Title: "The Power of Words"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG
Summary: Linda learns the power of words while Becker has new cause to think she and Margaret are trying to kill him.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Word Count (excluding heading): 390
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"DON'T YOU EVER LEARN?!" Becker thundered when he finally got a chance to walk up front again after having been dealing with one emergency after another. He tossed a stack of papers on the desk and whirled to turn his wrath fully upon Linda. "TWO STROKES, THREE HEART ATTACKS, AND A FOUR-WAY WRECK!" he shouted, referring to the patients he'd spent the last several hours working on in his tiny office in the suburbs. They should have gone to the hospital, but instead they'd all come to him!

Linda blinked at him. "What does that have to do with me?" she asked in a meek voice.


"What word?" Linda asked innocently.

"SLOW, YOU MORONIC -- " Becker's next words were drowned out by the sudden screeching brakes, blaring horns, and slamming and crunching of metal that hurtled to them from outside. He threw up his hands. "NOW YOU'VE MADE ME SAY IT, YOU IDIOT!"

He glared at Margaret as he headed for the streets of Chicago at the fastest pace he could manage which was only a very brisk walk. "Do something useful for a change while I'm out, will you, and duck tape her mouth shut?!"

Margaret turned her sternest gaze upon Linda as the door swung shut behind Becker. "I know, I know," the young woman said, holding up her own hands in surrender. "I screwed up again."

"Yes, you did," Margaret replied with a bustling nod. "How many times do we have to tell you not to say that word, Linda? It's as bad as quiet!"

Both women's eyes shot as wide as saucers as a gigantic slamming sound reverberated throughout the office from the road. "Oh, goodness, I hope that wasn't Becker!" Margaret cried.

"It would serve him right," Linda groused.

"Linda!" Margaret exclaimed, her eyes and mouth both wide with shock.

In the middle of the busy street outside, Becker's cigarette fell out of his mouth onto the pavement below as he stared at the wreck that had happened not five feet away from where he currently stood. "MARGARET!!!" he bellowed. He didn't know what she had done, but after having already spooked the daylights out of Linda, he was certain it could only be his head nurse trying to kill him yet again!

The End