Warning: This is a "Blackwater" one-shot. It will be eventual Jacob/Leah with undertones of Bella/Jacob and Sam/Leah.

There will be some violence, sexuality, and language in this fic. Hence the rated M. I hate Edward with a passion, but I will be fair to him in this story as well as Bella. Because I don't like when authors go completely out-of-whack with their characters and bash everyone or come up with stupid, unrealistic plotlines with horrible grammar. Not that mines amazing, but I will try. Oh, and I actually can't stand Twilight but I truly found potential with these two when my sister forced me to read the books. I honestly don't mind Twilight fanfiction because there are some truly gifted authors out there that don't stick to canon but are gifted writers that can put an odd pairing together but make it realistically work. Ok, that's all, I hope you enjoy. Oh, and I welcome flamers. I laugh when I get idiotic comments from people who can't read the warnings about the pairings or the content.

Book: Twilight

Pairing: Eventual Jacob/Leah with an undertone of Jacob/Bella and past Sam/Leah.

Timeline: Starts around New Moon. It jumps around towards Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn will be hinted. So the ending will be AU.

Point Of View: Generally third person. But it leans toward Jacob.

True friends are two people who are comfortable sharing silence together - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The rain began to fall softly on the ground, creating large puddles and muddy side roads.

But that didn't even register to the mind of Jacob Black, as he slowly trudged his way on the road.

Despair grasped him as his shoulders hunched over in defeat, followed quickly by the clenching of his fist in pure raw anger. His heart was broken, his mind was still trying to grasp what just happened. He knew what happened, but denial helped a little in his rage and hurt clouded mind. It was easier to think when Bella returned, no doubt with that fucking mind-reading leech, that maybe deep in her heart she would still consider what could be.

Wrong. What could have been.

Jacob laughed spitefully. It was over now. Now that Cullen would be returning with Bella in his arms, acting like he hadn't abandoned her in his twisted sense of love and nobility, it was back to being second-best. Who was he kidding. Even when Cullen was gone his ghost still lingered in the background of every meeting and hang out session with Bella. In the background, in her mind, and the worst, in her heart.

He could feel the tremors start, but didn't even attempt to stop them. He knew he should be more cautious, out in the open when not just a few months ago Charlie started the giant bear hunt bregade. But the rain was falling so hard now you couldn't see even ten feet in front of you, so with a painful hot flash and the straining and growing of muscles, Jake morphed into his wolf form. He couldn't help but whimper slightly as he painfully stood on four legs. Even months after his first transformation it still hurt like a bitch.

As his russet-colored wolf ran as fast as he could towards the forest, he realized morphing probably hadn't been the best decision. He didn't want to face what he knew was about to come. The pity mixed with that -I-told-you-so- expression that everyone would wear. Along with the condescending tones and the unstoppable cursing and bashing of Chief Swan's leech-loving and danger-magnet daughter that just broke his heart to pieces.

He didn't want the pack to read his thoughts, to see his true heart-break and weakness over Bella Swan. None of them would understand, just pity him and and say, 'I told you so'.

The only one who would semi-understand what it felt like would be Leah Clearwater. He remembered her heartbreak over Sam's imprint on Emily. Everybody remembered. It was back when she used to be nice, back when she used to be carefree like the rest of them. Hell, what was he thinking? None of them had been carefree as soon as they got hit with that one fever that would change their lives forever. But still, Sam's imprint hadn't helped. It made it all a huge drama fest for everyone in La Push. Of course, this was before Jacob himself transformed into a wolf and joined Sam's pack. But he could remember the secrets between Sam, Paul, and Leah. When the scars maimed Emily's face, after Sam and Emily had broke Leah's heart. He remembered the strain after he transformed when Emily and Leah were in the same room. And the tensing of Leah's muscles as Sam hugged Emily from across the room. Oh yes, Leah would know the pain.

But Leah was different now. She had become bitter and snappish towards everyone in the same room as her.

Jake concluded he was not in the mood to deal with Leah right now. And her triumphant smirk. He would rather Sam dance around a table and sing, 'I told you so, I told you so!'

