The Legend of Yellow

By: hydro-serpent58

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Chapter 27: Prisoners of Fate


Footsteps echoed on the dark cobblestone followed by panting and strangled choking noises. A small figure was led through the dark abyss further into the dungeon. Blearily the figure could make out the long shadows of the prison gates the loomed on either side of him. His arms was tied with wire that cut into his guards roughly dragged the boy down the corridor. Staggering, the boy tried to keep up with them, if he didn't they'd yank on the rope making it slice deeper into his skin. The boy was sweating heavily and his eyes had glazed over, obvious signs of a fever.

They stopped in what looked as some kind of chamber that had a prison-like feature to it. The guards grunted something unintelligible before the rusted metallic hinge screamed in protest when the door was flung to the side. The next thing he knew, he was being acquainted with the floor. The boy landed heavily on his stomach; unable to get up the boy laid there feebly.

A guard forcefully yanked him up and dragged the boy against the wall. Solid metallic clicks were heard. His eyes widened, there were iron collars fastened by a short chain to a wall behind him. The collar was placed around his neck and was fastened by a padlock. The other two jougs were placed securely around his raw wrists that were already bleeding. His arms were pinned over his head and were probably going to be sore for a while. The boys' head drooped in exhaustion.

"Look at how pitiful he is, do you really think he will last long enough?"

"Don't even start, he wasn't killed immediately when he was brought here. That alone is an accomplishment. Not many survive to make it here as a guest."

The boy laboriously raised his head which was spining from colliding with the floor, "What do you want?" He rasped out.

Two blurry figures turned towards the captive. "Sleep now, you're gonna need all the rest you can get before your big day." The boy didn't need to see clearly to hear the sickening grin in the guards' voice.

The other one laughed. "If he can survive that is. I bet he'll white out before he gets to the main test."

The two left and the door slammed causing the gate to rattle sending dust and cobwebs sailing into the cell block. He heard their voices fading away as the figures retreated. A test huh? Oh boy... And with that the boy blacked out.

(Okay, this is a flash back to Chapter 20. Remember there was a paragraph from an unknown person's point of view? This relates back to that. Surprisingly only one person mentioned it in their review. ^^;)

"Get up." A voice comanded harshly. Blearily the boy raised his head. It had been a couple days since he was brought in. No one had visited nor brought any food. The boy didn't understand how he was supposed to relieve himself without releasing the jougs, however miraculously his fever had gone down. At least he could somewhat think straight now.

Clicks echoed through the dungeon and the metallic collars were roughly pulled off. The boy couldn't help but hiss as they were removed. The metal had gotten imbued with the skin, as he now looked at his wrist bright pink rings ran around them. Some flesh had peeled off and was rubbed badly, due to the sharp rope from before. Closing pressure around it hadn't been helpful.

Slowly he rubbed his neck once the collar was removed before his arm was grabbed. "Move." A voice growled in his ear. The guard loomed behind the teen breathing into his ear with a tight grip on his lower arm. Unknowingly the guard had pressed its body heavily into the boys' and was practically leaning into him in a very suggestive way.

The boy turned his head to the side and eyed the grunt contemplatingly before smirking. "Oh? If you wanted some you could've just asked." His voice dropped low into a purr and he watched the guard through heavy lashes for its reaction. As he had suspected, the grunt blushed profusely and began to stutter slightly.

"Q-quiet you. We're going to a...a larger area so h-hurry up." The guard responded flustered before marching the boy out. As expected this time the grunt made sure to put some distance between them and give the boy his personal space.

The teen smiled ominously, the guards here were so easy to manipluate. Honestly, the only reason he hadn't been able to defend himself was because of the damn fever, with it gone he could finally use his head. He knew the guard had been intent on drawing out the torture as long as possible, and to counter that he had thrown the grunt into an awkward position. This way he was given some space and at least the grip wasn't so tight now.

Seduction took you many places.

A bird in a cage will sing prettily, but it will also weep in sorrow when you aren't looking.

The boy stood there looking around feeling lost. Around him numerous prisoners went about, some stood in groups talking in low voices. Others were applying gauze to open wounds and some were sharpening weapons. There were a couple loners that sat at the corners near the wall wearily watching everything that took place.

