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Chapter 3 Bounty

Zechs looked at her, "So what are we going to do?"

"It's not we, it's me. It's me he's after, and if I have anything to say he won't come after you. I won't have it."

She sat across from a raving Une. Oh yes, she was so moved. Zechs got worried when the Commander had summoned them to the interigation room. That is when she went off. He had never seen her this mad. She pointed her finger at Jenna, "Do you know what you did?! You killed three people! Three!"f

"Self defense."

"Whitnesses said that you had started it."

"What the crazy old man next door? Geeze, and people say I'm nuts. He's worse than me. He says I scream all the time. I don't. I just happen to raise my voice from time to time."

"How did you learn to shoot?"

"The streets. Duh."

"No. You shot to kill. Not some lucky shot."

"It's called survival of the fittest bitch." She narrowed her eyes. "Give us a demonstation of what you can do."

"Uh let me think... No. So you can figure out my moves before I move, oh hell no. I have the element of surprise and I like the element of surprise." Than a Preventer came in with an object that looked suspeciously like her 'lost' cell phone. Of course she never believed the whole 'We lost your phone. Sorry' speech. She looked at her Guardian with crossed arms, and cocked an eyebrow, it was the classic sign he was screwed. He saw the look and knew what that intailed. A full on interigation, her way. He silently noted that he and Wufei would be eating out for quite awhile. Lady Une looked at him, "What?!"

"The phone kept ringing off the damn hook. I answered it and I was met with someone that wasn't very nice to say the least. Said her inbox was full." Lady Une looked at her, "Your probation is revoked."


"Until we can prove you didn't contact anyone of your associates." Her eye gave a violent twitch, 'You die to day BITCH!!!!!' Just than the phone began to ring again. Lady Une tossed it to her, "You'll be monitored."

"Like I care bitch." She opened it, "Whose this?"


"No it's the Easter Bunny."

"Vi it is you! And your sarcastic side is still intact! We were worried!" Than the girl began to cry, she was worse than Rave, "Party, calm down." She kept up with the sobbing. Jenna just sighed, "You called for a reason, why?" The girl stopped sobbing, "You didn't hear, did you?"

"Hear, what?"

"Ummm. There's a bounty on your head....."

"Whose stupid enough to do that?" Party Girl always had a habit when she was nervous about something. And that was chewing on something. "Party, spill." Party made a nervous noise. Jenna was getting pissed and she was getting curious looks, "S-P-I-L-L, or E-L-S-E." She blurted out, "Rave told me not to tell you!" Jenna rolled her eyes and sighed, she should have figured Rave would tell her something like that. Mother hen she was. Than again she knew she would probably go off the wall......again...... The girl said near tears, "Don't tell Rave I told you! She'd kill me!" Jenna signalled for pen and paper, they were handed to her, reluctantly, "Rave won't kill you."

"Yes she will!"

"How many stupid things have I done in the past?"

"We lost count awhile ago."

"Exactly. Your a good girl, she won't kill you. Now me on the other hand, am possesed by Satan. Or so kindly put, was so evil that the devil himself spat me back up." She looked over at her guardian and smirked. She was proud of it, "Tell me."

"Their going after the chain of command."

"Chain of command? Which one?"


"Whatever. Just start talking."

"Alright. Relena Peacecraft, fifty mill, Lucazia Noin, Lady Une, and Zechs Marquise, are all twenty-five mill. Senetor Lutiaino twenty million."

"Party hold up, why do they want the Princess and the senator dead."

"The treaty."

"What treaty?" Her guardian looked unnerved, "The Tready of Noliaon. The Preventers started it. And it's gained motion in every part of the world." She pinned her guardian with a look and wrote down in all capital letters, 'WE WILL BE 'TALKING'.' Jenna was getting annoyed, "What is this tready all about?"

"Massive movement to snuff out the mobs and drug lords." Now that made sense. Piss off power hungry people that wouldn't hesitate even for a second to lop of someone's head. "Keep giving me the chain of command." And it kept going on and on. Than when it started with her, she went to another page. It started with her, at seventy mill, and than went from there. Boy the poor would be really willing to take pot shots at her. "Party I need a favor from you."

"And that would be?"

"See who placed the hits and hit them before they hit us." The phone was almost snached but she was quicker than she looked, "If they move to butcher us all, send up the signal. And I'll know what to do from there."

"Alright Vi." She shut off her phone, bitch in her sight, pointing, she was slowly but surely losing her cool, "You! And let me guess you told Zechy and the rest of the idiots to keep me in the dark!"

"I have no idea what your talking about." Jenna snarreled out, "Tready Noliaon, takes out all the drug lords and mobs, when were you going to tell me this? When I'm nine tenths dead in the street after being shot and ran over! They think I'm with you on this! Do you have any fucking idea what you have fucking done to us?!"

"You sealed your fate."

"No, you sealed yours." She got up and was beginning to walk out, "You can't walk out of here."

"I need to do some serious damage control. I need to make sure all of my ducks are still in a row, and are still under my rule. Because of you, they may have turned against me. You, me, and everyone in this room, will be dead by the end of the week. That is if I can convince some of my people, you just snorted something, and you don't mean to back up the Tready any more. You don't support it, it'll fade, go away. And we walk away and live. I dare you to try and stop me."

"I can revolk your probation." She crossed her arms and began to laugh, a cold blooded one, "If it wasn't for Zechs I would have disappeared along time ago. Once you go underground, no one can find you. No matter how good they are. As for this, I can bust this off like nothing. And yes I do realize it will shock me, but it will be a whole lot less than I've ever been tortured with. I only stayed because to me Zechs is family. And I don't intentionally hurt family. Well, unless they piss me off." She picked up a pen and took the center of it and put it where the key would have gone. She was shocked, but the end result was what she wanted, it short circuted. She looked at the bitch, "Next time make it stronger. And also as an fyi, if any hairs on their heads go missing, you think hell is bad, I'm ten times worse." Duo pointed at her, "You care for us?" She rolled her eyes, "No matter how much I want to see you gone, you've grown on me."

"Awww you love us?" She cocked an eyebrow, "How does me not wanting to see your brains, or lack there of, sprayed everywhere translate to love?"

"Than why haven't you killed us?" He did have a good point, she pointed to her god father, "Well him of course. I said grow, that doesn't mean love, loud mouth ninny."

"Can't you be nice for once?"

"Uh, no." She walked out.

Her godfather followed her out and grabbed a hold of her elbow, "Jenna I'm going with you." She happened to look over her shoulder and the idiots she hated just about as much as the monitoring box stood there. She huffed, "Fine. But we do it my way. Not the Preventers way." Duo looked at her, "Why?"

"Easy Preventer way will get us killed sooner than doing it my way."

"Which is?"

"Trigger happy?"

"Are you serious?"

"Depends on how much you sissys pissed them off." She sighed, "Which remindes me, change into your street clothes and leave badges behind," and Duo was going to say something and she beat him to the punch, "I would prefer not to get shot because they associate me with you." She also had to bring up an important point, "Also if I start getting the crap beat out of me, don't go flippin' out. I'm street tough, unfortunately so that means a few little broken bones and or ribs won't kill me. It'll just piss me off enough to kill them."