Title: Eavesdropping
Word Count: 273
Warning: none

Rating: T

Genre: Alt Uni

Summary: Kagome listens in on Inuyasha & Miroku


My rosy cheeks hid behind my sweaty palms as I lurked beside the closed bedroom door with my ear close to the door, listening in on Inuyasha and Miroku.

I heard Inuyasha moaned and I gasped in shock, coving my ajar mouth with a hand to reveal the bright glow of blush staining my cheeks.

"Don't do it so rough!"

Inuyasha's voice was hitched with a hint of arousal, and I bit my lip slightly in wonder, secretly jealous of the opportunity Miroku had - even though what they were doing was immorally wrong.

"Stop bitching and take it like a man!" I heard Miroku growled, grunting afterwards.

"Ahh~ Yeah, just like that Miro." I swore I could have seen Inuyasha's glazed pupils which only propelled me to press my ears against the door, making it creak loudly.

"Who's there?!"

With a loud gasp, face crimson red, I rushed past the door, racing towards the stairs but I was to late.

Inuyasha was already glaring at me as he stood in the hallway, shirtless and glistering from his perspiration.

"Um… Uhhh…."

"Fuck you eavesdropping for?"

My only response was my traitorous cheeks turning an even darker shade of red - if that was humanly possibly.

He quirked his brow at my response and I took off like a bat out of hell.

"What the hell…"

"Awe Inuyasha," Miroku stroked Inuyasha's arm lightly. "Kagome just witness our sinful actions…" He winked playfully at him.

"Don't spout shit if you value your life."

He glared heatedly at him, ordering him to continue his massage on his aching muscles.

"Bitches nowadays are too perverted." He grumbled.