The boy registered that this must've been some kind of foyer. There was a conflicting atmosphere, in some areas it was light while in others it was suffocating. Glancing behind him, the boy saw that the large grand doors he had entered through were now guarded by the grunts that had forcefully dragged him here. They stood tall on either side, watching them all like hawks with their beady eyes. In a way, it was intimidating. Now that he noticed it, it seemed the grunts were stationed around at various parts of the foyer, overseeing things to make sure nothing came out of hand.

Observing the room, it was pretty bare. There were stalls located in various places though, run by a merchant. One gave out medical supplies while another gave out food. Despite this the boy cold see numerous boys dying in the corner from severe bloodloss, it seemed they were refused the bandages that were needed to save their lives.

The boy couldn't help but frown. How did this work? Why did some recieve neccesities while others didn't? In the open space there was no window, the ventilation came from an open airduct on the ceiling. It was too high to reach though, so they couldn't escape that way. It was then he noticed another set of grand doors on the opposite side of the hall. Those doors weren't guarded, but it seemed a large wooden beam kept the door locked in place. Where does that door lead to? And why isn't it guarded? The boy wondered.

Hesitantly, the boy took a couple steps farther into the room. It was then a brunet sitting on a kajen public bench saw him. "Hey, you're new here aren't you?"

Looking to his left, there sat a teenage boy that looked about a year older than him. It was a light skinned brunet wearing a black bandana and a black sleaveless shirt. There were bandages wrapped around his forearms and a black armband on his right arm. He had on black slacks and black trainers. He looked very fatigued yet he gave off an experienced aura.

The boy nodded in response. The brunet gave him a tired smile. "I see, I hope they didn't give you too much trouble."

The boy hesitated, but slowly approached and sat down heavily on the bench next to him. After a pregnant pause, the brunet spoke. "So, how's it going Jīn?"

The boy, now dubbed 'Jīn' jerked startled. "What?"

The brunet looked at him. "Your eyes reminds me of a cats'. They're full of mischief. That's why I'm calling you Jīn."

Jīn gave him a smile. "Do you nickname everyone you meet?" He joked.

The brunet chuckled. "Yes actually, everyone here comes from different countries and speaks different languages. Some names are too difficult to pronounce, so I defaulted to using nicknames. Everyone goes by the names I give them since they're easy to remember."

"Hmm..." Jīn hummed in response. So...I'm surrounded by people with different nationalilties? Just why are we being captured? And to gather such a widespread of culture...they've been picking off people from all over the world...

Silence descended upon the duo. Jīn stared down at his lap thinking while the brunet leaned back closing his eyes. "Sorry."

"Huh?" Surprised, Jīn looked up.

"Usually I explain everything that goes on down here to newbies but..."

"But?" Jīn prompted.

"Lately they've been dying off." Jīn flinched at that, but the brunet continued. "It's a bloody war zone down here. Only the strongest survive. No matter how many times I try to prepare the newbies for what's to come, they always break. Whether it's because they're too soft or naive. They are unspoken rules that you musn't break to survive."

"At first those who survived the longest tried to educate the next generations arriving, but they were too weak. They just kept dying. Soon, those who survived gave up and isolated themselves from the newbies, either keeping to themselves to with each other. They didn't want to interact with the new generation, because what was the point in befriending someone when you knew a couple days later they were going to die? To become attacthed and have that person ripped from you...eventually we became desensitized to death and formed an alliance with those that we knew. They were the ones that survived the longest. Because of that you'll find the experienced ones tend to stay away from newbies like you, they don't see the point in interacting with you."

Once again silence occured between the two. Both immersed in their own thoughts. Although, this time Jīn broke the silence.

"Thank you."

"Hn? For what?"

"For explaining."

The brunet let out a dry chuckle. "Believe me, I haven't even begun to explain this place." The boy shook his head. "Anyway my name's Hiori."

"...How long have you been here?"


"Oh...well, can you explain to me how things work around here?"

Hiori opened his eyes and raised his head to study the boy in front of him. After a moment he let out a sigh. "Very well. All the terrified and heavily wounded are newbies. I suggest you stay away from them, their feelings will rub off on you. The fatigued are the experienced, they isolate themselves from the newbies and watch unwilling to become attacthed. Stay away from them, other than me they tend to not get along very well with newbies. I'm the only that that bothers with them anymore. Ignore the guards and don't make eye contact, if you don't mess with them they won't mess with you."

