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"You... don't... want me?" I asked, i felt stupid, i should have known this before, how could he have ever loved me? Someone like him deserved much, much better than me, a poor, ugly and weak human.


I didn't look at his face, i didn't want to see the hatred, the disgust on his face, that i had heard in his voice, he had every right to be disgusted. I was disgusting. I finally figured it out, he had never loved me, not ever, i was just a distraction, something to pass time in his long immortal life. Why hadn't i seen it before? I knew why, i was an idiot. Just like that the world came tumbling down, and down, and down... i was getting suck in a dark hole, where i knew i would burn alive, until i die. Maybe i should cut my time short, as short as possible.

"Well... that changes things" i tried to hide my pain, he didn't need to see it, i being stubborn about it really, i wanted to face my pain alone, where nobody had to suffer with me.

"Why?" the word had escaped before i could hold it back, i already knew the answer.

"You're not good for me, Bella."

So i had been right, i knew this, but apparently my brain wanted to be stupid and hope some more, more pain. i wanted to ask again but it would be a futile effort. Some how i knew that Alice and the rest of the family were already gone, without saying goodbye to me. Not even Esme. I could picture them all now, laughing, they would have probably forgotten about me by now.

"Goodbye, Bella"

"Wait!" i took a step forward and reached out an arm to catch him, but he was already gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. The word repeated it self in my head. i just wanted it to stop. Gone. Gone. Gone.

My keens gave out and i was left there on the ground, i cried. And cried, cried some more. I don't know how long, but eventually i realized lying on the ground and crying wasn't getting me any where.

So i picked myself up and started walking in the direction he left. The tears still came, but at least i was doing something else. Suddenly it was dark and i couldn't see anymore, it was nighttime i realized, when had it gotten so dark out? I didn't have an answer. But i kept going, i had only gone a couple of steps, when i stripped.

I didn't bother getting back up, he could be in Australia by now for i knew. i wanted to die, but i knew i couldn't do that to Charlie or Renee, for that matter.

"Please!" i cried out to the sky, hoping for a miracle and that death would come down and take me, but apparently someone wanted to see me suffer a bit more.

I curled up into a ball, a futile attempt to hold me self together, and drifted off into sleep.

"When do you think she'll wake up?" Charlie... that was Charlie's voice, somehow i registered that this was important, that Charlie was important, so i listened a bit more.

"I don't know, when her mind is ready." Another man said, a professional voice, doctor's voice. Stab. Twist. I didn't want another doctor, i wanted Carlisle. Stab. Twist. Stab. Stab.

But they were wrong, my mind was never going to be ready. So might as well wake up now i said to myself. My body was stiff, like i had been asleep for a very long time, and my eyelids were heavy. Eventually i got them open though, i was lying on the coach, in Charlie's living room. The two men had their backs to me.

"Charlie..." My voice was hoarse.

He came and knelt down beside the coach, a worried and relieved look on his face.

"Hey there, Bells." a wary smile spread across his face.

"hey..." i cleared my throat, my voice was still hoarse."

The doctor, went ti the kitchen, and came back with a glass of water. He handed it to me, i drank it a bit numbly.

"What happened?" i asked once i was finished.

"Well, you were missing for six hours, since i got home. Sam found you..."


"Sam Uley."

"He's form La Push." he said when i didn't respond.


"Anyways, he found you in the forest asleep, he brought you home and you slept for another 26 hours. I was worried, Bells, don't you ever do something like that again, do you understand?"

"okay, i promise."

He hugged me close for a moment and let me go.

"I should go call Renee..."

"You told Mom!"

I said horrified. He smiled sheepishly in return. I sighed.

"Go." i waved him off.

Somehow, being alone, made it worse, the memories came back to me, i couldn't help but think about Alice, and the rest of them. Pain, pain endless pain. Why wouldn't it stop?

Forcing my self, to get away from it, i lock myself in memories, happy memories, where Edward and i were together, the meadow, first kiss, Him saving me from James, prom, even just random memories where he was smiling.

I didn't know how much time pasted but didn't care, eventually my trick wasn't working anymore and i knew i had to wake up sooner or later.

Mom and dad were fighting... wait when did Mom get here?

"Mom?" i called

I heard footsteps coming, someone was rushing towards me.

"Oh, Bells! Your awake!" she cried

"wha... Wait, how long have i been asleep?"

"A week." she said worriedly.

My face was blank, I had no emotions, this was bad i thought. I should at lease pretend to be normal, for them, i wasn't going to kill myself for them. Only they mattered now, and that Ed... he and the rest of his family were alive and happy.

So i worked for a shocked expression. Apparently it worked.

"Honey, i came over to bring tom Jacksonville. To get Forks and him off your mind. But you Dad thought we should check in with a doctor first."

I was grateful that she didn't speak his name, but it stil stung. I didn't want to go with her, because my pain would cause her pain and i knew that.

"No." i said

"Bella... i have to agree with you mother, i think that getting out of town would be a good idea. It might help you get better." Charlie said, and it surprised me, and Mom.

"No, that's not what i meant. I think it would a great idea, but i don't want to go with Mom." They both looked at me with confused expressions.

"I want to go visit uncle Sam."

"Bella!" Charlie cried " I don't think you should. Your Uncle... he has a certain, reputation."

"What kind of reputation?" i asked

"aah..." he hesitated

"What kind of reputation?" I asked again more firmly.

"Criminal, reputation."

"I thought you said he was a navy seal, and i didn't know he went to jail."

"He was a navy... and... he's never actually been arrested."

"Then why does he have a reputation?"

"They have... suspicions."

"Suspicions?" i said skeptically, Charlie looked at me hopelessly.

"Then I'll help him out of it." i said with a final tone.

And so two days later i was on the plane, watching the sun rise on the Miami beaches.

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