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Episodica Shogi
Shogi Story

The sound of a tile
One finds to be
Peaceful and melodious
Calling to the spirit
Making the darkness
And the lightness
Come out to play
To tell ones story

The sound of the tile
Seeing the bloody mess
The titles leading nowhere
Yet the answer is there
The past of oneself
And that bloody night
Will show full out
To tell ones story

The sound of a tile
Rough around the edges
Yet crisp and truth
Masculine to feminine
Or in truth vice versa
To spring free of the bonds
To make someone free
To tell ones story

The sound of a tile
Pristine and clean
Yet left all alone
Rich and sweetly golden
Making its way known
And making ones way
On their own fortitude
To tell ones story

The sound of a tile
Beating out the rhythm
Patterned fingers moving
Vehicle of ones choosing
Fighting it out peacefully
A match of wits and whim
Coming to no end quandary
To tell ones story

Author's note – This poem is about how shogi turned into a way of words for the main character in the series, and how in a way, it told the story of the three characters in different ways, in the first episode.