The Legend of Yellow

By: hydro-serpent58

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Chapter 1: The Forest of Magic

I fell asleep and when I finally woke up I found out I was alone in the woods. I groaned in frustration. That's the last time I fall asleep when I'm not in bed I thought sourly. I got up and wandered around.

She had escaped to the woods when Gold wouldn't stop bugging her, now she didn't know where she was. Heck, she didn't even know for how long she was sleeping. She was a heavy sleeper after all. She looked around uncertainly.

Where am I now? I thought as I jumped off a log. I soon came to a big tree that wasn't like the others. Strange… I came close to it and close my eyes reaching my hand out. I sensed a strange energy emitting from the tree. I pulled back reopening my eyes. What is this power?

I looked around and noticed splinters of wood. As I examined them I realized that once the pieces formed a sign, apparently something had broken it. As I placed the pieces together I was amazed I could still read what it said.

"This is the home of the Fairy Queen, only those who are worthy may enter. If you are not worthy do not come again, for bad fortune will befall you."

I stared. It had more written on it but the rest of the writing was worn off and unreadable. Fairies…I wonder what Sapphire would say about this I thought giggling imaging what she would do. I looked back at the tree. It really looked hollow as if the conceal something. I walked around the tree. There was no secret entrance. Maybe I can fly up I thought tossing out a Pokéball. Out came my Butterfree. "Bree!" She cried nuzzling my arm. I petted her head. "Come on girl, up." I climbed on her and together we flew to the top of the tree. As I looked down on it I was amazed to see how camouflaged it was. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and a normal tree, the only way was to find it on the ground. I presumed. I circled the tree. I felt the magic presence of power still surrounding the tree. I flew back to the ground.

How in the world do I get in? I wondered. I looked around and noticed an odd thing about the tree. As I came nearer I noticed a small marking was there. It was a flaw. Curious I came closer. I ran my hand across the bark. I could feel a magical barrier, but it didn't resent me. Cautiously I stepped closer. All of a sudden my powers were activated. There was a bright light and I felt myself being drawn towards the tree. "W-ah?" I tried to stop myself but I couldn't. "Bree!" Butterfree flew to me alarmed. It tried to push me away but it was no use. We were no match for the magic. The last thing I saw the sunlight overhead before I plunged straight through the bark inside the tree my Butterfree whimpering behind me unable to hold unto me.

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