Hatter stares at her. This Oyster called Alice.. carries the Stone? This slip of a girl with too much bravado and a wet dress wields one of the most important political weapons since the conception of their blessed little world? She's afraid of heights! He wants to throw down his hat and laugh 'til the walls crash down around him – this is too much, this is just.. mad! And he knew mad. He knew it intimately. He lived IN mad.

But the guns come out, of course, because everybody else has realised just how mad this whole situation is and want to regain control of it. Idiots. He steps just slightly, in front of her. She might be the living bloody incarnation of Alice of Legend, for all he knows, but she is flesh and blood and so terribly fragile against bullets. And.. well, he has a few tricks up his sleeve in that particular department. He can hear her breathing, shallow and scared, and he thinks that this is very much out of his range of caring, on the 'helping damsels in distress' scale – so the fact that he is still here is a mystery. A mystery that might just die right here if they cannot get out of here.

And then Dodo is raving about the Queen mopping floors, and Hatter has to wonder who she was to him, just for a second, before he gets shot into a stack of books.