Title: Code of the Griffin

Author: Knife Hand

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Rating: R

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Summary: From a war ravaged future, someone is sent back in time to change the course of the war.

The Hospital Wing incident report read like an exercise in stupidity. Not from the members of the Order, who had been sent to guard the students that had been injured in the earlier confrontation with Lovegood and Waters, but from the injured students themselves. All the students had been awake when Dumbledore had gone to question them. One of the students, a Ravenclaw, had instantly started mouthing off about 'the fucking dykes' and hurling insults left and right. He had been instantly expelled by the Headmaster. Then two of the Slytherins had started hurling curses at the Order and staff alike. Several of them quite dark and illegal but not Unforgivables. Dumbledore, quite spryly for such an old man, had tackled Madam Pomfrey out of the way of one of the nasty curses. The Order members simply moved to counter the threat. One of the Slytherin attackers was quickly immobilised by a blow to the back of the neck that rendered him unconscious. The other was taken out by three stunners. The only injury on the Order side was a slight graze to an arm. Dumbledore had flooed Amelia Bones and the DMLE had taken over from there and the other injured students did not make a peep.

With a sigh, Hermione wrote out orders taking Luna and Michelle off of their Sniper Cover detail for the evening, replacing them with Harding and Watts. She also wrote a note to Doctor Wallace informing her that she would have two new patients.

Kate just emerged from a solo session with Doc Wallace when she saw Luna and Michelle sitting in the waiting room. She had heard about the incident the previous day from Harry.

The sniper team was clinging to each other, knowing that only the Doc and other Order members even knew about these rooms. They both looked up at Kate with a question in their eyes. The encounter had shaken them more than they would even admit to most other Order members. Kate, like Harry, was different.

"It takes time, but yes it does help. As long as you let it." Kate said, answering the unspoken question.

The Doc called Luna and Michelle in, and Kate left the waiting room.

The flock of owls descended on the breakfast tables in the usual morning rush. There were three owls that were official Ministry Owls, as they entered the three owls split up, one going to Professor Dumbledore, one going to Harry Potter and the last one to Hermione Granger. The three of them reviewed the missives and were quite shocked, so shocked in fact that Hermione almost missed the second letter addressed to her.

Once they got over the shock, all three moved instantly. Fudge had tried to pull one over on them, and the Wizengamont meeting was scheduled for that morning, in two hours time. Fudge knew he could not get away with not informing them of the meeting as Dumbledore was Chief Warlock. They all scrambled to get ready for the meeting, which included an 'Honour Guard' for Harry and Hermione, and managed to get to the Ministry an hour before the meeting, where Dumbledore moved off on his own.

Harry and Hermione met up with their primary allies, consisting of Sirius Black, Amelia Bones and, more recently, Augusta Longbottom.

"Fudge, that ass." Amelia cursed. "Sirius did not even get notification for this vote. If I hadn't checked that he would be on time he would not even be here."

"We only got ours an hour or so ago." Harry added. "By the way, Madam Bones, Dowager Longbottom, may I introduce my adopted sister, Kate West-Potter."

Kate had insisted as coming as one of Harry's two Honour Guard, which he agreed to in order to give her a feel for Wizarding Politics.

The two older women nodded to Kate, both slightly relieved that House Potter now had an Heir.

"What are we going to do about the vote?" Sirius asked. "We don't have enough votes to block it."

"We don't block it." Hermione replied. "In fact, we vote to support it."

"Support it?" Augusta said. "They are trying to execute all of you, including my grandson and you want to support it?"

"I leave your vote to you, but remember there is always one thing we can count on from Fudge." Hermione replied.

"What is that? Gross stupidity?" Amelia retorted sarcastically.

"Exactly." Hermione said with a smile.

They milled around for a while, separating in order to chat with various other members until the call came to enter the chamber. Dumbledore, as Chief Warlock, opened the meeting and then handed the floor to Minister Fudge to introduce the vote.

"Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamont." Fudge began. "We are here to vote on the proposed 'Peacekeeper Act'. This act will make it illegal for any organised group to form in the Wizarding World for the purposes of formal military or peacekeeping purposes without the express permission of the government. Honoured Members, this is an important act that will ensure a Ministry standard for those charged with our protection. I now call on the Honoured Members to vote."

The vote went quickly. Dumbledore and Longbottom were among those who voted against the act. The act passed comfortably enough that even had Hermione and the others voted against it, it still would have gotten across the line.

"The vote has passed." Dumbledore formally announced.

"Aurors, arrest Lord Potter, Miss Granger and their companions." A toad faced woman immediately ordered with glee.

"Hold position, Aurors." Amelia countermanded.

"I gave an order!" the toad faced woman screamed.

