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Chapter 41: She Came Upon A Dark Stormy Night

Jim ran into the apartment complex breathing heavy. He was running out of breath but he wasn't letting that stop him from missing this. He had to be there, he had to see the birth of his baby and most importantly he had to be there for Melinda since he wasn't there the first time. Jim ran up the stairs to his penthouse and opened the door to his place. He could hear Melinda panting from the family room. He quickly rounded the corner and rushed in the family room and got down by Melinda. "I'm here" Jim said out of breath and kissed her on the head. Jim looked relieved that he hadn't missed anything yet. "IT HURTS" Melinda screamed in pain. Jim took her hand in his "Is the ambulance on the way" Jim asked Aubrey. "Yeah" she said. Melinda screamed in pain again as Jim felt his hand get tightened hard. "Ok come on let's see this" Jim said as he moved between Melinda's legs to look "Whoa boy your fully dialted" Jim said in a shock "Mel your gonna have to push this baby is coming" Jim said. "AHHHHHH" Melinda screamed as she pushed hard. Jim eyes widen when he seen the head coming out of Melinda. Jim took her hand "Push again Melinda" Jim said. "OHHHHHHHH" Melinda pushed again. Jim quickly moved his hand from Melinda's and grabbed the blanket that Aubrey was holding. "Ok, Melinda one more push" Jim said and stared up at her. Melinda shook her head "No I can't" she started to sob "I can't" she cried. "Melinda, look at me. I love you but we need to do this come on babe give me one more push" Jim said in a brave voice to Melinda. He hated to see her in pain and part of him wished he could trade places with her. "Ok one more" Melinda pushed "AHHHHHHH" she screamed. "Oh my god" Jim's eyes widen as the baby came out, tears filled his eyes as he seen the baby. Jim quickly wrapped the baby up as a small cry filled the room. Melinda laid down on the couch in exhaustion. "It's a girl, Mel" Jim announced. Melinda smiled and chuckled "Let me see her" she said. Jim moved over close to Melinda and put the baby in her arms. Melinda stared at the small baby as Jim watched her hold her. Melinda looked at up at Jim "I didn't think you would make it" Melinda said as tears formed in her eyes. "I wouldn't have missed this for anything" Jim said. Jim moved down and kissed Melinda. Melinda kissed him back passionately on the lips.

Jim walked into Aiden's room later. Aiden sat on his bed looking at a comic book when he seen his dad walk in. "Is mama ok" Aiden asked. "Yeah she and the baby are gonna be ok" Jim said. "Can I go see her" Aiden asked. "In the morning right now she and the baby are at the hospital resting" Jim said. Aiden nodded and looked back down on his comic book. "Hey" Jim sat down on his son's bed "Do you have any questions" Jim asked. Aiden closed his book and sat up "A lot" Aiden said. "Oh boy" Jim mumbled. He was in the probably going to regret asking his son that question but he knew he had to give him some sort of answer. "Ok. Ask away" Jim said. "How did the baby get in mama" Aiden asked. Jim bit his bottom lip. He knew Aiden was still way to young to know about sex so he had to make something up. "Well you know when a mom and daddy show a certain way how much they love each other they make a baby" Jim said. Aiden nodded "Ok" the 7 year old said. "How was I made then? You and mama didn't love each other, you hated each other back than" Aiden said. He never understood why his mom and daddy weren't together for a long time. "Your mama and I loved each other back then buddy. It's just something happened to us after we concieved you" Jim said. "What happened" Aiden asked. "Well your mama and I went seperate ways because we faught a lot and now we both regret not working it out because I missed so much with you" Jim said. "Ok one more question" Aiden said. Jim nodded at his son "Alright" Jim said. "Why did my sister come from mama's girl area" Aiden asked. Jim closed his eyes. He couldn't believe the question Aiden asked him and he had no idea how to explain it to him. "Buddy that's a little hard to explain. Do you know how in a cartoon you see a bird lay eggs" Jim said. "Yes" Aiden said and nodded. "Well it's sort of like that" Jim said. "Oh ok" Aiden said. Jim chuckled "Is that all the questions" Jim asked Aiden. "Yep" Aiden answered his dad. "Ok come on get in bed. We'll go see mama in the morning" Jim said. Aiden climbed under the covers and Jim covered his son up and tucked him. Jim kissed his son on the head "I love you Aiden" Jim said. "I love you too daddy" Aiden said and turned over in bed. Jim walked out of his son's room.

After getting a snack to eat Jim went to his bedroom and sat on the bed. "What a night" Jim sighed. He laid on the bed looking up at the dark ceiling. Jim couldn't believe all the events that happened this evening from him rushing home, seeing and delivering his daughter to going to the hospital with Melinda and coming back home to answering all his son's questions, he was exhausted. Jim sat up and pulled off his shirt and stood up and took off his jeans and walked to his side of the bed and got in pulling the covers over him. Jim felt someone laying in the bed next to him. He quickly turned over to see it was his son who was already fast asleep. Jim tucked Aiden in. Jim rested his head on his pillow and drifted off to sleep within a few minutes.

Melinda laid in bed the next morning in the hospital room staring at the ceiling. She had a nice relaxing night after being sedated and getting a check up. Melinda quickly glanced over to her door when she heard her door open. "Hey" Melinda smiled. Jim walked over to her and kissed her "How you feeling babe" Jim asked. "Sore but after you left they sedated me to you know let me get rest and I slept great last night" Melinda said. Jim chuckled. Melinda looked at the door and looked around Jim for Aiden. "Where's my baby boy at" Melinda asked. "Playroom. The nurse will bring him to the room soon" Jim said. Melinda nodded. Jim heard the baby make a small coo sound. Melinda glanced over to the baby in the hospital bassinet. Jim walked over to the bassinet and gently and carefully picked up the baby girl and sat down on the bed besides Melinda "Amazing isn't it" Melinda asked and looked at Jim. Jim nodded "Yeah it is. And you did amazing too" Jim said. Jim gently kissed Melinda on the lips. Melinda and Jim both stared down at the new born baby girl. Melinda looked at Jim "What should we name her" Melinda asked. "I don't know" Jim said as he put his arm around his wife as his other arm held his baby daughter in his arm. The couple stared at the baby as they tried to think of a name for their new born baby.


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