And so it was.

The Axiom had returned to Earth, the oceans were big and blue once again, and Wall•E and Eve could finally rest.

It had been a week since Eve arrived on Earth, and usually on the seventh day it would be time for her to go.

And so they waited for the ship to come take her away.

But the ship never came. Old habits die hard. Eve thought as they went inside.

The next day they had broken a record. It was the longest they had ever been on Earth together. It was the eighth day.

And that record would continue to grow. Eve no longer had to leave; the number of days together was theirs to choose now.

Naturally they chose the same option. They would spend every one of those days, together.

They both would spend time together, not only with each other, but also with their new found friends.

Wall•E knew there was no way he could be alone now, but long ago he had accepted he was never alone. Not when she was around.

They watched as the vegetation spread slowly at first, then came to stretch beyond the horizon.

They watched as the sky became a bluer, more beautiful backdrop against the sun.

They watched as the world became a happy place once again.

They watched as the movie progressed, and when it comes to the part where Cornelius and Irene begin to hold hands, both Wall•E and Eve emulate the same motion.

It was a comforting thought for both of them to know, they could do this, forevermore.