"Also, one important rule. Never get attacthed to anyone. Especially someone weaker than you."

"Why?" Jīn asked, although inside he knew the answer.

"Because one moment they're alive, and the next they're gone."

A bird with broken wings will sing to the sky, but will lay with understanding as you watch.

"What's beyong those doors?" Jīn asked.

"Ah, that place that decides your fate. Beyond those doors is a battle arena where we are given tasks we must complete. Failure results in death."

Suddenly there was a commotion at the end of the hall. Looking up Jīn saw the grunt remove the wooden beam. Not a second later the large doors creaked open and inside walked in a sullen looking boy. He had dark hair and wore a white shirt and denim shorts that reached just below his knees. His ankles were wrapped in bandages, and he wore sandals. His figure was hunched and there was a permenant scowl on his face, his hands were shoved in his pockets. He looked like a deliquent.

"That's Shou, he's one of the strongest here. He's a brillant strategist and is one of the people I'm alianced with."

The two caught each others' gazes and gave curt nods to one another before Shou headed off towards to food stall.

"I've been wondering, how come some people can get things from the stalls while others can't?"

"That depends on how well did on your task. If you passed you're allowed to get the items you need, if not they turn you down and you have to wait you have another chance to compete in order to have a shot at getting the items you need."

"But what if it's something you need at that very moment and it's denied?"

"Then you better hope someone's willing to share, which is another good reason to be allied with someone strong since they have a high chance of getting what they need. But you have to remember, you can't save everyone. Some would have died even with treatment, and those you can't do anything about."

Jīn clenched his fists in frustration. "Is this all a game to them? Putting all our lives in danger just for their personal entertainment?"

Hirori shrugged. "Not sure, from rumors I heard that they're trying to find someone who's diguised to be flushed out. Apparently they have no problem turning this into a tournment to make it amusing while they try to find that person."

Jīn took a shaky breath to calm down. "I...I see."

Hirori shook his head. "Look, at least we're not chained. Here were are allowed a limitation of freedom, but it's some form of freedom nonetheless. Being able to walk around freely and converse with others beats being stuck in your prison cell alone doesn't it?"

Jīn fell silent unwilling tot answer. Knowing what Hirori said was the truth. Suddenly footsteps approched them. Jīn looked up just in time to see a guard point its niganta straight at Hiroris' throat, just an inch from severing it. Jīn tensed while Hirori seemed to be calm, relaxing his posture and evenly meeting the creatures' gaze. "Yes?"

"It's your turn trash!" The grunt snarled.

"Very well, if you'd please remove your weapon I shall be going." Hirori responded calmly, if not a bit forced. Jīn could tell he was itching to slice the guard in two.

"Hmph. Fine, get going!" The creature spat removing the niganta.

Hirori elegantly stood and swept towards the double doors with the guard following him the entire away pointing the spear threateningly at his back. Just as he stepped through the doors Jīn saw him pull something out of his pocket that looked suspiously like spiked knuckledusters.

With a heavy groan the doors slamed close behind him.

A bird with clipped wings will merely stay silent and die cursing you with every thought in its head.

*A/N: I honestly did not want to upload this. I think it sucks, horribly. But you guys have been waiting for a while, so I thought I might as well upload something. *sighs* Anyways Hirori and Shou are NOT made up characters. They're both from mangas, look them up if you want to. I firmly believe that if a fandom has many characters that're underdeveloped and are cannon to use to your disposal, use them. Do not make too many of your own characters because sooner or later they'll overwhelm the plot.

On another note, have you guys seen Pokémon Conquest and Pokémon Black and White 2? Now there's the Ransei region and Cheren is now a gym leader. It's funny because he looked confident as a 12 year old, and now he looks unsure as a 14 year old. :p Plus Iris is the CHAMPION. O_O If that happens in the anime, I have a feeling many people will be mind = blown. I know I was. xD

I also got the name of the chapter from one of my favorite video games, it's an amazing OST and really sets the mood for the story. :)