Show: The Outer Limits

Title: Behold! Eck!

Author's Note: From a quick prompt that I was given on LJ, I put together this little ficlet around clothing. Total oneshot, based around a picture of PB on IMDB of her attending some sort of red carpet event back in 2004.

You're wearing what?

"What on earth are you wearing, Emily?" Aaron Hotchner was completely stunned. His normally perfectly put together agent seemed to be wearing some sort of black, fringed towel with knee boots. And a smile. Although that smile was now turning into a pout.

"What's wrong with my dress?"

Yup, definitely a pout. He rolled his eyes internally, and set his internal shields to maximum – it was the only way to resist Emily when she was pouting.

"That's a dress? It looks more like something I'd have on my bathroom floor!" Hotch watched as the pout is turned into a much nastier expression, and knew that he'd worded that pretty darn badly.

"There is nothing wrong with this dress. It's a very expensive, designer brand," she said coldly, fire glinting in her eyes. He realised that he was in serious trouble.

But the outfit she was wearing was just horrible! If anyone saw them while they were out, he wouldn't know what to say. Here he was in a comfortable old pair of jeans, an FBI Academy t-shirt, and some loafers, and she looked like she was wearing something Megan Fox would wear to a red carpet event!

"I don't care! We're not leaving the building if you're wearing that!" He nodded definitively as he said it, but realised immediately that he not only sounded childish, but like someone's mother. The problem was, while he literally worshipped the ground she walked on, the dress was just . . . completely unsuitable for anything except a hooker!

"Oh really? And how are you going to stop me, mom!" Emily raised her left eyebrow and sneered at him as she spoke. Oh yes, this conversation was going oh so very well.

"You might beat me on the range sometimes, Prentiss, but I'm still better than you at hand to hand. If I say you're not leaving wearing that, you're not leaving wearing that!"

"I'll wear what I damn well please, sir!" He winced at the stressed 'sir'. She hadn't called him that away from the office in months – ever since they'd started unofficially officially dating.

"You're not wearing that dress!"

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

"Am too!"

"Take that dress off this second!" Hotch decided that he needed to stop the three year old bickering match. "We're going shopping to get you something decent."

"You're going to take me clothes shopping?" Her tone was sceptical in the extreme, as though he had absolutely no taste whatsoever in clothes.

"Yes. As soon as you change." He nodded again, but was astounded at Emily's reaction.

"Yay!" She pumped her fist in the air, and grinned victoriously. What the hell?

"You're not upset?" He hoped she wasn't, because he was completely baffled.

"Of course not, Aaron. You just said that you're buying me a new wardrobe. I knew I could convince you if I wore this horrid thing," she said, smiling sweetly.

He was so screwed.