Chapter 1 (Sam's POV)

~at class~Tuesday~

I'm walking to the altar and there he is, waiting for me. My precious ham.

"Do you Sam, take Ham for your husband?" the priest asks. I nod and happily say:

"I do!"

The priest turned to Ham.

"Do you Ham, take Sam for your wife?"

Before he could answer, Ham turns into Carly. She shakes my shoulder and whisper-yells:

"Sam! Wake up!"

I open my eyes. First thing I see is Miss Briggs staring at me.

"This is important, Sam, so you might want to listen." she says with an evil smirk on her face. I would so like to slap her. Too bad I can't.

She continues:

"As I was saying, the school has organised a trip to England, so all of you who want to come, notify me in the next four days. I will give out flyers with information about the trip. The boat is leaving on Sunday morning at 8."

She walks around the class and gives each student a flyer. Dorkwad starts reading. So does Carly. One flyer lands on my desk. I scroll down the page and notice the price. 700$! My mom will never let me go! Come on, I wanna go!

"Hey, Freddie? Borrow me 700 bucks?" I ask him very hopefully, then smile at him.

"No." my smile fades. Where am I gonna find 700$? In a week?! I look over to Carly who just shakes her head at me. I sigh. I guess I ain't goin'...


I walk over to my locker. Carly was at hers.

"Hey!" she says with a smile. I 'heyed' back at her. Freddiefer comes up to us and as he sees Carly, smiles. I roll my eyes. Whatever...

"You got money for the trip?" he asks her and she nods . I wish I could go, too. Ahh well, maybe I get lucky and someone gives me their ticket or something.

"Let's go get our tickets." Carly said and they went of.

I was left alone with my thoughts. Or not.

"Hey Gibby!"

I see Gibby walking down the hall. He is, of course, shirtless. He comes to me and gives me a wierd look.

"Ahoy!" he yells.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It's pirate talking. Spence and I finally took the boat out on the water. What was it you wanted to ask me?"

"Oh, right. I wanted to ask if you could borrow me 700$?" I say with a shrug.

"For the school trip?" he says raising one eyebrow. I nod.

"Sorry, Sam. I don't have that much money." he turns around and starts going to class. I can't help myself so I run to him and give him a wedgie. He's already used to it so he doesn't scream or anything.

~Friday night~Carlys place~

"Hey!" I say when I see Carly on the couch.

"Hi." her voice is shaking as she tries to smile.

"What's wrong?" I ask her.

"I'm sick." she says and then blows her nose as if she wants to prove it.

"Do you need me to get you anything from the kitchen?"

"Yeah, can yo-" i interrupted her.

"No, sorry, you're outta that!" I say walking to the fridge.

"Thank you!" Carly says sarcastically. I take a peppy cola, sit on the chair and look at her. She looks back. And then, Freddwierdo comes in.

"Hey! Oooh, Carly, you look sick."

"I am sick." she says and coughs.

"Well, are you gonna be able to go on the trip?" he says and a flame of hope starts slowly burning in me. I smile.

"Hey, Carls, if you stay sick and don't go, will you give me your ticket?" I ask her.

"Yeah, sure. The doctor's coming over tomorrow to see what I have." she says and I start jumping around like crazy. Freddie and Carly just stare at me. I stop and look at them:

"What? I wanna go!" I start jumping again. They just laugh.

~Saturday~Carlys place~11 am~

We're sitting in Carlys living room (far away from each other so she wouldn't infect me) and watching Mexican dessert channel covered with blankets. Her blanket is pink and mine's blue. Mine's prettier :P.

"Why are we watching this?" she asks, her eyes puffy and red. I shrug. The dude on the TV is putting whipped cream in tacos. That's even wierder than Spencers spaghetti tacos. But I bet it tastes good. Hm...

"Eww..." Carly whines. I just roll my eyes. The doorbell rings and Carly gets up to answer it. There's some guy standing at the door with a briefcase in his hands.

"Oh, hi, doctor Wayne. Come in." she greets him and he comes in. She smiles at him and says:

"It's nice to have a doctor in the building."

"Yeah, not really." he says and shrugs.

"I'm gonna check your vitals, so if you could lay down, please?" he asks her and she throws herslf on the couch. He puts a thermometer in her mouth.

"Okay, now follow my finger without moving your head." he puts his finger up and slowly goes left and right, up and down with it. She does what she was told to do. He mumbles something and then takes the thermometer out of her mouth.

"Yup. You have a flu. Here's my recommendation." he takes a little paper and writes something "You should take this medicine two times a day, and, in a week, you should be just fine. Till then, you should stay in bed."

"YES!!! WOOHOO!!! YEAH, BABY!!! I'M GOING TO ENGLAND!!! YAY!!!" I scream and then turn around to see a sad Carly in front of me. I put my head down and say:

"I'm.. So sorry."

"It's okay." she sighs "I'll go get the ticket."

~Sunday~harbor~7.45 am~

"GO!" I yell to the nub in front of me. We're getting on the boat but he's afraid of water. I push him on the boat.

"Aah! Sam!"

We get on the boat and I take him to the deck. It's a bit cold but, who cares? I see Carly and Spence in the car and start waving to them. So does Freddo and they wave back. The whole harbor was full of parents crying, waving and saying goodbyes. Like we're goin' to war or something. I look arond the ship. It's very big.

"Whoa, this baby is big like Titanic!" I say. Freddie checks the boat and turns to me:

"Titanic was four times bigger than this boat."

"Whatever, nerd." I insult him.

"I just hope this boat won't end up like Titanic." he says with a sigh.

"Don't worry your preety little head, nub." I say and turn to see the coast we were quickly leaving behind.