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Warning: This chapter may be a bit short


"What's a…medium?" Link asked curiously, tilting his head. The word medium was an unfamiliar term, so he was quite curious as to what it meant. Gadd blinked owlishly, before turning a slight pink out of embarrassment; scratching a cheek as he did so. "Ah well," Gadd said with a nervous laugh. "Mediumship is a psychic ability," He explained as Luigi's blue eyes focused on him. "It's referred to someone who can see and communicate with the dead." Raising an eyebrow, the two brothers exchanged looks before looking at their cousin.

"That would explain things," Wario said dryly as Waluigi snorted, silently agreeing. Luigi scowled, blue eyes reflecting his annoyance. Opening the kit, Wario tended to Luigi's wounds, before stilling. His dark eyes zeroed in on a certain mark, dreading filling him at the sight. "Luigi," He said slowly, his voice a bit uneasy. "Where did you get that?" Waluigi turned curious eyes on his brother. "What are you talking about?" Wario's dark eyes narrowed, frowning. "I'm talking about the scar and bruise on Luigi's neck!" He hissed voice dark.


"What are you guys harping on about now?" Falco asked, grumbling his words. Waluigi ignored him, and after glaring at his cousin, gently but firmly turned Luigi's head to the side; exposing the younger male's neck.

Oh no…

Curiosity growing, the others turned and focused on Luigi. There, just inches under his right ear and going at a diagonal angle, was a rather angry red slash. There was also a thin, dark purple ring circling his throat. Upon seeing just how ingrained the two were, it was clear that they had been fatal.

Question was, how was he still alive?

Pulling away, Luigi gritted his teeth and looked away with a huff. Sighing, Wario patched up Luigi's back; knowing that it was no use in talking with Luigi. Once he got like this, he would not talk at all. Once Wario was done and closing up the kit, Luigi grabbed his shirt and slipped it back on; still refusing to meet their eyes.

Shaking off his unease, Falco turned to Gadd; who was looking a bit nervous. "Did anyone," He strained those words. "Come through here, besides us?" Gadd looked thoughtful, tapping his chin. "I did see someone wearing a similar hat," He glanced at the three; seeing their marked hats. "He sure seemed to be in a hurry, though." The old man frowned slightly, before shaking his head. "Unfortunately, he never came out."

Not exactly reassuring…

"Then," Wario said grimly. "Mario's still in there." Luigi's blue eyes narrowed; flashing ominously. Gadd looked the odd group over with a critical gaze, as if realizing something. "I'm afraid that I can't allow any of you to go back in."

Bad move, professor.

Growling softly, Luigi clenched his fists. And without warning, Wario and Waluigi jerked back with pained yelps. The two couldn't believe it, their cousin literally just shocked them! They could even see small bolts of green lightning cackling around Luigi's fists. Something was happening to their little cousin, and they were frightened by it. Gadd stared at Luigi for the longest, before finally speaking. "Fine," He grumbled. "If you're going to go back in, you'll need the Poltergust." Gadd suddenly smirked. "So, I'll train you."