He finally arrived in the backyard of Sam's place, he could already smell the entire pack, plus Emily, in the kitchen. No doubt inhaling the entire food supply. He braced himself, preparing for the looks and the talk from Sam that would come. He briefly considered just going home and curling up in his bed and sleeping. Maybe he could wake up and rush to Bella's house and see her there, cooking something for Charlie, with no Bloodsuckers in sight. Maybe it was a dream. A very painful dream. Right.

He turned his muzzle towards his brown fur and let out a whimper of pain. Then, shifting his large shoulders upright, he turned his muzzle towards the air, and let out a soft, but pained howl escape, alerting the others to his presence.

He concentrated, and with a flash of pain and popping muscles, he was in his human form again, his cheek against the dirt. He slowly got up, stretched, and began walking towards the backdoor. But he looked down and froze. He forgot to tie his jeans to his leg, and now he was stark naked.


He wasn't self-conscious by any means. The pack in their early transformations had seen each other naked after forgetting to tie their clothes to their legs. Well, Jake had anyway. It was really inevitable. But he didn't want Emily or Leah seeing him like this. He was sure they had seen the others before, but still, thats one thing he didn't want to deal with. Another bout of awkwardness that was already about to come. He walked towards the porch, silently relieved that Sam's backyard was secluded. He gently rapped on the door, and opened it enough to stick his head in. He saw the pack, Leah, and Emily all around the kitchen table. They were talking quietly, well Sam was, and the rest of the pack was listening closely. Except for Emily and Leah. The former was still putting hamburgers on their plates, stopping quietly to kiss Sam on his cheek. The latter was off in her own dreamworld, with a trademark scowl on her face, and went tense when Emily kissed Sam's cheek.

He cleared his throat nervously.

Everyone's heads shot towards the backdoor. He saw Emily put down the plate and walk towards the door, no doubt to greet him. He pushed his arm around the door in a halting motion.

"Wait!" He said and Emily halted. Flushing, he pushed himself around so his upper body was in their sight.

"I need some clothes," was all Jacob said. He gestured towards the bottom of the door, which was hiding his nude lower torso. Sam instantly got up and retreated towards the hallway into his bedroom. He heard Quil make a joke about having nothing to hide, but he didn't really listen. He just wanted to get some clothes on, explain what happened, and go to sleep. He just hoped the pack was considerate enough not to ask questions they obviously knew would hurt him even more.

Sam came out of the bedroom with a white shirt, a pair of black boxers, and some jeans. He walked towards the door and handed them to Jacob. Jacob saw a flash of knowing in Sam's eyes, as if he knew what happened, but he said nothing. Jacob quickly took the clothes, and making sure the door was blocking him, put them on. When he was finished, he walked inside and sat in the empy chair Emily had put at the kitchen table.

"So....what happened Jake?" Asked Quil, quietly.

Jacob clenched his fist hard under the table, his eyes closing as he attempted to swallow the lump in his throat. He tried to let the tears in his closed eyes recede. After a minute, he opened them.

"There was...a misunderstanding between the Cullens," Spat Jacob, his hands beginning to shake. Until he heard Sam telling him to calm down. He released his shaking fist and rested his hands on the table, glaring hard at the surface.

"A misunderstanding?" Questioned Sam in a firm tone.

"Edward fucking Cullen thought Bella was dead. The little Cullen somehow saw a vision of Bella jumping and he found out about it. Now the Bloodsucking fool went to Italy to kill himself because he thinks she's dead, " growled Jacob.

Everyone's eyes widened slightly. He could see them glancing and raising their eyebrows at each other. He didn't care. He just dropped his chin on the table and grit his teeth together. He looked upwards to see Sam frown at him, contemplatively. He saw Leah smirk out of the corner of his eyes. He narrowed his eyes at her and she seemed to smirk wider.

"Romeo thought Juliet jumped off a cliff and now he's gone to kill himself in a painful death. How Lovely," said Leah with a snort. Her lips seem to quirk up when Jacob clenched his fist and glared harder at her.

