Sarah had been running through the labyrinth for at least five hours. She was so tired she collapsed onto the ground and rested against a wall.

"Ugh, it isn't fair!"She yelled.

"Sarah, stop being a child." The goblin king was resting his weight against the wall looking down on her.

She stood glaring at him and poked him in the chest, "Don't tell me what to do."

"Sarah" He threatened, "Don't defy me or you won't get your gift."

"A gift?" She questioned.

"A gift." he smiled, before putting his hands together and making two starbucks cups appear.

"What is this!" She squealed.

"Oh, you seemed tired. Am I not correct?" He smirked handing her one.

It turned out to not be a simple coffee but a latte with chocolate sauce and extra froth.

"Ordered it yourself?" She taunted and they both leaned back sipping their drinks.

"Actually I did, they wrote my name on the cup." he smiled lifting it up to show "The Goblin King" on the side. Sarah nearly choked on her drink laughing.

If we were in the real world we would look like employees on a coffee break, Sarah mused.

"So, slow day..." She tried to make chit-chat.

"Yes not much traffic around the castle." He mused.

He taped his foot up and down humming to himself.

"Writing a song?" he chuckled.

"Indeed and it's for a certain dreamer..." He laughed fading away.

"Well good luck with that." She talked into the air.

After finishing her caffeinated drink she looked around for a trash can.

Well starbucks has one, she thought.

She just ended up sitting it on the ground the she jogged off into the labyrinth to save her brother Toby.