Title: The ABC of limp!Sam
Author: Lonnie
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst
Characters: Sam & Dean
Summary: All kinds of limp!Sam. In fact, the whole alphabet!

Disclaimer: I do not own Sam or Dean or anything Supernatural sadly :/ The ideas for this ABC fic is thanks to everyone over at limp-sam's forum! If it's done before, then sorry, but there's a lot of fics out there and this is just simply my version XD

Thanks to my fellow limp!Sam fan Ravanne for BETA reading my story!! =)

A - Abdominal Wound

Set right after Sam and Dean jump through the church window in "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

"Fucking hell..." Dean groaned from the pain that shot down his arm and it takes just one look to know his shoulder had been dislocated,

"Remind me not to do that again," he moaned and looked over at Sam to make sure that he was okay before glancing up at the window they had just jumped through. Jumping through the window had never seemed like a good idea, but they hadn't had any other choice. He looked over at Sam again who stands bent over by the Impala, bleeding from his arm and seemingly on his chest.

"You okay?" he asked as he walked over to his baby and got ready to sit in behind the wheel.

"Yeah.. and no you don't," Sam stopped him by shutting the car door before Dean could get in,

"You're not driving with a dislocated shoulder." He received one hell of a bitchface from his big brother, but Dean handed over the keys. As Dean walked around to the other side of the car, Sam moved the hand he was carefully covering the wound on his stomach with.

It wasn't that long of a drive to the motel, but it was long enough that by the time they were there, Dean had yelled his throat sore from the times Sam has unconsciously driven the car way too close to the edge of the road, only to steer into the wrong lane.

"That's the last time I let you drive, Sam!" Dean groaned, glaring at Sam.

"What? I did better then you would've with one arm!" Sam argued back.

"I'd rather drive with a one armed man then a half conscious one!" Dean calmed down , but his brow furrowed a little in worry. He leaned over carefully and moved Sam's hand a bit away from where there's blood on his shirt.

"That explains it," he mumbled before leaning back and lookd at Sam. He looked half awake, but his bitchy attitude seemed to be working just fine.

"Can we just get in? I'd like to get this stitched," Sam mumbled as he climbed out of the car .

Dean glared at Sam's back as his brother get's out. They find their way into the motel room. Dean remembered they have a first aid kit in the trunk so he went to get it. Sam sat on the bed waiting for him and held out a hand for the kit. Dean had just shook his head and told him he would do it, but Sam had refused help.


"I could have done that for you, you know," Dean said quietly from where he stood, watching his little brother stitch the wound on his bicep. He took a sip from the bottle of wiskey he held before Sam reached out his hand for it. Dean expected Sam to take a sip, but instead he let the contents run over the newly stitched wound, wincing in pain. It made sense for Sam to use the wiskey to clean the wound. It was the best antiseptic he had on hand, but it was hard to see his brother causing himself pain, even if it was for his own good. Usually it was Dean who treated his wounds for him. With a careful hand. It was just another sign of how deeply things had changed between them. His little brother would rather stitch up his own injuries rather than allow Dean to help him, despite being only half-conscious.

"Come on." Sam stood up and swayed a bit, but he waved Dean closer. Dean wanted to protest, not wanting Sam to attempt setting his shoulder back into place when he was still bleeding from his abdominal wound, but he knows he was going to be of no help as until he got his arm straightened out.

"On three," Sam said and placed his hands on Dean's shoulder. "Oneā€¦"

Before Dean could prepare himself, the joint snapped back into place. The sudden shock drowned out any response other then a loud groan of pain. The dizziness took a long moment to fade before he was steady enough to make his way back into the bathroom . When his sight cleared he saw Sam lying back on the bed, his chest rising quickly up and down and his hand resting uselessly on the wound.

He rushed to his little brother and found Sam blinking tiredly up at him, looking like a kicked puppy. Dean's heart ached slightly at the sight. It had been a long time since he had seen his gigantor little brother so innocent-looking and hurting.

"I guess you'll let me take care of this wound?" Dean gave Sam a crooked smile as he sat down on the bed next to him and peeled away the shirt from the wound to check the injury for himself. He made a disgusted face at the sight.

"Sam. You got pieces of glass in the wound!" he exclaimed, not bothering to hide his shock and looked down at Sam's face again. Sam's eyes drifted closed and he didn't bother to open them, just waving his bloody hand lazily.

"N'hosp'tal," he mumbled tiredly as Dean grabbed the first aid kit and dug out a pair of tweezers to pick out the glass and started to clean the wound. Throughout the painful process, Sam didn't make a sound of protest, letting his brother care for him and Dean was reminded of a time when things were always like this between them. When they trusted each other to do what was right for the other without question.

Dean didn't know how long it took to get all the glass shards out of Sam. By the time he was finally done and the wound was stitched and bandaged properly, Sam was sound asleep. Carefully so as not to disturb Sam, Dean got up and limped to the bathroom to wash the blood off of his hands. He was able to see his brother still form reflected in the mirror and sighed. He felt horrible for thinking it, but it made him feel good when Sam really needed him nowadays, even if it seemed to be only when he was really hurt. He finished up and turned off the bathroom lights as he went to his own bed beside Sam. He sat on the bed for a few moments, running his hands through his short hair and looked at Sam.
"G'night, Sammy," he mumbles before laying down under the thin sheets.

There is much more to come!! Enjoy! =)