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Yellow Lost

It was a dark place. A lonely place. One would think that they would be driven to madness if one had to stay here for an extended amount of time. One was. He could not remember his own name, being stuck in this…place for so long.

This was what he termed the Void.

Total and utter darkness. He felt as if he floated on air, and naught can see the back of his hand touching his nose. Years could not be counted in this God forsaken place as time had no meaning.

Why was he here? How long?

Who cares.

All he cared about was getting out. It was all he thought about.

Now after what seemed like eternity, his dream came true.

The first thing he felt was the whooshing of what felt like air as he was propelled forward. The speed at which this occurred was phenomenal, the speed of light. Then darkness once again as his senses darkened being swallowed into the air and his mind blurring as what seemed like eternal sleep encompassed him.

But yet again, he awoke. But this time he could feel, he could smell. His eyes still shut, his hands felt the grass underneath his fingers, His nose could smell the sweet and somehow putrid essence that was the air. His eyes opened and the first thing he saw was…stars…bright stars in the sky. He stood up on shaking legs as he once again smelt the air, saw the trees and felt the ground beneath his feet.

He felt something slide down the side of his face, and when he touched it he realised it was tears. He looked up and a feeling rose in his chest building up until it came bursting out of his mouth.

It was laughter he realised. His chest heaved back and forth as the sound continued to come out of his mouth. He fell over from it, not being able to breath. He willed himself to stop as he once again stood up.

He started walking, neither caring what direction nor where he was going, just walking for the sake of walking. He then came upon a pool of water shaped in a crescent. He subconsciously stared around for any signs of trouble, surprised at himself that he was this wary. As soon as his eyes and ears told him no one was near he continued towards the pool and looked down to see a face he had not seen for a very long time. Yellowed hair, bright as sunshine, and eyes the bluest of sapphires. His mind brought a name to that face…Naruto…

He smiled. Naruto. That was his name. Naruto Naruto Naruto. What a wonderful name! But then his mind brought up more names to accompany it. The hero, the protector...the butcher, the ripper of souls, Human lightning, the demon…the lover, the luster, breaker of hearts…

He smiled. These were his names, Naruto above the rest, and the others that followed. He then fell to his knees and started drinking.

After his drink he fell back down on the soft grass of this beautiful place, surrounded by trees and stars. His eyes closed again as he, now after a long time, fell eagerly into blissful sleep.

Something was shining on his eyelids, trying to invade the sanctuary that was his eyes. He could feel it covering his entire body and he leapt up in a start. He looked around to see nobody around him, only the trees brighter and the water shining. What was that? Why was everything so bright?

He looked up to see the source of his questions. A bright circle that hurt his eyes to stare.

The Sun…that was what he was looking at. After so long in the darkness, the sun was an alien invading his senses with invisible pricks. But he loved it. He loved the feel of warmth on his skin and the feel of calm.

Instead of words images now flashed into his mind. A smooth and thin leg sliding over his thigh. Another of soft hands feeling attentively over his back. Flashes of colour accompanied these images, black, pink, yellow, brown. Too many to consider. Eyes too, one of a fierce green, another a palest white, one of ever consuming black and another of brightest blue. These images swirled in his mind and he felt blood entering an area that was not entered for a long time.

The images broke as he could smell a foul and sour stench pervade his nostrils and heard the cracking of twigs. Out from the trees came a group of ragged men, as filthy as could be.

"Well well, what do we have here boys? Fresh meat for the picking" The others laughed as the biggest and tallest one spoke. They all carried varying weapons, spears, throwing axes, short swords, cleavers and wooden round shields.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as a word entered his mind. Bandits . The leader started to speak again but he did not understand what he was saying. His body unconsciously stepped into a stance as the men moved to surround him. He knew that despite the fact he could not understand what they were saying he knew their purpose. To play with him and eventually kill him. He realised that if he was in that group that this was what he would have down. This feeling surprised and shamed him…who was he to think like this? This shame also dawned that he was not normally this way and that somehow he had changed.

"Well lad? You up for a challenge?" The others laughed as the leader taunted the man. But the leader knew better. That stance was of one he had never seen before, and despite the nakedness this did not achieve to belittle him. His body well extremely well toned, his legs like tree trunks. His arms bulged with muscle and his eyes…oh his eyes showed the battle readiness of a 30 year veteran. Himself being a foot soldier for the dead king Terenas Menethil II he knew warriors when he saw them.

"Hey Kane! Can I be the one to kill him? Can I?" shouted one of the bandits.

The leader now known as Kane saw the man, and replied. "You Idiot Breen! Of course you can!"

Breen whooped happily as he ran towards the man. Breen was a bandit for 5 years and knew how to fight. His boiled leather breastplate had saved his neck quite a few times and he was quick on his feet. He carried a spear and 2 short swords, not bothering to take up a shield, "too cumbersome" he says.

His spear in his hands he leapt towards Naruto starting the fight with a hard jab to his gut. Naruto spun around the spear and with inhuman speed grabbed the handle and ripped it out of Breen's hands. Breen yelled in surprise and jumped back to safety. Naruto held the spear up to his eyes examining the weapon both out of curiosity and subconsciously measuring the weight, length and toughness of the weapon. Satisfied, he moved the spear in a jabbing fashion as Breen had done moments before.

The bandits looked in surprise, what a man to be able to rip the weapon out Breen's hands. Despite his slimness, Breen was not a man to be taken lightly and he was adept with spears. Nevertheless he unsheaved his short swords and started circling Naruto just out of the range of his spears. Instead this time, Naruto leapt to Breen jabbing in a similar motion Breen had done to him. Breen parried the weapon with his left sword and jabbed with the right. Naruto met this jab by yet again spinning out of the way carrying the spear and swinging it in a low arc lifting Breen's feet from under him. Breen yelped in surprise and jumped back to his feet to the laughter of the other bandits.

