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Story begins when Bella moves to Forks to live with Charlie, and of course she will meet the Cullens … all of them. My Bella differs slightly from the original character. She is still more of a private person than the real party animal but more outgoing and self-confident … which will probably make it a little harder for Edward and Alice to pull their usual strings ;-)

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Chapter 1 Choices and Changes

Bella POV

I hoped … no I was pretty certain that I'd made the right choice when I'd told my Mom a month ago that I would like to leave Phoenix in order to stay with Charlie … hmmm my Dad … for the duration of my last two years of high school education. I was a good student and pretty sure that a change of venue wouldn't make a difference.

Of course, I would miss my crazy mother and her new husband Phil … a lot. But since they were newlyweds and he was constantly travelling due to his profession, my Mom was always torn between her duty to stay with me and her desire to go with him. I could see that she was very unhappy with the situation, but she'd kept her mouth shut and suffered in silence. So I'd come up with an alternative … to make it easier for all of us.

Charlie was overly excited about my prolonged visit, as I used to call it teasingly. I surely wasn't planning to stay there for the rest of my life, but I certainly would manage to survive for the next two years. And Forks wasn't unfamiliar to me after all. I even had a friend down in La Push I'd used to hang out with when I'd spent my summer holidays with my father.

In fact, I would have liked to spend more time with my dad than only three weeks of the summer and the one or other holiday. So I was actually looking forward to live with Charlie. Renee and I used to do all kind of crazy stuff together, but I had to admit that I'd rarely enjoyed our little adventures as much as she'd had. But I liked spending time with her, so I had never objected to her sometimes foolish ideas. I could only hope that Phil would look after her, as I'd done for most of my life. Our mother-daughter relationship was really one of a kind, and sort of reversed.

Charlie, thank God, wasn't like my mom. He was more like me … steady and calm, easy to please, and able to take care of himself. He loved to go fishing, but never made me go with him when I didn't want to, and I was happy with a book and some music. I was sure we would get along just fine.

I couldn't say that I was thrilled about the climate change, since I was more of a sun-loving girl than a rain junkie. But I would make my peace with it … eventually … because there was nothing I could do about it anyway. And being not exactly outdoorsy would make it a lot easier to stand the different weather conditions.

"You don't have to do this." Renee said for the umpteenth time, while she was driving me to the airport. It was pretty early, but already warm enough for wearing only a t-shirt. I'd packed a thick sweater into my backpack, so I would have something to protect me from the chilly weather in Forks.

"I know … but I want to." I groaned. "We had this conversation …"

"Okay … I won't …" She interrupted me. "Please don't be mad, honey. It's just that I feel bad about making you leave … and I gonna miss you so much." I could hear her voice cracking.

"Mom, I'm going to miss you, too. And Phil." I appeased her. "But I think it's for the best. I promise I'll call and email you on a regular basis. And we will see each other soon. You'll come to visit … and I'll come to visit, right? No biggie … so please let it go." I shot her a pleading look.

"Alright." She agreed, although halfheartedly. She still felt guilty about the whole thing, and I knew there was nothing I could say to convince her that there really was no need to feel that way. I had made my choice, and I wasn't going to back out now. And besides my mom and my stepdad there weren't many people I would miss. I didn't have a best girlfriend or God forbid a boyfriend, which would make this whole transition a lot easier. The closest friend I had in Phoenix was Karen, but apart from spending time at lunch at school and occasionally going out to the movies we hadn't much in common. She was nice, but that was it. To be honest, she was the only one at school I'd talked to more than the usual chitchat.

When we reached the airport, we kept the final farewell relatively short. Renee hugged me tightly, and made me promise again to call her as soon as I safely landed in Seattle. I held back my tears that were threatening to betray my outward coolness.

No need to make it any harder than necessary … for both of us …

I gently disentangled myself from her embrace and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"See you soon, mom. I love you." I said, and then I went straight to the security check, knowing that she wasn't allowed to follow me further. I only turned around shortly to wave at her quickly before I made my way to my gate. I dropped into the nearest chair, letting the tears finally fall. Here, out of sight of my mom it was okay to express what I was feeling. I was sad about my leaving, but I also was excited to see my father again.

Because we had been a little close on time, I didn't have to wait too long for the boarding. I made myself as comfortable as possible in my seat, waiting rather impatiently for the plane to take off. Luckily, I had a seat at the window, which helped me to distract myself from worrying about my mother and my own future life. While I was looking outside I made a mental list of things to do …

One of the first things I planned to do … other than settling in … was looking for some part-time job. I knew that Charlie didn't earn that much money even though he was the chief of police in Forks and I really didn't want him to pay for anything but food and some other essential items. Everything else I wanted to buy on my own, like I was used to. I was far from a shopping addict … at least concerning the usual obsession other girls my age had … I didn't want or need the newest fashion or jewelry or stuff like that. But I was crazy about books and music. A lot of my earned money I spent on books and CD's.

In Phoenix I'd been working in a public library for the past five months. I had been so happy about the job. It had been perfect … and interesting. Usually I only had to put the returned books in their assigned places on the shelves, but sometimes it was so slow, that I had been able to read. I hadn't made much money, working only two days a week, but it had been better than a job at the mall or some coffee shop … especially, because I hadn't been forced to deal with cranky and annoying customers. From time to time, there had been people asking me for direction or some advice, but that was about it though …

But there had been something or better someone else, I had been looking for each Tuesday and Thursday, when I'd been scheduled for work … seeing him.

The first time I had noticed him, I surely had been gaping at him for far too long. I'd never seen a more beautiful man … or even woman in my entire life. Luckily, I'd been standing behind a bookshelf when he'd entered the hall, hidden from his view. I would have blushed like a tomato if he'd caught me staring at him like an idiot. But by God, he was hot. He'd always wear sunglasses even though he was inside of a building. It hadn't crossed my mind that perhaps he was just playing the cool guy … no I thought it was simply mysterious … and sexy.

At first, I'd been a little surprised by my own behavior, because I hadn't checked out guys before … ever. But something about him immediately had caught my attention. And he had been there every day I'd been there, sitting in the history section, reading. Amanda, the librarian, had told me that he only came in on the days I'd used to work.

But, of course, I'd never had the nerve to approach him, even though I'd felt a strange pull towards him from the very first moment. I had no experience, and I didn't want to make a fool out of myself. And I knew that he was way out of my league anyway … too gorgeous. I wasn't ugly, but nothing special … just plain. Unfortunately, he'd never loaned a book out, so I hadn't been able to at least find out his name.

Well, too late now … I probably will never see him again. I sighed heavily, leaning my head against the seat. I closed my eyes, and began to day dream … of my mystery man and things that would never happen in real life …

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