"How did Bella react?" said Sam, cutting in swiftly to stop an argument that was about to come.

At this question, Jacob clenched his jaw hard. The lump had returned to his throat, and his chest heaved with the effort to stop himself from crying or lashing out, he wasn't quite sure which. The tears had sprung up in his eyes again, and he glanced swiftly away to stop anyone from seeing him like this. Leah wasn't fooled however.

"Did she break down like a little baby and cry for the return of her Leech? Or has she gone out to do some more cliff-diving to stop the unbearable pain of loving a Dead Frozen Corpse who is going out to kill himself in her honor? Not that she's worth it," said Leah with a blank look towards Jacob.

Jacob's head snapped towards Leah. He stood up in a flurry of movement, effectively knocking his chair back on the ground with a hard clank. He snarled in pure fury, and his chest heaved. Leah stood up in a flash and a look of smugness was plastered on her face. With no fear she stepped towards him and sneered at him.

"It doesn't feel good to be in second best, does it now Jake?" said Leah in a clipped tone. She still had that same sneer on her face, looking at him with no fear whatsoever. Jacob growled loudly, his teeth grinding together.

"You would know about that more than me, you little bitch!" hissed Jacob in a fury. Apparently, that had been the wrong thing to say. Leah's face contorted, in more emotion than he had ever seen from her. Pure sadness and pain flashed across her face. It was quickly replace by utter rage and contempt. Her chest begin to heave, her breathing erratic, more so than Jacob's. He knew they both just crossed a line. More like leaped over it. He concentrated on Leah, watching her every move, as she began to quake and growl. He realized the entire pack was now on their feet, tensed and ready. He vaguely registered Sam pushing Emily towards the hallway and into the bedroom, quickly returning to stand between them. Too late.

He turned and ran outside, until he was in the middle of the backyard, his entire body still shaking with rage.

In less than a minute, a still quaking Leah ran outside, her face contorted in rage. She ran right towards him, not listening to the yells that came from inside. He saw the pack running outside in a flurry of speed. Once again, too late.

Her fist connected with his face.

Hard. Very Hard. It was enough to make Jacob stumble and clutch his already bleeding nose. She ran at him, and her sheer brute force knocked them both to the ground, her on top of him. Her shaking form was throwing fist after fist right at his face. Luckily, she was so angry that a lot of the fists didn't hit their target. Jacob roared and grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over. He would never hit a girl, but he had to admit that he was sorely tempted. Instead he clutched her arms tightly, enough to leave a powerful bruise, and slammed her down hard enough to befuddle her for a minute or so.

He felt many sets of powerful arms pull him back. He looked on and saw Sam lean down towards Leah in an attempt to help her off the ground. She smacked his hand away, and got off the ground in one fluid moment. She was still in a rage, and before he knew it, a large grey wolf stood in the spot she was once in. Leah's angry eye's surveyed him for a moment, then turned and fled into the forest with a pained howl.

"Christ!" exclaimed Quil, as he released his hold on Jacob. He heard Embry echo the sentiment, and felt his arms release him as well. He finally registered that it it had stopped raining, and Leah could be seen.

"Crazy bitch," murmured Paul with a smirk on his face. "Nearly took you out Jake."

But Jacob ignored him, and looked at Sam. Sam was picking up Leah's shredded clothing and muttering to himself, a hard frown on his face. He turned and looked Jacob in the eye evenly.

"Fix this!" Sam said, in a tone that held pure authority.

Jacob looked at him evenly back and nodded his head. Concentrating, he felt the painful flash of white, and the morphing bones. Now on four legs, he dashed in the direction she went, intent on finding her. He sniffed and followed her trail, leaping over logs and looking to make sure nobody was around. He ran for what seemed like hours, until he finally caught a very strong wiff of her scent towards his left. He stumbled upon a secluded section of the forest, and he saw a small cave right in front of him. With caution, he trudged forward. He didn't know why he went slow, as she could smell his scent by now.

