A little fairytale poem, I just wrote it for fun one time. This is my take on how Rapunzel should have handled things.

Liten Rapunzel means Little Rapunzel in Swedish.

Once upon a time, like all fairytales begin.

There was a girl stuck in a tower.

The tower was very high and built of stone.

And the tower had no exit exept a window at the very top of the tower.

Who to blame for this damsel's distress?

Her mother and father for sure.

They had sold their daughter to a witch, for rapunzel no less.

And all who has read a fairytale knows this, all damsels gets saved by a prince.

And so the girl named Rapunzel knew of this.

Her hair was very long, visitors had to climb up her hair to get into the tower.

Eventually Rapunzel grew tired of waiting for a prince.

She cut of her hair and tied it to her bed post.

She climed down the rope of hair.

She ran away north, fast and with flair.

And now she owns a hairsalon in Stockholm.

She makes a living of styling hair.

As she did every day in her tower.

She is living happily, maybe, ever after.

The end, owari, slut.

This is my first story here, even if it was done in minutes, please review, I live for them (smile, smile) and a song i sugest listening to, if you haven't already,

Fairytale by Sara Bareilles.