I'd like to make myself


That planet Earth,



It's hard to say I'd rather be

Awake when I'm asleep,

Because everything is never as it seems

I never asked the Clown why he did what he did. I knew why Gil had to come, and Oz, but not Break. Break had no business being there. Of course, Break had no business being anywhere near me, as far as I was concerned. Him and his sweets. Blech. I'd much rather have nice, salty meats. I swear that clown sticks another pastry in my mouth; I'll shove a knuckle sandwich in his.

I also had yet to ask Seaweed Head why in the hell he was so weird thereā€¦ like he was going to kill me, or something.

And I had yet to ask Oz about how in the hell he got my scythe, too. No one touches her! I don't care if he is my manservant. She's mine and I had her way before he touched her. He won't touch her again.

But somehow, all of this got over-shadowed by the stupid clown going off and almost killing himself.

And stupid Oz wasn't doing any of the things Sharon's books said he would! He hasn't kissed me, or protected me! He hasn't swept me away, or anything. He most certainly hasn't ridden off into the sunset with me, either. Stupid Sharon. Stupid everyone! I made no secret of my anger as I glowered at my tea, either.

"Miss Alice?" Break inquired

"What?" I said; my tone clearly harsh and pissed off.

"Here!" he giggled as he pushed a pastry in my mouth (chocolate. Yuck).

"You stupid clown!" I stood up and hit him on the head hard. "I don't want a stupid pastry! I WANT MEAT!"

Break simply blinked, shrugged, and popped in a red lollipop.

"I want chicken, and beef! I want ham, and bacon and pork chops! I want venison, and white and dark meat! I want squirrel, and rabbit!"

"My dear, I have a question." Break propped his head up on his hands, "If you want to eat rabbit meat, doesn't that mean you have cannibalistic tendencies?" Sharon had taught me that word a long time ago- something about eating your own kind- I went to hit him on the head again, and all he did was duck out of the way, and go under the table. After a minute, he still hadn't come out, and I looked under and he had disappeared. Stupid clown. Convinced this time, I was going to figure out how he disappeared, I started to crawl underneath it, until I hear Gil suppressing laughter. In the process of getting out, I hit my head on the table (Who made them hard anyways?), and when I stood up, I saw all three of them suppressing giggles.

"What in the hell is wrong with you guys?" I gave them all a death glare, but it didn't help matters. "Oz! What are you doing here still? I said I wanted meat! As my manservant, you need to go get it."

He pursed his lips and nodded his head, "Yes Alice."

I could have sworn I heard something behind me, and turned around to see what it was. Nothing was there. Then, there was a knock on the door. Thinking Oz was finally of some use, and had brought up more meat than he could handle by himself, I stomped over and opened the door with, "Finally, you useless manservant."

And no one was there.

"YOU STUPID CLOWN I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"I screamed, sweeping a gaze over the room that surely should have been followed by it all spontaneously combusting in hellfire. He was nowhere to be seen. "That's it! I can't take you idiots anymore!" and I stomped out the open doors.

Break poked his head down from the canopy on the bed. "What's her problem?"

Everyone blinked at Break, and Oz came staggering in. "Here's your meat, Alice." And he dropped in on the table.

"Oh, she just had a fit and left." Break stated with a giggle, and popped a candy in his mouth. "Oh, and I almost Forgot, Milady." He handed Sharon a note with a flourish. "For you."

Sharon opened the envelope and read aloud, "You and your acquaintances are invited to a formal dinner followed by dancing. Yours Truly, The Head of the Household."

"Will you be my date, Sharon-chan?" Oz immediately flew to her side and begged.

"Oh goody!" Break declared, "I love dancing!"

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