He went in the cave, his soft padded footsteps making a soft echo in the small cave. He saw her maybe a hundred feet

away, her lips curled up in a snarl, and her body tense on its four legs. He padded softly forward and stopped maybe ten feet in front of her, and dropped his head, showing he meant no harm. He waited patiently, he lifted his head towards hers as he let out a soft whine.

"What the fuck do you want, Black?" he heard in his mind. He shifted and tried to move forward, but she growled in response. He carefully stepped back and lowered his head once more.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry Leah," he murmured gently in his mind.

"It's a little too late for apologies asshole." hissed Leah in his mind, viciously.

He tried to keep his patience in check. He stepped forward, this time undeterred by her growl of warning. He closed his eyes and remembered her comments, the anger and hurt he felt. He knew Leah could feel and see it, but he no longer cared. He got the flashback of his pleading to Bella, not to leave him, to stay and let him try and make her happy, to put her together again. He felt raw agony in his chest as he remembered pleading with her, to her response of not to make her choose, because she would choose Edward Cullen without hesitation. Not make her choose? She had already chosen. She had chosen him.

His muzzle finally lifted up from the ground to look at Leah, his heart positively breaking in his chest.

"Jake..." she whispered, her voice held a tone he never heard from her before. Her eyes were boring into his. She wasn't looking at him with hate, anger, or even sympathy. He knew that look.


Her form walked over very slowly to his, and stood right in front of his, only a step or two away. Her head lowered slightly, and he was suddenly bombarded with pure pain. Agony. Hurt. Betrayal. He saw the flashes going through her mind. The confusion of finding out what Sam was, the pure rage and heart-break as Sam described imprinting and what had happened. The agony when Sam looked towards Emily with love in his gaze. And the confusion and loneliness when she got sick and then transformed for the first time. He also got the briefest flash of her younger brother Seth, getting sicker and sicker, and the pure worry and pain. Then a large shield overtook her mind, and he lost all connection to her thoughts.

Suddenly, his head shot up as a howl of agony escaped her.

Her body was shaking and howling, as an animal in pain. For some reason, felt something tug at his heart, and before he knew he was doing he trotted over to her, and stood so close he could feel her fur. Tilting his head up, he howled the same violent howl as her. the howls of pain went in perfect sync. Their pain was overwhelming.

Finally it stopped.

They were eye to eye.

She lowered herself onto her stomach, her chin resting on her paws. He did the exact same thing next to her. Settling down. He tried to get into her mind again, so they could talk and communicate, but she stopped him.

"Shhh," was all she whispered. He obeyed.

The rain was falling again. Harder this time. The thunder and lightning booming and crackling outside.

He just listenened to it as they laid there for hours. And hours. He felt reconnected to her again, like they used to be when they were younger, before love and werewolves and vampires came into the mix. Before she grew into a pretty young woman, when she laughed and wrestled him and Seth with Billy and Harry watching them and cheering. Before she became bad-boy Sam Uley's girl. Before she got torn apart.

He listened to the rain as she closed her eyes.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced- James Arthur Baldwin


Fuck it all!

Jacob was so frustrated. Ok, not frustrated. Angry as hell would be the appropriate term.

'Cullen is such a fucking manipulative, heart-breaking, controlling leech!'

This was the third time in three weeks Bella had been stopped from seeing him.

He felt the anger making its way through his whole body as he tried to calm down. After Bella returned with Cullen, and Jacob had informed Charlie about the bikes, all had gone downhill. Well, more downhill then it already had been. Bella had been livid when she got grounded for several months. He should have known better. He should have known it would make it worse. But anger had clouded his judgement. He had wanted to tear the leech's head off when he intruded in his thoughts without his permission, and informed Bella his true intentions when giving the bikes to Charlie.

After what seemed like forever, Bella had forgiven him. But now it was strained. Cullen forced, or tried to, stop Bella from coming down to La Push. Saying it was dangerous with a young pack of werewolves.

'Yeah, and staying with vampires that want to constantly kill you, which nearly happened once already, is not at all hypocritical and a whole lot safer. Right.'

Jacob snorted derisively.

