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A young man, with a thoughtful look upon his boyish face, was trekking through a jungle. This jungle was in the deepest part of Ombra e Segreto; an island that was untouched by man. Nothing but thick, colorful plants, unusually large trees and mountains as far as the eye could see.

I should be close.

Twenty-three-year-old Luigi Mario sighed, running a hand through his chestnut hair. His baby blue eyes were slightly narrowed as he glared down at the map in frustration. Three months, that was how long that he had been on this fruitless trip. After all, you wouldn't expect a former plumber apprentice to be in the middle of nowhere; on the hunt for an artifact, did you?

Cause, he sure didn't!

Luigi's mind drifted over to what had led him here. At nineteen, he had been living in Brooklyn with his older brother; Mario, studying under his watchful eye. That is, until a large green pipe showed up. With its sudden appearance, the two brothers had stumbled in shock. Unfortunately, their little stumble had led them into falling into the pipe.

And straight into Mushroom Kingdom.

Upon arriving, only Luigi saw the pipe disappearing. Seeing that green pipe sinking into the ground, Luigi knew with sickening horror that they were trapped in this new world. Well, at least the locals were friendly enough.


As the brothers began to adapt to this new world, the bond between them changed. While Mario's popularity with the kingdom grew, Luigi faded into the background. Unfortunately, it had gotten to the point where he was being ridiculed by everyone. And he meant everyone. Thankfully, someone had caught onto his depression in time. Having noticed his interest in history, they had suggested that he'd make a career of it. Thinking it over, Luigi chose to study the history of this new world.

Once Luigi started his new career, he was glad with his decision. Unknown to anyone, except for his savior, Luigi was responsible for quite a few things within the kingdom. Luigi was simply glad to get away from his arrogant brother.


Luigi's eyes grew cloudy, as if troubled by something. Absentmindedly, his fingers brushed along a particular scar. It started just inches under his right ears, going at a diagonal angle across his throat. Such an angry slash, shaded a deep red as if recently healed.

Seven-year-old Luigi shyly hid behind his mother. It had been raining for days when it finally cleared up just the other day. And with it being a warm, clear day, his mother chose to take him and his older brother to the local park. Mario had already wandered off, leaving Luigi alone with their mother.

Small, colorful lights sparkled before; fluttering about. He looked up at his mother with wide, innocent eyes. She smiled softly and nodded, earning a toothy grin from her youngest boy. Grinning with delight, Luigi followed the lights; his soft laughter mingling with the sounds of twinkling bells. Sadly, this peaceful day would end in tragedy. And it would occur right here at this very park.

"Hey, freak!"


Luigi stopped, his arms falling to his side; slowly turning around. He paled slightly at the sight of a group of boys standing there. There were six of them, ranging from thirteen to seventeen, each bore a cruel look as they glared at the frightened boy. "Aren't you the freak who sees things?" One of the younger boys sneered. "What do you think that you're doing here?" Luigi swallowed thickly as the lights around him darkened a bit. He started to inch away, as if to run; unfortunately they saw this and had him surrounded in a matter of seconds.


"And where do you think you're going?" A fifteen-year-old demanded sharply as another thirteen-year-old grabbed Luigi. "Lemme go!" Luigi squealed, struggling to escape. His struggles only angered the older boy, and he tightened his hold over Luigi.

"You're on our turf now," The oldest; seventeen, sneered. "And it's high time that we taught you a lesson." Luigi's eyes widen when he saw what the teen was holding. Oh, he recognized the gleaming object, alright.

It was the gleam of a knife.

After that, things got a little blurry for him. What Luigi did remember, was rather odd. One minute, he had a knife being aimed at his face, then the next thing that he knew, he was alone. The group of boys were nowhere to be found, while Luigi was left with a sore throat. Strangely enough, he was soaking wet. And it wasn't until he was in the safety of his room, that he realized what had happened with startling clarity.

He...he had died.

But yet, he was still very much alive.

Luigi grimaced, allowing his hand to drop. Someone or something had saved him that day, and he wasn't sure if he even wanted to know. Luigi shuddered at the thought of ever meeting his 'savior'.



