Disclaimer: I know, what the hell right? You guys are probably like, 'oh she just completely butchered this story.'

And, 'That just totally gave me the opposite of closure.' Well, then I have accomplished my task of pissing you off. Gotta keep my readers on edge right? Ok, this was only the first part of the epilogue. You think I would kill off Leah and Billy, and not fill in the missing gaps? Sing song voice: You don't know me...

The next part will be in Leah's point of view. Some of the memories Jake never shared will appear, as well as her struggle and what really happened once Jake left. I probably should have told you this was a 2 part epilogue. The next epilogue will be much much longer than the last because we've heard from Jake the entire story, but not Leah. And I really would like to know the other story pitch. I probably couldn't do it for a few months because of med school right now, but I would do it. So let me know guys. And feel free to fire angry words at me, I'm so masochistic. I get easily amused as well.

It will be a little longer for the second one, because it will be very long. Around 15,000 word count so far. I making it as best as possible, because you guys rock and I don't want it to seem like I rushed through it, like I seemed to with Jacob's.

And I am open to song suggestions. Hit me up.