A/N: I have always thought that Kari and Tory would make a cute couple.

Kari's P.O.V.

We're testing fire starting myths, I'm trying the classic two sticks and Tory comes up behind me and says that If I can't get it started they're throwing me off the island. This makes me laugh, that's what I love about him. His hand brushes my shoulder ever so slightly, I feel a small tingle go up my spine. His fingers seem to ignite my nerve endings. Sometimes I can barely keep myself from grabbing and kissing him.

After the show he asks me out for dinner when it's only the two of us, in the workshop. I am surprised but I agree to meet him at the restaurant later.

I struggle to zip up the back of my dress, when I finally manage it, I stand in front of the full length mirror and smooth the dress over my legs. I chose a pale lilac dress with a strap over one shoulder and no sleeve on the other, with black tights, my shoes are black and my hair is partially pulled back.

I walk into the restaurant Tory chose and see him seated in the corner. I hear an audible gasp from him when he catches sight of me. I smile and sit across from him.

He offers to drive home, I accept. We tease each other on the way to my house. I invite him in for coffee unfortunately he declines. I lean in a kiss his cheek, he pulls me back and kisses my lips ever so slightly, I kiss back and he pulls away and starts to stammer an apology but I cut it off with a kiss.

We finally part and he walks toward his car to go home. I believe I see the beginnings of a lasting relationship. I smile to my self about what I will do next time.