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"What's a…medium?" Link asked curiously, tilting his head. The word was unfamiliar to him, so he was curious about what it meant. Gadd blinked, before turning a light pink; scratching his cheek in embarrassment. "Ah well," Gadd said with a nervous laugh. "Mediumship is a psychic ability," He explained as Luigi's blue eyes focused on him.

"It literally means that the person has the ability to see and communicate with the dead." Raising an eyebrow, the two brothers exchanged looks before looking at their cousin. "Y'know," Wario mused. "That would explain a lot of things." Waluigi nodded his agreement, earning a dirty look from Luigi. Opening the kit, Wario tended to the puncture wounds to Luigi's back, when his dark eyes zeroed in on a particular scar; dread filling him at the sight.

"Luigi," He said slowly, his voice uneasy. "Where did you get that?" Waluigi turned to him, raising an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?" Wario frowned, gripping the washcloth that he had been holding. "I'm talking about the scar on Luigi's neck."


"What are you guys harping on about now?" Wolf growled, rubbing at his tender ears; which were now throbbing, thanks to the brothers. Waluigi ignored him, and after glaring at his cousin; he gently but firmly turned Luigi's head to the side, exposing the younger man's neck.

Oh, geeze…

Curiosity growing, the others turned and focused on Luigi; surprised by what Wario had seen. There, just inches under his right ear and going at a diagonal angle, was a rather nasty looking red slash. There was also a thin, dark purple ring circling his throat. With how ingrained the two were; it was clear that both had been fatal.

Question was, how was Luigi still alive?

Pulling away, Luigi frowned and turned his head with a huff. Sighing, Wario just patched up his cousin's back. Honestly, Luigi could be so stubborn at times. Once Wario was done, Luigi slipped his shirt back on, as well as his jacket. He was refusing to look at anyone; keeping his eyes firmly on the floor. Shaking off his shock, Falco turned to Gadd; who was once again nervous. "Did anyone," He strained the words. "Come through here, besides us?" Gadd looked thoughtful, tapping his chin. "I did see someone wearing a similar hat," His eyes locked onto the hats that the trio wore. "He sure seemed to be in a hurry."

Gadd then shook his head. "Unfortunately, he never came out." Luigi frowned at this. "Then," Wario said grimly. "Mario is still in there." No one saw as Luigi's blue eyes flashed dangerously. Gadd looked the odd group over with a critical gaze, as if realizing something. "I'm afraid that I can't allow any of you to go back in."

Not a wise move, professor.

Growling softly, Luigi clenched his fists tightly; his rage growing. Without warning, Wario and Waluigi yelped, jumping back from their cousin. The duo couldn't believe that their cousin had literally just shocked them! Dark green energy cackled around Luigi's fist, and this sent a chill through the duo. Gadd stared at Luigi for the longest time, before finally speaking. "Fine," He grumbled. "If you're going to go back in, you'll need the Poltergust." He gave a sudden smirk. "So, I'll train you."