It had been the most wonderful time of his life. It was not the same for her. He found everything he wanted. She found nothing she wanted. Today was a very bad day for him. Today was a normal day for her.

On the day they met, a sandstorm had forced the both of them to retreat to his home. She had a lot of fun with his knick-knacks. And that movie, she didn't understand all of it but it did not stop her from enjoying it.

He had been very sad when it was time for her to go. She could see this expression on him, but could not figure out why he carried it.

She told him that she would be back next year. She didn't know why she said it, but it seemed to calm him down a little, and that was what she wanted.

She turned toward the ship that had touched down behind her, and she noticed he was inching up behind her. This would not do.

He was devastated when she told him that he couldn't follow. "Goodbye," was her last word before she was taken to the ship. It was a terrible sight for him

He could not follow, that sentence cycled through his mind many times before he came to a conclusion. He could not be with her, no matter how hard he tried.

A year would be well worth the wait, but would he be able to survive without her?

These were the new thoughts that plagued him as the rocket roared to life, defeating the silence that had long covered the land in an unseen veil.

The rocket lifted into the air, on its way back to space. And just as it grazed the roof of the sky, the longest year he would ever have began.

Eve left for a place he could not reach, and this left Wall•E heartbroken.