The Legend of Yellow

By: hydro-serpent58

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Chapter 31: Shady Dealings

A young woman sat on a dark velvet sofa, the room itself was cascaded in dark shadows. Crystalline lilac beaded strings hung from the ceiling like mini chandeliers. Their light was easy on the eyes, softly illuminating the room. The room itself was nice and cool. The walls were painted by someone with great artisitc ability, compliciated designs of violet vines curled around the wall, glowing in the dark like a night light. In between the carefully crafted vines were strategically placed constellations. It was as if the room held the galaxy within its walls, vast and unknown. The contrast in the atmosphere was quite bizarre; but one couldn't help but oddly feel at ease in the mysterious quarters.

Across from the woman sat a smaller, cloaked figure. The being adorned a long black trench coat with a hood shadowing its face, the mysterious figure fit into the room quite naturally.

The woman narrowed her dark violet eyes, "Why are you here? I doubt it's for mere chit chat." she murmured.

Across the room a white tiger stirred from its spot on the rug, and lifted its head. Golden eyes scanned the cloaked figure, studying him in curiousity.

The man chuckled, "That's one thing I like about you Hotaru, always straight to the point."

As soon as the chuckles faded away, a serious air suddenly filled the room. "We have reason to believe, Queen Mizuchie has a hidden agenda involving the current chosen one."

You could hear a pin drop in the silence. "What...basis do you have for this?" Hotaru asked slowly, the shade fairy's mind was running a thousands miles per second.

"You remember the previous chosen do you not? A prophet I believe, he had visions of the future, and in it he saw Queen Mizuchie's future actions. Although he did not know the reasoning behind her choices, it was enough reason for him to distrust her."

Hotaru nodded slowly, "Okay, but Queen Mizuchie wasn't aware of that. She truly believed he had no reason to doubt her." Smart boy. I always knew he was a born actor. She thought remembering the time he used those doe-like eyes to reduce a dragon into submission. He could rule the world with the puppy dog look alone.

She paused, furrowing her brow, "I know it ain't all sunshine and rainbows between me and Mizuchie, and I admit there are tensions between me and the other Fae, but general dislike and disagreements isn't enough for me to turn on them. I need more proof than that."

The figure smiled, "That's one reason the Council decided to come to you. You're not a sheep, you don't follow others blindly. You keep your eyes and ears open making decisions for yourself."

The man leaned back, "Your Queen has been caught preforming some...underhanded agreements. One involving a certain General."

Hotaru froze, feeling her blood run cold. "You don't mean...the ghosts, Phantom, Iris—"

The man gave a curt nod making her fall silent. "That harlot..." she whispered. She knew.

Her gaze flickered towards the representative. "What will you do?"

"Put her on trial," he spoke smoothly, "she may be royalty, but even the Queen cannot escape judgement."

The shade fairy frowned, "But can't she excuse herself from the charges? She does rule the Fairy Court after all."

"My dear, the Council is a separate syndicate altogether. We respect the Queen, but we do not bow down to her."

He contiuned, "The Council has been in charge of investigations and holding trials long before the Fairy Court was even founded. Judicial power belongs to us solely."

His grave yet solemn tone wipped away any remaining doubt left in Hotaru's mind. "The Queen will not escape."

A thoughtful expression crossed Hotaru's face as she pondered this. "...You're not planning a coup d'état are you?"

"You forget it is that Council, not the Court that has kept peace for many years and has numerous alliances." He responded.

"We wouldn't have to plan one. The Knights of Fae have already fallen. With the Sprites gone the Court is already in turmoil because of it."

Hotaru kept quiet knowing her silence meant it was an affirmative. Once the Queen's questionable dealings were put into light, put quite simply: things would go to hell.

The figure stood up, "Thank you for you time Miss Hotaru, especially on such short notice." She merely nodded before dark blue gale winds spiraled around the figure. A moment later, he was gone.

Swift got up stretching leisurely, before walking over and nudging his head into her lap. Absentmindedly, she began to pet his head. So the Council is getting involved huh? Interesting.

She sighed leaning back. Amora was too loyal to the Queen, she wouldn't believe any accusations brought against her for a moment. Sakuya was quite amicable, and was always agreeing with the Queen. She never outright opposed her; even when she was disagreed with her. But most of the time, she followed without question. Michiru was more calm and logical, thinking things through before agreeing to anything. But like Amora, she was slightly biased towards Mizuchie simply because they were of the same race, water Fae. Those three along with the Queen were a tight-knit group and were her most loyal supporters.

Viola on the other hand, took shit from no one. She was a true wild fire, unable to be tamed. She made her own choices and once she decides on something she would fight tooth and nail to defend her cause. She was one hell of a debator, and anyone opposing her was in for a verbal smackdown. She currently followed Mizuchie, but once insinuated with reasonable doubt she would start to question her actions unlike the other three who would turn blind eye. If she could get Viola as an ally, it would even the playing field.

Amora had a severe distaste for Hotaru in particular, and the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately Amora's digust extended to the groupie, as as a result more than half of the Court was either hostile or petrified of her and her dusk pixies. However, Hotaru and her students didn't care in particular about the discrimination, if someone hit them they'd return the favor ten fold. She and her pixies had grown up around sneering faces, and they'd learn to turn irritation into dark amusement.

Viola however, never had anything against Hotaru. More than once she'd seen approval flash in those firery hazel eyes everytime to put an idiot in their place. Viola respected her.

Her mind flashed to Fay. The quiet cloud fairy had a good heart, and despite being severly intimidated by Hotaru, she held nothing against the ravenette. The only problem was that she was easily manipulated. Queen Mizuchie was using her without Fay realizing it. It wasn't like she needed Fay to have Fawks carry out messages, that was what the Royal Maidens were for. She just wanted Fay within her sphere of influence.

No doubt, once Fay caught wind of what was happening the gullible fool would try to make sense of it.

Fay could be an ally. Hotaru abruptly realized.

Her nature of being shy and obedient made her non-threatening. As a result, the Queen would be more lax around her than Hotaru, and would let things slip.

Fay was the perfect spy.

Hotaru suddenly stood up leaving Swfit growlig in protest at the sudden movement as she approached the door.

It could work, with Viola and Fay as well as the Council backing her; they had a good case. Now all she had to do was verify the Council's credibility.

She smirked. Let the games begin.

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