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This is the first "Jumped" chapter I had - seeing as it's also called the same. I ended up writing a whole 'nother story because 1. This one has Ruby in it and everyone hates Ruby - I hate Ruby. 2. It's short and lame. 3. I really don't like season 4 so I'd rather pick a season 5 ep to tag then s4 ;D

Warning: Ruby. Like the original "Jumped" this has sexual content, but nothing big deal and you should be proud of Sammy haha.

Thanks to supernaturalmydreams for beta checking!

Alt. chapter for "J"

Set between season 3 and 4 - sometime after the happenings in "IKWYDLS"

Ruby hurried after where she knew Sam had gone. She was a lot quieter though, than Sam. Sure enough when she got into the house Sam had gotten jumped by a demon and was in the middle of a fight. In a blur of motions Ruby found herself up against the wall, yelling for Sam to get the little girl out. She silently screamed at herself for getting into this situation. She couldn't die now. She had a job to do. It was Sam's fault -all of it - but she couldn't find herself angry with him because he was just starting to trust her. Her train of thought was cut short as the demon holding her started choking on itself. She looked around to see Sam with an outstretched arm, face scrunched up in pain and blood running from his nose. He did it. He actually killed a demon with his powers.

"I'm okay," he mumbled, but she could see it was a lie. She didn't need to be a mind reader to notice that. She quietly walked over to him and put one hand on his chest and snaked the other arm around his waist. He avoided looking at her, but accepted the help. He had been avoiding eye contact ever since they had slept together.

"You did good, Sammy," Ruby encouraged, trying to calm the extremely strong heartbeats under her hand.

"Don't call me that," Sam grumbled. He seemed to be aching to get away from Ruby physically. She knew all too well who he wanted…the only one he let call him Sammy. They got to the Impala and Ruby was about to put him in the backseat when he realized what she was doing.

"No. I'll drive," Sam mumbled.

"Sam, you're barely conscious," Ruby warned, but Sam just shook his head and pushed himself off of her and got behind the wheel. He didn't bother to wait for Ruby and drove off. She wouldn't have any trouble following anyway.

Ruby sighed and watched as Sam drove off. She went to her stolen car and followed. By the time she got back to the abandoned house Sam was occupying, the Impala was parked clumsily near the building, the door to the house was still open and the man himself was stretched out on the old bed. At least he had bothered to find the bed instead of the tiny couch.

"Sam," Ruby knelt beside the bed and put a hand on his forehead, but he didn't react. She had been right. He had been so close to passing out before driving off so it didn't surprise her that he was out cold now. She tilted her head and watched her thumb stroking away some hair lying across his face. She cursed herself for how things had turned out. She was using him for her own good, but she had never thought she would actually start feeling something for him. It had been ages since she was human herself, but she hadn't completely forgotten how to feel. She hadn't been lying to Sam about that. She was lying about a lot, but it was necessary for her. It was also for his own good that Dean was gone or else Sam would never get to the point where he could kill Lilith and unknowingly let Lucifer out. She stood up and started removing the jacket from his unresponsive body. He was beautiful though. Those eyes were so soulful, but the black ones would fit him even better. The muscled body, the feeling of his arms around her…she sighed and pulled away from her thoughts. She had taken advantage of him during one of his weak moments to get him to sleep with her. Since Sam took pills with alcohol, the task was even easier. Though it was mainly just to gain his trust, she had liked it…loved it! It had been so long she had had any kind of sexual relations and she didn't mind that he wasn't in his right mind. He minded though. He was so ashamed of himself and she just wanted to show him that there was no reason for that.
He moaned when she finally managed to get the jacket completely off and she noticed a blood stain on the front of his button down shirt. She opened the last shirt and removed it and saw a long cut down the middle of his chest. It wasn't deep though. She stood up and found a cloth and drenched it in clean water before returning to Sam. She cleaned the cut causing Sam to wince a few times. She watched the slow rise and fall of his chest and found herself letting her hand rest beside the wound on the warm, naked skin.

"Don't," the low voice caused her to look up and meet his weary eyes.

"How did you get this cut?" she asked as he sat up a little on bed to look, letting his arms keep himself from falling back onto bed.

"I dunno," he muttered and took hold of the cloth and threw it away.

"Just leave me alone, please," he sat up a little more so he could lean on just one arm and check the wound himself, but instead he found his personal space filled with black hair. It took a moment to realize that Ruby was kissing him. She slid her hands teasingly up his slim clothed thighs, leaving one hand on his thigh while the other ran up his chest to cup his neck. Not really thinking of what he was doing, he kissed her back slowly and closed his eyes.

"Stop," he suddenly turned his head away, but Ruby didn't stop. She leaned down to kiss his neck and chest. Instead of giving in, this time Sam felt anger swell in his chest,

"Ruby!" he growled and tried to push her off.

"Sam, you need this. I'm maybe just a demon, but I can see right through you. You need to feel loved. You need this," she whispered seductively and captured his lips with hers again, smiling when he moaned and kissed her back. Sam realized what he was doing and pulled away again. This time his arm couldn't hold him up any longer and he fell back. Ruby took advantage of it and kissed him passionately again and let her hands roam his chest. He moaned when she bit his bottom lip and carefully clawed at his chest. She made sure to keep him too occupied to think clearly and kissed him for so long he started to starve for air. She only let him catch his breath for a second before sliding her tongue back into his mouth while her hands slowly ran down his chest to his buckle.

Sam suddenly grabbed her shoulder and threw her off him, causing her teeth to rip open his lip. He ignored it and rolled off the bed, only to land on the hard floor,

"Leave me alone!" he gasped infuriated. He felt dizzy and his heart was beating furiously. He felt something wet on his chest and assumed the cut was bleeding again.

"I'm so sorry, Sam," Ruby was down on her knees between his legs, purposely resting a hand on his thigh while patting the blood on his chest away with the other.

"I mean it, Ruby," Sam didn't open his eyes. He didn't want to see her.

"It won't happen again. Not again. Not ever. Please. Leave. Me. Alone," he felt devastated again.

"I know you enjoyed it the first time. It took your mind off everything else. It felt good, I know you felt it too," Ruby leaned forward to plant a little kiss on his bleeding bottom lip,

"You're so beautiful. But you're hurting so much. Let me help you. Let me replace the pain with pleasure. I know you-" she moved her hand from his thigh and tried to put her hands back on his chest, but this time he caught them and pushed, causing her to fall back.

"You don't know me, Ruby! If you want to help me don't ever do that again! I wasn't in my right mind that night," Sam rubbed his forehead tiredly.

"Leave. I need to be alone," Sam stared intently at Ruby and finally she nodded. Slowly she left the room, leaving him alone with his thoughts and his desperate need of a friend…In need of his brother.


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