"And who exactly are you?" Hermione asked.

"I am Senior Undersecretary Deloris Umbridge. A Pureblood." The woman replied with a sneer. "Now Aurors, arrest them."

"Firstly." Hermione responded. "Under the Judicial Separation Act, you have no authority to order around the Aurors. Secondly, The Order of the Griffin does have governmental sanction."

"I never approved your group." Fudge responded.

"Interesting thing. The Act says government, not Ministry of Magic." Hermione replied, pulling out a document from her pants pocket. "I have here a warrant, signed by both the Prime Minister of Great Brittan and Her Majesty the Queen, which officially recognises the Order as an Auxiliary to the SAS, which is an elite section of the British Army."

"The Muggles have no authority here." Umbridge shot back. "And we will be adding a charge of breaching the Statue of Secrecy."

"Archivist, can you please recite paragraphs 186 subsection D of the Wizengamont Charter and Section 982 of the Statute of Secrecy." Hermione asked, before lowering her voice and turning to one of her Honour Guard. "We have a file on Umbridge?"

"Just give me a minute." The Archivist said.

The Honour Guard handed over a file, which Hermione perused.

"Section 436 of the Criminal Code as well, please." Hermione added, which caused Umbridge to turn pale.

"Ok, I have them." The Archivist said after a few minutes. "Paragraph 186 subsection D states that the Minister of Magic reports directly to the Prime Minister and is responsible to the Monarch of the Realm for the conduct of the Magical Citizenry. Section 982 of the Statute states that those Muggles in authority with knowledge of the Magical World, in particular the Reigning Monarch and the Governmental Liaison (in our case the Prime Minister), have the authority to reveal to those subordinates the existence of the Magical World wherein they determine that such subordinates require such knowledge in order to perform their duties."

"Well I think that resolves that issue." Fudge said, trying to end his embarrassment.

"Not just yet." Hermione replied. "Senior Undersecretary Umbridge. You claim to be a Pureblood."

"Of course I am a pureblood." Umbridge said, outraged.

"It's just that's not what the birth records say." Hermione replied. "According to this your father was William Umbridge, however your mother was not Jasmine Umbridge Nee Abbott, your father's wife at the time. Jasmine Abbott was sterile. Your mother was Janice Pearson, a Muggle who was abducted by your parents as a brood mare. As for your father William, his mother was a Muggleborn. So technically, you do not even count as a Half Blood. I, on the other hand, as Ruling Lady of House Gryffindor and a member of one of the Great Seven Family, I am not only legally recognised as a Pureblood, but am also considered to be Wizarding Nobility. Now, Archivist, that last Section."

"Section 436 of the Criminal Code states that should a Witch or Wizard, knowingly bring false and damaging accusations against a member of a higher station, then that Witch or Wizard shall be stripped of all positions of authority and sentence to no less than twenty years in Azkaban." The Archivist read.

"A law you should already know, Former Senior Undersecretary Umbridge." Hermione said. "As it was a law you proposed."

"Aurors." Amelia Bones said. "As Head of the DMLE, I order you to place Miss Umbridge under arrest pending trail."

"I hereby declare this session of the Wizengamont closed." Dumbledore stated as the Aurors took Umbridge away. Fudge simply sat in his chair wondering how everything went so wrong.

Hermione, Harry, Amelia, Augusta and Sirius all gathered together after the Wizengamont meeting in Amelia's office in the DMLE.

"That was brilliant." Sirius said.

"I told you that we could depend on Fudge's stupidity." Hermione replied.

"So what happens next?" Harry asked. "Is Umbridge's arrest a big enough blow to Fudge's leadership to get him out of office?"

"I don't think so." Augusta replied. "Fudge can simply claim that she acted without his authority. But even with that he will loose a chunk of support, especially in the Wizengamont where he had been in a bit of a precarious position since you got the Judicial Separation Act passed."

"OH yeah. Before I forget, I have these for all of you." Sirius said, before handing out envelopes.

"Wedding Invitations?" Augusta asked.

"So you finally decided on a date?" Harry added.

"Knock it off, Pup." Sirius replied. "I'm trying to be serious here."

"Nobody say it." Hermione warned.

"Aww, nuts." Sirius grumbled.

"Anyway, I have some news that I think you should all know, but for now it is Classified." Hermione continued. "I received some information this morning from one of the Orders' Undercover Operatives. This information cost the Operative his life."

This grounded the mood in the room.

"Let's hear it." Amelia said in the voice that her Aurors knew well.

"The Operative has uncovered the identity of the leader of the Mystery Troops who attacked the Quidditch World Cup." Hermione explained. "His name is… Nicholas Flamel."

"Holy Fuck." Augusta muttered.