Well, hello again!

If my old readers couldn't tell, I replaced my first chapter and wrote a new one before disappearing off the face of the earth again, because that's just the sort of thing that I do. :(

I'm currently stuck in bed with the flu, and due to all my other Xbox games driving me crazy, I have started replaying ToV, and I have to say, it's giving me serious nostalgia.

Its also made me realise that I should seriously start rewriting all the old chapters now, as the ones following the first now don't make sense, and look a little crappy. :(

So, this is just an update to say I'm back, my writing will probably be a bit rusty, but I'm back and determined to update this.

An updated chapter 2 has been added, so I hope you like that! I am currently working on the next chapter for all the old readers who are still on this site and actually still reading this, along with a chapter 3. I'm having to go about all this really carefully, because after realising how blunt my old chapters were, I'm going to have to write all my updated chapters with close detail so I don't screw up the whole flow of this and end up rewriting the whole thing!

Thank you for reading!~