He remembered when Cullen actually dismantled Bella's engine to stop her from driving down there. She didn't even get that angry. But he couldn't help but be a little smug when he showed up on his motorcycle, and Bella happily and willingly jumped on behind him. Cullen had been furious. Jacob smiled. That's right bitch.

Leah had been furious as well. Back in the cave, several months ago, they had come to an understanding. A silent one. But that didn't stop her from hating Bella. At all. She snapped at him for his decisions here and there, but it wasn't as angry and condescending as it used to be. But when Bella came over, Leah had called her fair game and insulted her every chance she got. The two didn't get along at all. Ok, that's an understatement. They loathed each other. Hell, Quil, Embry, Paul, and now the newly changed Seth got several bowls of popcorn and sat back to watch the show when Bella and Leah were in the same room.

Jacob sighed as he wolfed down his sixth slice of pizza. Several boxes were stacked up on the counter, and him, Seth, and Leah were currently stuffing their faces. He was currently at the Clearwater's house, staying with Seth and Leah after a long night of patrolling. Their shifts had increased ten-fold now knowing that red-headed bloodsucking crazy bitch and her building new-born army were after Bella. No attacks yet, but it was coming, everyone knew it.

He started on his seventh slice, Leah started on the next box.

"Don't eat too much fat ass," he joked with her. Her eyes narrowed at him.

"You want another bloody nose Black? I would be more than happy to arrange it." hissed Leah, causing Jacob to snort and grin at her. Her eyes narrowed further, and she put down the box with a thud. Jacob suddenly cringed. Leah smirked.

"Let's see you try," he said cockily.

"I was hoping you would say that." said Leah, deviously. She advanced towards him cracking her knuckles and grinning like a chelshire cat.


He took off running through the front door, with Leah on his heels and Seth howling with laughter from the house.

He came back with a bloody nose and a snide Leah insulting his manhood.

Months Later.......

Jacob blinked back tears as he folded another pair of jeans and put them in his bag.

He felt numb.

He thought the kiss would change things. It didn't.

He knew she felt it to. That night in the tent, when Cullen let him keep her warm. He knew she felt something when she had been pressed against him, his lips on hers. She had kissed back.

Now they were about to get married, now that the gruesome, tiring threat was over. She invited him to her wedding. She invited him and Seth. Since Seth had grown on Cullen. Jacob didn't feel angry or betrayed about Seth taking a liking to them. He was disbelieving, but not angry. But she came up to him, grabbed his hands, and personally invited Jacob.

Fuck. That.

He couldn't take it. His heart broke even more, if that was possible. It was then he realized this was something he couldn't change. Never. Her love for Him. He almost came to a truce with Cullen. For the first time they had a conversation and actually agreed. They didn't argue or growl at each other, shockingly. Jacob thought maybe an understanding could actually be possible. Maybe even a friendship. Nope. That all was shot to hell when Bella shredded his last ounce of hope by inviting him and saying she needed him there.

He grabbed a shirt and slammed it into his bag with more force than necessary. He was glad his dad wasn't home, because he would try to stop him. And he didn't want that. He wanted to run.

"Bitch break your heart again?" came a snide, familiar voice from his door frame.

Turning to face her, and trying to ignore her comment, he just shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant.

She knew better.

Leah walked in, her tall figure taut as a bowstring as she surveyed him.

"You knew it would never happen between you two," she stated, more matter-of-factly then snidely.

Jacob just closed his eyes as he struggled to not show any emotion, how truly heart-broken he was. He could feel Leah's gaze on him, not judging, but not offering sympathy. That's why he needed her in times like these. Not judgement or fake pity, just a silent, genuine understanding. He snapped his eyes open.

"Come with me, " he said clearly and loudly. He needed his friend. His understanding friend. Misery loved company, afterall. Very true, he concluded.

"No," said Leah, her arms crossing over her chest, her tone firm. Jacob felt pain slam into his chest.

"Why not?", he asked, trying to steady his voice.

She gave him a hard, probing gaze.

"I don't run from my problems," she said, quietly.

