"What am I supposed to do now?!" a raven haired boy screamed to the sky as he fell to his knees.

Soaking wet from the pouring rain, the raven began to cry. And he only began to cry because of the rain, because through the rain, no one could see his tears.

The raven lost his balance on his knees and soon laid face first in the mud, still sobbing his heart out.

A small blonde boy walked up slowly behind the sobbing boy lying in the mud.

"Sasuke" the blonde said heartbroken.

The raven's sobs slowed and soon stopped, but he did not stand up. So the blonde boy went up to him, and sat down next to his mud soaked form.

"Sasuke" the blonde tried again, before reaching out and lifting the raven onto his lap.

Sasuke looked up into the blondes eyes and said "Wh-why Naruto?"

Naruto softly smiled at Sasuke and said "I had to Sasuke, I never meant to do this to you. I never meant to hurt you this bad. I wanted you happy and safe. I did what I had to do to protect you."

"I'll never be safe without you here" Sasuke whispered.

"Yes you will, because despite what happened. I will always love you, and that is enough to protect you" Naruto said softly, before leaning down to place a chase kiss on Sasuke's wet lips.


When Sasuke woke the next day, he was still face down in the mud he had fallen into last night.

Several things became painfully obvious as Sasuke got up and wandered home to get ready.

The first being, that what happened last night had to either be a hallucination or a dream.

The second being, that Sasuke wasn't as angry at his dobe as he should be.

And the last being, that despite it all, he still loves Naruto to death.

Sasuke got into his shower, with scalding hot water, and silently cried until the water turned cold and the mud had washed away from his body.

Sasuke stepped out of the shower, and after drying off, he put on the clothes that were laid on his bed.

After making sure his weapon set was set by the door, he locked the door and left his house.

Sasuke walked to the place it was to take place, and stood silently near the back, trying to refrain from breaking down.

After the group had dispersed, Sasuke went right up to the polished rock and placed a lone hand on it, finally letting more tears come.

"I love you dobe, more than you'll ever know" Sasuke whispered, before kissing his hand and placing it back on the stone.

Sasuke then turned around and let his hand fall from the polished rock reading:

Naruto Uzumaki

6th Hokage

Loving fiancé

More than what was inside him.

Died to protect the love of his life,

and will never be forgotten.

Sasuke Uchiha walked back to his house, grabbed his bag of belongings and his weapons, before departing Konoha with Kakashi-sensei, Sai and Sakura.

'Oh, I never meant to cause you trouble.
I never meant to do you wrong.

I, well if I ever caused you trouble.
Oh, no I never meant to do you harm.'


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