"Chief, this is absurd!"

"Detective, I understand your frustration, but there is no need to yell."

Her voice was dipping lower in warning, so I snapped my mouth shut, and glared at Spencer instead. He looked at me soberly, but the second he opened his mouth, I knew something obnoxious was going to come out.

"Yeah Lassie, if you don't learn to manage your anger, your blood pressure will go through the roof!"

I glared at him harder, muscles tightening in my jaw, and he mock-frowned.

"Woops, too late."

I closed my eyes and counted silently to ten. When I opened them, I sat in one of the chairs in front of Vick's desk, and tried to stay calm. Spencer immediately dropped into the other one, and Guster stood nervously next to him.

"Well Chief, what do we have? Murder? Kidnapping?"

"Robbery," she said, and started to explain the details of the case while Spencer flipped through the file.

I glanced behind me, and was pleased to see O'Hara actually listening instead of focusing on Spencer. Finally. I listened carefully too, until I heard Spencer and Guster whispering loudly to each other. I sat quietly for a moment, resisting the urge to grind my teeth, before I heard Spencer mention Molly Ringwald, and then I lost it.

"Spencer, can you just shut up?!"

He was facing me in an instant, opening his mouth to say something, and my hand shot out to cover his mouth.

"Stop talking!"

He got an odd look in his eyes, and I felt something wet touch my palm. I yanked my hand away.

"Did you just lick me?!"

I heard the Chief start, "Gentlemen!"

I shut my mouth, but started to wipe my hand off on Spencer's jeans. It got quiet suddenly, and I looked up, confused. Spencer caught my eye, and quirked an eyebrow, and looked pointedly at my hand.

Which had, until a moment ago, been furiously rubbing against his thigh, and was currently resting very close to his crotch. Crap.

I blushed, and tore my hand away. I dropped my gaze to the floor, and muttered a "sorry" under my breath. He still heard me though, and I could feel his wide grin.

"It's okay Lassie, just buy me dinner first next time."