You know the drill now, first part is Break's, second is Alice's.


The gifted architect,

Is making,

A draft,

In beautiful design,

The options…


Are endless, when we

Connect and re-align

Her lips touched mine, and she screamed the words so I could hear over the din of the explosion. "I love you." A satisfaction filled me. I don't know why, but I knew my Alice was safe, and I knew my Alice would not leave me alone, ever. And then, floating in the darkness, I heard her words.

"Break, I almost forgot to tell you about the memory. It was me. And it was you. Break, do you remember anything, anything from Sabrie at all? Or have you been secretly like me, not remembering anything before the Abyss? Break, if you have, it's all okay now, because I know what you were."

"Break, I was supposed to marry Jack. I was a Nightray, and Jack was a Vesalius. It was going to be a treaty between the two houses. You were my manservant though. The night of the Tragedy of Sabrie, we were going to run away."

"Break, we were going to leave because we loved one another."

"We were going to secretly get married."

I was jerked back into consciousness, as I realized what had occurred so long ago. Even before the Abyss, when I was whole and untouched, Alice loved me. I couldn't help but let out a gleeful giggle.

"Ah, Break, there you are." The voice was similar to Alice's, but different. It was older, smoother, in many ways, very seductive. Every muscle tightened in my body, and pain seared through me again.

Her hands ran along my back and chest, like cool water. I wanted to move, to run, but I realize she had me tied up. "What was that giggle for, fool? Did you remember what that pitiful chain was wailing when I happened on you?" She smiled widely as she came into my view- Wait, I could see? - "We were supposed to get married! We were going to run away! Break, you stupid clown, don't you dare leave me! YOU HEAR ME YOU DOLT! DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!"

Anger flared up in me at her tone. It was so patronizing, jealous. "Alyss," I hissed at her.

"Oh, you two are so cute! That's what she did when she saw me too." She put her finger on my lips, and I bit her. She pouted and brought it up to her lips and lapped up the blood and started to walk away from me. "She wasn't a problem when I told her I would heal you though! No, not a problem at all- Well, except for when she begged me not to let you know that I had healed you." She turned around and smiled, "Oops!"

"Damn you!" I yelled.

"Naughty naughty! Use your inside voice, Xerxes!"

"I will after I dismember you!" I wanted down. I wanted to end her. She stole my sight, yes- but hurting my Alice was more than I could stand for.

"Silly," she smiled and just momentarily, she flashed into someone who looked precisely like Alice. "Don't you worry. Your Alice is just fine. In fact, I was about to go see her before you woke up."

"Alyss, if you lay a hand on her, I will kill you with glee."

"Oh Xerxes, you can stop the melodrama. I'll treat her well. She's my second-favorite plaything, after you!" she smiled and pulled me close to one of the windows in her 'playroom.' "Don't yell too loudly, Break. She can't hear you and my other playthings are sleeping. She can't see you either, so don't try that." With a giggle she disappeared for a moment, until I saw her by Alice. She looked by me and gave an evil smile.

Alyss would die.

"Oh Alice!" I turned to see her prancing over to me. I didn't see Break. Hopefully that meant he was still knocked out and didn't know I had signed a contract with the Devil. "Break is healed." I almost fell at her feet, because Break was healed and alive, but pride prevented me.

I stuck my hands on my hips and said, "It took you long enough. I'll take him and be on my way."

"Sit down, Alice." She pushed me down to the ground. "You will not leave so easily, you know. I provided you with a service, now I want a payment." She smiled warmly, pulling a piece of my hair out of the way and bent down to whisper in my ear, "For Break's healing, I require you to stay with me as my loyal plaything."

I sat there for a moment. Break protected me and Oz, when it would have been better to kill me. I had delivered him to his worst enemy to have him healed- and now the debt would be his. Or, right now, I could protect him and agree.

"I'll do it on the condition you let Break go, Alyss."

She narrowed her eyes at me. "How about this," she snapped her fingers, and what looked like hundreds of Breaks, strung up like puppets, dropped from a nonexistent ceiling. "This is the first Game I play with you. These are the stakes, you win, and Break can go. You lose, and Break loses his other eye, which I have given back his sight, and must stay as my plaything. Or, if you refuse to play, I'll kill Break."

I sagged. "What are the rules?"

She giggled. "I'll give you whatever you ask for. The purpose of the game is to identify the real Break. I have made replicas of him. If you can successfully identify the real Break, you have won and he can go. If you choose the incorrect Break, you have lost."

"That's easy!" I walked up to the first one, "Are you the real Break?" I demanded.

"Yes Miss. Alice."

"See? Easy!"

"Is that your final choice, Alice?" she giggled to the Cheshire cat by her. I narrowed my eyes and asked another one the same question.

"Yes Miss. Alice." It replied.

Alyss giggled. "See? They all think they're the real Break!"

"Well then, fine. Break would answer differently."

