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The Lower Quarter lived up to its name, literally. Everyone who was unfortunate to only have enough money to be able to live in there was seen as scum and filth by anyone who was more well-off, and as for the claimed "Nobles", they were the butt of their jokes, and quite often spoken about as if the poor people who lived within that part of the city were vermin that could be squashed under their feet. So, they didn't lead a very fashionable life, they struggle to get by and barely have enough Gald to keep them going, but they could smile and shake their heads at the prejudiced, richer citizens of Zaphias, as they seemed too shallow, or too lost in themselves to value family, friendship or anyone else for that matter. All they cared about was themselves, and what was in it for them. As for the Lower Quarter, it was pretty much fair to say they were a community, or a massive family. They stood by each other and took pride in the achievements, or what they strive to achieve, even if it's something that others would see as the most simplest thing in the world. When you're struggling to get by, and living in the part of the city with the worst reputation, just because they weren't as good as everyone else, achievements meant the world, to everyone within the Lower Quarter. What they lacked in money, valuables and big houses, they made up for in heart, and that's what made it worth living in.

One young boy however, felt like the black sheep of the family. Too young to be allowed to play with the older children and too old to be babied by the rest of the adults. There were kids about a year or two younger than him, but he saw them as too young for him, so he tended to stay on his own, and people left him to his own devices. He would tend to find himself looking through barrels and boxes for things, often pretending he was hunting for valuable treasure, or he'd just explore. He had a pretty free reign, as no one really looked out for him very often. He was kindly taken in by the couple that owned the inn after the loss of his parents, and they'd made fine replacement parents for him, it was just a shame they were too busy to spend too much time with him during the day. He didn't mind too much, sometimes he enjoyed being on his own, he could make up his own games and not have anyone taking control of it and giving it "rules". Besides, no one else would be able to join in with his knight training, which only really involved him swinging a stick and hitting a random, inanimate target for a few hours, it kept him entertained, and made him feel like he was one step closer to his dream. He wanted to become Yuri Lowell: Most Brave and Successful Knight, and he strove to achieve it, to make the Lower Quarter proud.

But even then, games in which Yuri pretended he was the best knight that ever lived, sometimes got boring. There was only so much a child could take of being lonely and bored in a place they knew all too well. And, of course, he didn't dare venture past the barrier, especially with the knowledge of the monsters that lived beyond it. Not that he was scared or anything, definitely not. Well, maybe a little, but if anything, he would be more scared of Giselle, one of the two Inn owners, finding out that he went beyond the barrier. She was by far more terrifying than any monster he heard about in stories. Of course, people said she was like how she was because she cares, and in time he would come to accept it. If that was the case, Yuri secretly hoped that she would be the first and last person to care.

Putting Giselle and the thought of going beyond the barrier, Yuri decided on an alternative adventure: following the stairs out of the Lower Quarter. Getting to the Royal Quarter would definitely be a little too ambitious, but there was nothing wrong with exploring where the working and middle class citizens lived, was there? If they were anything like the nobles, then that would be a problem, but from what he had heard, they weren't too bad. If anything, they treated the people of the Lower Quarter like actual people, which was sadly a rare treat for them.


The "Middle" Quarter, as Yuri decided to call them, was everything that he could have imagined. It was so much more lively and colorful and lively than the Lower Quarter, and it was fascinating, to him, at least. Some people just passed by completely unaware of how good they had it, but they couldn't be blamed; they probably knew no better and no worse.

Taking in the incredible beauty of the place, Yuri didn't dare try and imagine how the Royal Quarters looked. They probably dressed so much better, and the boy had vague ideas on how their houses would look. It was possible to see a few of the mansions even from where he was standing. They were huge. One was probably enough to house the whole of the Lower Quarter and make them more than happy with the space they got. What stood out the most to Yuri wasn't the size of the houses, the view of the Royal Quarter from where he was standing, and it wasn't even the children around his age playing with each other; it was the child left out from those activities, sat on the wall of the fountain a few meters away from them. He was quite different from them; his blonde hair, which looked like it would normally be in a neat state, looked ragged and a little on the dirty side, his clothes were in a similar state, and unlike the other children, he looked unbelievably miserable. Some people would say he was from the Lower Quarter too, but Yuri had never seen him before, so he couldn't have been from there. Yuri knew everyone, and everyone knew Yuri.

Putting the thoughts of how he had never met the blonde boy before aside, Yuri approached him, not being able to catch his eye until he was up close in front of him.

"Hi," he said with a huge grin spread across his face, he couldn't help it. The chance to finally spend time with someone his age, and maybe even become friends with them, was one of the greatest ideas and thoughts to have hit Yuri's mind. "I'm Yuri. Do you want to play with me? You look lonely."

The answer he received was enough to wipe the hopeful smile off his face completely. The blonde boy looked away, breaking the eye contact that they shared briefly before he muttered his reply.

"I don't want to talk." He sighed, looking away.

"But, you're talking now. What's wrong?" Yuri asked curiously, taking a seat next to the other child, refusing to leave his side. "I just want us to be friends. You look lonely, and I'm lonely too. Do you live here?"

"Sort of." The blonde shrugged, doing his best to cut the conversation short, but he felt a little bad for the dark haired child sat next to him. Maybe he really could relate, and he was just as lonely as he was, and it would be nice to have someone to relate to, and just a friend in general, so he shouldn't try and push him away so quickly. Sure, the child seemed a little talkative, and a bit too excited, but he deserved a chance. "I'm Flynn Scifo. Nice to meet you." He finally spoke, holding his hand out to the boy who, if he heard right, was called Yuri to shake. Although after a few moments of not receiving the hand in return, it went back down to his side. "So, what game do you want to play?"

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