Title: Nocturnal Events
Prompt List/Ficlet Number: Sake, #4, Swallow
Rating: M
Genre: Hentai
Universe: Cannon
Word Count: 400

Summary: The daring couple enjoy the night with their friends just a few feet away. [This follows the prompt 'Nectar']
Warning: Lime

Turning around to face Inuyasha, I immediately pressed my lips against him, kissing him deeply as I pushed his pants down. I always enjoyed the way he fingered me, there was no doubt about it but the full blown fucking and sucking was the true highlight of our nocturnal actions.

Not wasting anymore time, I straddled him, rubbing his cock against my clit before easing down on it. It was like I was going through a seizure from the sheer pleasure I was feeling. When he stretched me, filling me to the brink, I started to rotate against him.

His nails dug into my side, but that shit was forgotten with the pleasure I was experiencing at the moment. His thrusts shook me, rocketing through my entire body as he growled softly.

"Faster…" I moaned, gripping his shoulders as I screwed my eyes shut, showing him the ugly pleasure coating over my face as he eased up and nipped at my neck. "Fuck me faster." I demanded with a slight growl.

I didn't have to tell him twice since he switched our positions, taking both my legs and placing them on his shoulders. The huge grin of excited made me milk myself even more and I had to contain the loud moans as he damn near pushed me across the campsite with his thrusts.

I knew our moans and growls were increasing, but I didn't give a fuck at that moment. Hell I would gladly let Miroku be an inch from us while I let Inuyasha take me. I was so lost in our actions that my pussy started to weep, clenching around his loving cock every time he grounded deeply within me.

His curses only enticed me to fuck him hard, fondling my breasts as I licked my lips in delight, groaning loudly as we neared our climaxes.

"You ready?" His scratchy voice asked. I nodded.

He smirked widely as he pulled out of me, easing up towards me while he pumped himself slowly. When his cock kissed my lips I opened automatically, accepting his seeds as they shot into my mouth.

I sucked his dick, sucked the very essence out of him as he massaged my neck, groaning all the while. His actions made it easier for me to swallow his sweetness and when I was done, I smacked my lips in approval before smiling up at him.