maybe, this time, for good.

"Why don't you call him?"
Shuichi looks up to see Hiro standing over him. "Wha--Hiro? I don't need to call him," Shuichi says, leaning back into the fluff of the couch. He's been rooming with Hiro since he left Yuki's.
"You've been depressed ever since you left."
Shuichi snorts. "I have not. I've done an interview and I've been writing some new music and--"
"And your new music is dark. It's not like your other music. One song about anger, one song about death; what next, one about necrophilia?"
Shuichi looks up in confusion. "What's necrophilia?"
Hiro picks up the dictionary and hands it to Shuichi, who, once reading it, drops the book with a horrified look. "My music isn't getting THAT dark!"
"Fujisaki and I aren't playing to your new songs," Hiro says, and puts the papers onto Shuichi's lap. "Either cheer up or give up." He turns and walks out. It hurts him to say something so harsh to his friend, but his subtle hints haven't been working lately.
Shuichi pockets the songs and puts his hat on, getting up and walking out of the building. With a sigh, he begins wandering the streets; he doesn't know what to do. Go back to Yuki? Go to the doctor to see how well he's coming along?
He heads to the park to think for a while, sitting on the bench not far from his first encounter with Yuki. After a few hours of thinking, stressing, relaxing, reasoning, and complaining, all with himself; he looks up at the moon and gives a little smile. He's decided. Tomorrow he'll go talk to Yuki.
Tomorrow he'll find out the truth.
Tomorrow he'd do it. Tomorrow..

Shuichi awakens, rather stiffly, on the park bench in the morning. He finds people near him--fangirls, a paparazzi, and a few regular curious people. He sits up with an erk, and gets an annoyed look.
"What, can't a celebrity enjoy a night under the stars in peace?" Ooh, grumpy. He rubs at his arm, which has a sore spot from the way he'd been sleeping. Everybody leaves, but at least they understand his grumpiness.
He looks out at the bright city, and with a smile, gets up to go talk to Yuki and fix everything.

Yuki hears the knock on the door and sighs. He shuts the drawer, covering the gun back up with the clothes. He wasn't going to do anything; he was only thinking about..choices, possibilities. What ifs.
He opens the door, putting on his best face of indifference--but this disappears into relief when he sees Shuichi. "Shuichi, I--"
"Yukiiii!" Shuichi leaps onto Yuki, knocking them both down. He grins and sits up, still on top of Yuki.
"Yes Shuichi?" Yuki looks up at Shuichi, not bothering to push him off.
"Did you mean it? When you said you loved me?"
"I never said that."
"When you said if I died you would too?"
"Yes, I said that."
"Did you mean it?"
"Every word."
Shuichi's face brightens and gains a grin. "Yukiiiii will you go out with meeee?"
Yuki groans and lays his head back on the floor. "I suppose it's too late to take that back."
Shuichi pouts. "Yuki! Don't say things you don't mean!"
"All right. Get up and get ready."
Shuichi leaps up, running off to the bathroom for a shower to get ready.
This gives Yuki time to find a nicer shirt, a bit more dressy; and power on his computer to check his email. He hasn't touched the laptop since Shuichi left.
His inspiration has returned.

Hot dogs.
Cotton candy.
Ice cream.
What does not belong?
Shuichi soon learns, after consuming all of the junk food he could find, then taking a ride on the coaster. He manages to find a garbage can before allowing himself to return the aforementioned foods to the outside of his body.
Yuki laughs and hands Shuichi some soda to get the flavor from his mouth. "You're not supposed to eat any of that anyway. It's not good for your..colon." He smirks, and Shuichi's face reddens.
"Yuki! That's not funny!" He straightens out his hair, which had become rather windswept from his ride.
"You held onto that the whole ride, didn't you?"
"I don't want to lose my hair on the rollercoaster!" Shuichi protests, face keeping its red.
Yuki can't help himself; and lets out a loud, regular laugh. This actually frightens Shuichi, who's very, very not used to it.
Yuki only laughs harder at the expression, and Shuichi can't help but get the biggest smile he's ever had.
"Yukiiiii is so happyyyyy!" He dances around a bit, only stopping when he sees Yuki has sat down on a bench. As soon as he does, an arm reaches out to pull Shuichi close for a good, deep kiss.
Shuichi looks up at Yuki when they pull apart, his eyes bright and sparkling.
Yuki just smiles. A pure, honest I-am-finally-happy smile. "What? You said it. Yuki is happy."

"Well? How is it?"
Shuichi pops up behind the doctor to see the chart and check for anything unusual. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to read the scans.
"..Phenomenal. I've checked several times.. there seems to be nothing left."
Shuichi's heart lifts and he leaps up, bounding over to Yuki--who steps to the side, causing Shuichi to miss and hit the wall. "You're sure?" Yuki.
"Unless there was some that went undetected, but it's highly unlikely. Just the same, have Mr. Shindou have regular testing to check for recurring cancerous cells."
"All right. You'll do that won't you Shui--" He's cut off as Shuichi leaps onto Yuki, hugging him.
"I'm cured I'm cured I can spend my life with Eiri now!"
Yuki lets out a soft groan. He can't help but smile; but he will ask for some tranquilizers later. Either for himself or to put in Shuichi's food. Is he that evil?
Hell yeah.
Shuichi pauses and looks up at Yuki's now-grinning face. "Yuuukiii? Are you really happy too?"
"Yeah." He rubs Shuichi's head, clearing out the thoughts of putting Shuichi to sleep unwillingly.
Shuichi grins. "I can't wait to tell everyone!"

Shuichi impatiently gets ready in the morning; showering, eating, etc. He gives Yuki a kiss to leave; but is stopped with a strong embrace. He willingly allows Yuki to keep him here as they kiss; Shuichi may be in a hurry but this is something he'd never rush.

When Shuichi arrives at work, he walks in with a big grin. "Good news!" He says, just as K does.
Hiro and Suguru look up from working to some of Shuichi's less-used lyrics.
"I'm cured!" He dances around a bit, and Hiro just laughs.
"The doctor gave you the all-clear?"
"Yup!" Shuichi grins and heads into the studio. "Come on, let's get started! I have some new lyrics already."
Suguru heads in after Shuichi. "Finally! We can get some work done."


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