The sounds of a soft, sweet laughter drifted lazily through the air; catching his attention. Luigi stiffened slightly, something about that laughter unsettled him. Shaking off his unease, Luigi hurried on. Unknown to him, he was being watched.

But...but whom?

And why?

"Ah, my dear Luigi."

"Soon, you'll be mine."

After another hour or so of walking, Luigi's legs finally gave out. With a pained groan, an exhausted Luigi collapsed. Panting, he struggled to remain conscious, but the sweet darkness beckoned him. Without warning, a sharp jolt of pain went straight through his heart. Wincing, Luigi reached up to rub at his chest. Just as his hand brushed against his chest, the ache within his head; something that he had failed to notice, had gone from a dull ache to a raging storm. The pain was immense, and Luigi felt his strength rapidly drain; and at long last, he lost the battle and slipped into blissful unconsciousness.

"Wake up, child."

Luigi groaned softly, mind hazy as he drifted between dreams and reality. For once in his life, he felt safe and warm. Did he really want to wake up to a world of pain and misery?


With a startling cry, Luigi's blue eyes snapped open; scrambling to attention. The poor man was white as a sheet, wheezing badly; a hand over his heart. "What the hell was that?" He grumbled, trying to calm his racing heart. Come to think of it, where was he? Shaking his head, Luigi scanned his surroundings. Well, for one thing; he wasn't in the jungle. Instead, Luigi found himself in an underground cavern. The only source of light, came from the few torches that lined the rocky walls.

How did I get here?

Luigi frowned, realizing with agitation that he was surrounded by nothing but walls. As far as he could tell, there were no signs of an entry. "More importantly," He growled, placing his hands on his hips in frustration. "How do i get out?"



Luigi's blue eyes suddenly dimmed as his arms fell to his side. He stood there, so still that you would have assumed him to be a statue. What sounded like something being moved, had caught his attention. Luigi's head turned slightly to the left. One of the cavern walls was slowly sinking into the ground, revealing a set of musty stairs that led downwards. Still in a trance, he walked over, but not before grabbing a torch.

And descended into hell.

While walking, a soft voice whispered within his cloudy mind. The stairwell ended suddenly, and greeting him was a dark tunnel. Not even bothered by this, Luigi moved on. Thankfully, the tunnel wasn't all that long; and the door that was at the end, was also unlocked. Luigi gently nudged the door open and crept inside. He then lit a single torch, before taking a step back.

A single red spark seemed to jump from the newly lit torch, and within seconds, every torch was lit. As the room was illuminated softly, the light returned to Luigi's eyes.

What the-?

Luigi blinked owlishly. "How did I get here?" He wondered, looking around with curiosity. The room appeared to have been carved from some sort of stone; strange runes lining the walls. Besides the torches, there was one other thing within the room. A single stone slab was set in the middle of the room.

Is...is that a book?

Squinting slightly, Luigi was surprised to find that there was indeed a book sitting on the slab. Curiosity was beginning to take control, Luigi walked up to it and held the torch up so that he could see it properly. The book was quite odd as there was something...off about it. The silver pages were held together by a simple black binder. A single pearl decorated each corner, a dark blue gem embedded in the center, and intricate red lines circling throughout the cover.

How interesting…

His curiosity suddenly gave way to desire. A strong urge to take hold of the book burned within his soul. Seeing no harm in picking up on a book, Luigi reached for it.

That was a big mistake.

The moment that Luigi's hands brushed along the cover, the blue gem a sickly purple, before the book flew open; the pages flapping angrily. Once again, Luigi's eyes dimmed; but at least this time, he was more aware of what was happening around him. Without warning, a large crystal rose up from the pages. Strangely enough, the crystal was in the shape of a heart; shaded the deepest of blacks. The crystal heart flashed, before diving straight into Luigi's chest; immediately, his blue eyes turned pitch black.

For a moment, nothing happened.


Luigi gasped, nearly choking as he fell to his knees. Dropping the torch, Luigi reached up to his chest; to be more precise, right where his heart was. There, filtering through his fingers, was a dark purplish black light; a light that was slowly turning into crystal. Luigi couldn't help with what had happened next…

He screamed.