"No, he won't, Alice. If he responds differently than the others, I will kill you." She grinned, and I wanted to kill her. In fact, after Break escaped, I would.

I sat down, looking at the sea of Breaks. I had no idea. I was useless. I was stuck here and so was Break. We were doomed to be sick playthings for the rest of eternity, and Break would lose his newly-gained sight. He would no doubt loathe me. I couldn't help but cry. All the Breaks cocked their heads to the side. The last time I cried, Break hugged me close. He did every time, even the times I whimpered in the night during my nightmares. He was always there beside me hugging my fears away. I would fall back asleep, and he'd be gone in the morning, with no trace of him left but the sweet scent of candy.

That was it! Break was instructed to act like them, but none of the clones would rush forward to hug me when I cried. None of the clones liked me at all! That was precisely it! Alyss would not create something that did not adore her. Break hated her. She wanted Break to adore her. That was the game. She was going to use Break's feelings to kill me off, and I would have lost. She would then, in her sick way, seduce him to adore her like all of the clones.

"I need a knife, Alyss." She handed me one.

I approached one. "I will kill Alyss if you do not kill me." I handed it the knife. It lunged at me without hesitation. I dodged, grabbed the knife, and wrenched it away from it. I cut the strings holding it up, and it fell on the floor, flopping like a fish out of water before it was still.

"That could have been Break." She said. It suddenly disappeared.

"It's not him. I have a question, Alyss."

"Yes my dear?" She asked.

"If I cut down the real Break, so long as I choose him as the real Break first, will he disappear too?"

"Whomever you choose as the real Break and cut down, if it is the real Break, he will not disappear. However, if you cut him down without choosing him, he will disappear like the clones, and you will have killed him."

I did the same thing, time after countless time. Just as I cut the strings, I would hold my breath, hoping that it wasn't Break and that my reasoning was good. Alyss' face got even worse, time after time. I was sure I was headed in the winning direction.

"I will kill Alyss if you do not kill me." I handed it the knife. There, there it was. That was what I was looking for. I was looking for the moment of hesitation before he swung at me. Again I dodged and pulled the knife from him. I held the knife up to the strings. I looked at him for a moment, and he stared blankly out. He wouldn't even give away it was him for fear that Alyss would kill me. I smiled. "Alyss, this is the real Break." I grinned.

"Are you sure, Alice?"

"Positive." I declared, and I cut the strings. He fell to his feet, and I fell to my knees, trying not to cry. No doubt Break now knew I had agreed to let Alyss heal him, and no doubt he knew I had agreed to stay behind, but I had saved his sight in the one eye and I had repaid him for his protection.

Break fell to his knees too, wrapping his arms around me. "How did you know?" he whispered.

"You faltered. You faltered because you couldn't kill me for Alyss. You don't love her like the clones." I sobbed. "I'm sorry Break."

He didn't say anything for a moment, only hugged me harder. And then, he whispered, "Alice, drink this. You must drink this." He pulled back from me, and then pulled my face to his, and laid his lips on mine. My mouth filled with the salty taste of his blood, and after hardly a moment's hesitation, I swallowed it.

"How sweet, A lovers goodbye." Alyss sneered as she snapped and a door appeared. "Break, you are free to go. Alice, you must stay. These are the rules of the game."

Break stood up, his arms still wrapped around me, dragging me to my feet as well. He hugged me harder and kissed the top of my head. I buried my face in his chest.

"You should know by now, Alyss. Hatter doesn't like you very well." She scowled. Break grinned. "And neither do I. I would not leave Alice here either, and her contractor is still alive." He laughed. "You're a fool. Between Hatter and her contractor, you can say goodbye to me- and Alice." We dropped again, and this time, we came out close to the Pandora headquarters. I looked up at him, "That's the trick, Alice. But it's our secret." He winked.

"You stupid clown! You had me really worried! HOW COME YOU DIDN'T DO THAT BEFORE!" He grinned down at me.

"Alice, I can't just magically teleport anyone with me. They have to have my blood in them, silly." I thought back to the kiss. So, he was just trying to get me out?

"Oh." I was slightly disappointed. "So that… Um… uh… Why did you hesitate then?"

He laughed. "Silly rabbit. You think that was only an effective way to get you to drink my blood without Alyss knowing it?" I blushed. His face softened, and then he grinned and picked me up, standing me on a nearby log, so I was a little taller than him. He looked at the tip of my hair that he was playing with. "I heard your memory, Alice. It makes sense. Is it really that surprising I hesitated?" My eyes widened. He smiled. He leaned up, only a breath away from me. "Do you require a proper kiss as proof?" and without waiting for my answer, he kissed me.

And he was right, it wasn't that surprising.

It really was kind of right.


Of books and documents,

Arise and create

Around my cluttered desk,

Reworking, the math and measurements,

Until I'm convinced,

These plans are


Like mountains in the Midwest!

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