He watched her disappear out the door, an odd emotion hitting him, making his chest cave.

Oh no.

Something had changed.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. - Douglas Adams

He didn't run.

He went to the wedding. He danced with Bella. His heart was breaking with every step. He didn't run.

He waved goodbye, watched as they faded into the distance for their honeymoon. He didn't run.

He returned to his house, pulled off his tie and jacket. He just sat on the bed, staring at the wall, the past couple year's emotions exhausted him.

"Now's not the time to be pitying yourself, pencil-dick," said Leah, amused from the doorway.

He glared.

She smirked.

Everything had changed.

They were face to face, he had moved without realizing it. Someting flashed in her eyes, something he couldn't place. Her dark brown eyes looked into his. Challenging him. He took it.

Leaning forward, he fused his mouth to hers, hungrily. He gripped her hips with bruising force, as she clutched his shoulders, nails digging painfully into him. He slid his tongue into her mouth, which immediately battled for dominance with hers. Her teeth bit down on his lip, painfully. He growled.

He grabbed her ass now, squeazing with force as she hissed, and exposed her neck as he trailed kisses down her neck. He bit the area just above her collar bone, his teeth breaking the skin and marking her as his. She was his.

With no embarassment or shyness, she reached down and rubbed him through slacks, gently gliding her fingers over his rapidly stiffening member as she began unbuttoning his dress shirt. He growled loudly and picked her up, her legs sliding around his waist and her mouth connected deeply to his, grinding her hips like crazy. Hissing, with animal instincts taking over, he threw her roughly on the bed, covering her body with his, and settling his hips between her thighs. He kissed her forcefully as one of her legs wrapped around his hips and she began grinding hard against his strained erection. He closed his eyes tightly and sat up, and she immediately unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, nearly tearing it in her haste to get it off.

He panted as she leaned up and kissed and bit every part of his upper body she could, like a starved animal.

She unzipped his pants, and a warm hand made it way down his boxers and grasped him tightly.


He opened his eyes, a feral growl escaping him as he grabbed her tank top, and with ease, ripped it right off of her. He grabbed the front of her bra and pulled and ripped it as well. He looked down with nearly black eyes as her chest, her perfect bronze breasts, heaved. He immediately closed his mouth around her nipple. She arched and hissed. He massaged the other one, as his tongle rolled around her buds. She grunted and moved her hand harder against him. He grit his teeth, and reached down and unzipped her black pants, and began to pull. She lifted her hips to make it easier. He pulled them off, and threw them somewhere on the floor. She was wearing tight boyshorts, her long toned legs and round, tight ass on display.

She started pulling his pants down, which he pulled back and helped, throwing them somewhere. With no patience, he grasped the top of her boyshorst and shredded them, and she did the same with his boxers. Leah Clearwater was fucking naked, and under him, looking at him with a burning lust and desire.

Suddenly, she was up on her knees and shoving him on his back with force. His breath hitched as she straddled him, her wetness coating her thighs and her heat just right above him.

"Should we...go slow?" he asked breathlessly. He felt animalistic, carnal, he didn't want to take it slow. He wanted to fucking take her.

"Fuck that", she growled, and lowered herself with force onto him.

He grasped her hips and hissed as she grinded hard and tight onto him, groaning his name

She put her hands on either side of his head and moved fast and hard, as he gripped her hips tightly. She moaned and rolled her hips in a circular motion.


Their breathing was erratic, the bed was squeaking, and they were close.

Jacob slammed harder up into her with a groan, causing her to match his every rough thrust.

She was close.

She went rigid above him, her body arched as hear head tilted back with her eyes tightly closed. She howled as her insides clenched around him, and he was gone. He shuddered and grunted, as black dots danced in front of his eyes.

They collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, her body laying limply on his, her panting against his ear and he panted back against her shoulder.

Jesus Christ.

"I'm not in love with you," she said.

"Good, I'm not either," he said right back.

She settled against him.

He wrapped his arms around her. She wasn't Bella. He wasn't Sam.

They would be ok though. They Understood.