'Ashes to Ashes'

She focused on a sliver of light; it was the only source of light in her recent dark existence. To her breast she clutched the dagger. How long had she been here in this room; days; weeks; years? Everything had blurred into moments of pain and agony, until this blade had found her hand. She clung to it like a life line, taking steady breathes as the moments ticked by. She slept, she waited, she ate -when she was fed- she waited. It'd been a while since she'd seen anyone. She hadn't seen a human face in days; she realized all too late.

The steady thump of footsteps, along the corridor outside, sent her heart pumping wildly. That gate, that purpose, there was no doubt in her mind whom it was coming to pay a visit. Taking a ragged breath, she lied down on the rough floor. Better to feign sleep then alert him to her plans. This had to work, it just had to. It was this or death. Kill or be killed.

The jingle of keys pierced the silence; she waited. The door slid open; Bankotsu's boots fell heavily on the floor, the sound of his steps reverberating through her, sending her heart pumping wildly. This was it, this was the moment. He stopped beside her; she was prepared for the hand that darted out taking a fist full of her hair. He dragged her up by her hair; cold dark eyes meeting set brown.

"Kagome," he purred. His eyes danced with a strange fire that she hadn't been expecting, couldn't have expected. Did he know? Had he somehow figured out what she'd planned to do?

Her breathing hitched when the glint of Banyru caught her eye. 'No,' she thought desperately. But despite her first instinct, she didn't fight, she slumped down. She couldn't struggle, her dagger was to precariously hidden. Any struggle would reveal itself. She'd only have one chance; she'd have to wait for the right moment.

"It's been fun," he sneered, twisting his hands in her hair, pulling her closer, Banyru brushed against her side; the sharp end of the blade cutting into her flesh, "but, you've killed my comrades. You've caused too much trouble…" he paused, running a calloused hand over the healing skin of her shoulder, "how I would have loved to see these scars fade, made new ones across your skin." he smiled sending a cold chill down her spine, "I've realized you would never have been mine, not truly, until I took your life. You belong to me, Kagome. Remember that in death, will you?"

She wanted to scream, to thrash, but the words died in her throat, after everything he was going to kill her. This was the end…

"Goodbye, Kagome," he pulled her to him, his lips crashing on hers tearing the skin of her lips, Banyru pressed to her back, biting into her flesh, she was caught in a kiss of death. He squeezed her hard enough to press the air from her body. She gasped as the salty tang of blood filled her mouth. He was devouring her mouth, her soul, her hope.


She tensed against him, using some strength last reserve of energy she pressed, hard, onto his chest. It was just enough to bite Banyru into her back, nicking the rib. Blood flowed down her spine, down Banyru. She was losing too much blood. This may kill her. But, to end his life would be worth the sacrifice. With an inch of space she freed her arms. She slid her hands up his side, before tangling them into his hair. Bankotsu paused at the gesture, but she captured his lips, forcing him to focus on their contact. His kiss became more urgent, more ferverent, he pressed her harder against him.

He was losing sense of the situation. He was losing control. But she held to him like a dying flame, both locked in an intimate act of death. Her blood filled his mouth; his senses; his euphoria was the highest he'd ever experienced in life, or death. Kagome was his, in this moment.

He didn't feel as one hand slid from around his neck, until it was too late. The cold steel of her blade on his throat was unexpected. Without a moment's hesitation, she plunged the knife into his throat, dislodging the jewel shard within. He pulled back, letting her and Banyru fall to the floor with a clatter.

She watched as he crumbled to ash, an expression on his face between surprise and hurt.

The ash crumbled into a pile of nothing but bones.

Blood dripped down her skin, she was weak from blood loss, and the tears flowed from her eyes freely. She'd killed him.

It was over…

Jakotsu burst into the room, the giddy smile on his face quickly washed away by a howling rage. There in the center of the room lay Kagome, in a pool of her own blood, Banyru to her left, a pile of bones to the front.

He let out a guttural howl, tearing through the room, to the bones of his beloved. He cradled them to his face, tears pouring down his tattooed cheeks. Then he turned burning eyes on Kagome, she was covered in blood, but breathing.

"You!" he screeched, scuttling around the pile of bones, he grabbed a hold of her hair harshly forcing her to face him. "You killed him you, bitch. I'll cut you up. I'm going to run you through!"

Kagome stared up at him with blank brown eyes, already the life was dimming from them. She was at death's door, but he didn't care. Jakotsu needed retribution.

With a piercing scream of agony, he unsheathed Jakotsutou. He raised it above his head, ready to cut her to tiny pieces, when a cold sensation shot through him. He turned just in time to see a staggering Inuyasha holding onto the end of a dull tetsiaga, pierced through his throat, and the jewel shard that kept him alive.

The words, "But I helped you…" died on his lips as he crumbled to ash joining the pile of bones that was Bankotsu.

Inuyasha fell to his knees, his breathing heavy.

"I told you not to touch Kagome…"

Dark eyes trailed across the room to the slight frame of Kagome. His heart wept at the sight. Though the purification of the place bore down on him, sizzling the youkai that attempted to surface at the rage he felt. He crawled to her, on hands and knees, to cradle her in his arms.

She was breathing faintly when he brushed the hair away from her face. Her blood pooled around them, sickly black in the dim light. Her eyes fluttered open for only a moment, and she smiled.

"Inuyasha, you came."


A/N: A million thanks to my wonderful and supportive Beta Jaimed1968 I couldn't have done it without you dear. Thank You to everyone who, read, reviewed, favorited, or just alerted this twisted little tale. When I started out writing this it was mostly an experiment. I never knew I would love this dark twisted little tail quite as much as I did. I'm sad to see it end, but alas, it had to come to an end. Give me your thoughts if you please, the good, and the bad, I don't mind. Thanks again to you all for reading.