"Breen you're being whipped by a naked man!"

"Hahaha! Never knew naked men could sweep you off your feet Breen!" This comment was met with a baleful of laughter and Breen turned red in the face. He shouted with a yell and charged at Naruto swinging both his blades in a wide arc. Naruto leapt out of the way and made a swing that connected with Breen's head. Breen saw stars as yet again he fell down, dazed. The others laughed again as they saw Breen's predicament. This laughter stopped as soon as they saw the spear enter the side of Breen's head exiting out the other side. Naruto pulled the spear out of the now dead man's head and looked again to the remaining bandits.

The bandits were now in a rage, all unsheaving their various weapons as they began move circling around Naruto. Breen was their friend and despite their laughter, had genuinely cared for the man. With a shout some of the men leapt at Naruto with their swords and spears while two others started throwing axes and spears at him. Naruto dodged the thrown spears and axes but as the bandits closed in on him he grabbed one of the thrown axes out of mid air with his spear and twirling it around to gain momentum swung it back out at the two men. The axe thudded sickeningly into one of the men's head and the other man seeing the enclosing bandits, unsheaved his sword and entered the melee. Naruto was a like a master with his spear as he swung it side to side parrying the various jabs and cuts sent his way. His arm flashed out impaling one of the bandits with his spear while his foot crashed into another tumbling him over backwards. The Bandits then in a deeper and more consuming rage then ran in trying to hack and slash blindly. Naruto somehow calmly started jabbing and swinging his spear, either killing one or severely injuring another despite his surrounded state. Despite what direction the sword, axe or spear came from the spear came up parried the weapon away often countering with a deadly jab or swing which either killed or maimed severely. The bandit numbers dwindled down until it was only Kane and Naruto left standing.

Kane looked at the ground at his dead and dying men. He personally knew all of them and they had always raided and killed together. This man, had taken it all away. Kane lifted up his shield and put his spear in a jabbing position. Naruto stared at him icily, blood covering his body, none that was his and the spear pointed down the blood drenched head slowly dripping.

"You killed my men…Now you must die." With a shout, Kane charged at Naruto and as he did, Naruto's eyes steeled and with impossible quickness threw the spear.

Kane did not see the spear flying past and nor did he care. As long as it didn't hit anything he was…"ARGG" Kane's eyes bulged as he looked down to see what was a stump of where his left arm use to be. He looked back to see the spear embedded in the shield.

But it was impaled in a tree a few metres into the thicket. the trees on the edge had been blasted away as the spear kept on moving until enough trees had blunted its speed enough to just embed a tree.

The left hand was gone, obliterated and his left arm was skewered like a shish kebab. He dropped his sword and covered the stump of what use to be his arm. "What are you?" With no reply save the same steely glare, Kane turned and ran. It did not matter where he was going; he just had to get away from this monster.

Naruto had felt surprise when he saw what he had done to the bandit. He never knew he could complete such feats of strength. He subconsciously poured something into his right arm, where it focused on his wrist and shoulder. As soon as he threw the spear he let go of the something in an explosion of power and saw as the spear travelled at the speed of sound ripping the man's arm from his shoulder like a hot knife through butter and blasting through the trees behind him. He saw the man running, and picking up Breen's two short swords he poured the something into his feet and started running. He moved so fast, coming in no time in front of Kane and pointing one of the swords at his face.

Kane's eyes bulged at his predicament. How the hell did he get in front of me? Pulling his dagger out of his sheaf he ran at the man despite feeling dizzy and nauseous from the blood loss.

Naruto easily parried the weak thrust with his left sword and with a vicious right riposte cut the man's head from his shoulders. He looked down at the man's headless body and looked around the clearing at the dead bodies of the bandits. A word yet again appeared in his mind. Naruto the butcher. Was it true? Was this truly who Naruto was? He could not be sure and yet he knew there was more that he needed to find out. He went over to some of the bodies and picked out the cleanest looking clothing and so was left with dark brown leather hunter pants, a partially stained cloth shirt(cleanest he could find), worn leather boots and the leather breastplate taken off of Breen's body. He then tied a spear to his back while taking the leather sheaves for the two short swords and attaching them to his side with the leather belt he got from one of the bodies.

Looking at the dead bodies once again he walked off into the trees to look for the nearest town...He was hungry.

Meanwhile in the trees far off from the battle, a silvery haired woman with glowing blue eyes gazed at the scene before her. However she was no ordinary woman. There were horns protruding out of her silvery purple hair as well as two large pointed ears with purple beaded earrings. Her skin was a lilac purple and she wore plate armour, shoulder plates bearing skulls, her well busted chest shown through the curves that were in her armour which like the plates had a large skull planted in the centre. Her feet were goat like and her armour plated legs seemed agile and yet long and thin. Her face was extremely beautiful with unmarred skin. Her eyes scanned Naruto, impressed and excited that a naked man had killed so many armoured bandits. His spectacular spear throw also sent shivers down her spine as well as his tightly packed muscles and jutting shoulders.

Naruto stopped, feeling a presence in the distance. He turned around and peered back into the trees. Realising that she had been noticed the woman chanted a spell and disappeared leaving only a faint shimmer of light that she was ever there. Naruto narrowed his eyes and continued onwards. He was hungry and he really wanted food. Another image sprang into his mind. A steaming hot bowl of soup with thin yellow noodles that was accompanied by floating meat and green vegies. His mouth drooling Naruto then determined that whatever that was he was going to have it, he needed it.

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