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Secrets and Lies


Harry sat in his office, not looking forward to having to speak to his Senior Case Officer and Section Chief. He had deliberately instructed Ros stay off work until she was back to full fitness. Now he was worried, although he had expected Ros to disobey his orders, he had hoped she'd at least take some time off. He looked down at the sheets of paper in front of him outlining the information Malcolm and Tariq had gleaned off the memory stick. He couldn't concentrate and found his thoughts wandering to the blonde spook searching through the office desk drawer where she sat. He was still wondering what to do when Ruth walked into his office.

"Don't send her to Tring."

Ruth smiled and dumped a load of files on the edge of his desk.

Harry looked up at Ruth, shaking his head slightly. Ruth held his gaze.

"She disobeyed orders."

Ruth leant slowly forward, her hand brushing against his.

"It's what Ros does. Look we can keep an eye on her." Ruth's fingers touched Harry's fingers on the desk.

"You do know why she came back so early? Don't you?"

Harry stood and walked to the other side of his desk. He stood so close to Ruth that she could smell his aftershave. Ruth turned and looked through Harry's office window into the main Grid where all section D were assembled. They were all far too busy to notice Harry and Ruth watching them. No one else noticed Ruth take Harry's hand, gently squeezing.

"She came back early because the woman is a workaholic! She cannot follow orders and at the moment seems to be on self destruct!"

Harry's voice dropped so that only Ruth could hear him. Ruth shook her head.

"No, Harry. Ros came back to work so soon for love."

She could feel Harry's eyes on her as she smiled shyly. She glanced up at him as she blushed.

"Look at her and Lucas. Its obvious, especially after the last few days."

"Same reason you came back to Section D then?"

Harry's voice is still low, almost husky. He knows he should be preparing to meet the other Section Heads but right at that moment Ruth and her revelation were all he could be concerned about.

"You know why I came back."

Ruth chided looking sideways at Harry.

"So, don't send Ros to Tring. It'll do no good. Here, she's got routine, she's got friends and colleagues that she can be around. She's got Lucas." Ruth reclaimed her hand smiling at Harry, she walked out the office.

Harry couldn't help but shake his head and smile as Ruth walked away. Maybe if Lucas made Ros as happy as Ruth did him, she'd be ok.


Lucas sat in the drivers seat of the pool car. He had insisted he drove. Ros had been clearly unhappy about it but she decided to let him have his own way. Parking along a quiet London side street the pair waited for instructions. Malcolm was back at the Grid feeding them information on exactly which house a known associate of Sarah Caulfield was meeting with an as yet unknown American. Ros stared out the passenger side window, trying to see any sign of activity that may suggest their targets were in the building. Sighing heavily she turned to Lucas.

"Malcolm is sure that bug is working?"

She was desperate for something concrete to do. She'd seen the way Zaf and Adam had looked at her when she had entered the meeting room that morning. She'd seen the way Zoe had looked down her nose at her. Not that she cared one iota what Zoe Reynolds thought of her, but she did care that she was still seen as the capable Section Chief she always had been and in order to do that she had to be as tough if not more so than the men on her team.

Zoe may be able to get by on flirting and charm Ros thought, but that wont work for me. I can't flutter my eyelashes like that or turn on the water works as needed. Ros thought.

Determined not to be seen as a weak female the Ice Queen image was firmly back in place.

Lucas shook his head, he'd quickly learned that Ros by day and Ros by night were different and when she was in work mode she was like a coiled spring waiting to go. He descretly checks his phone.

"Yes. Adam managed to slip a bug in there yesterday."

Lucas sensed that mentioning it was what Adam and Zaf had been up to while they were at the hospital was not the best course of action. Ros smiled as the mobile phone beeped. Pressing the handset to her ear she waited to hear Malcolm's instructions.

"Return to base please Alpha One."

Ros rolled her eyes at her call sign. Malcolm insisted on still using them.

"Negative, awaiting further instruction. Malcolm, is the stupid thing working.? Can we go in and pull out the suspects?"

Her free hand already on the door handle as Lucas began preparing to leave the car.

"Negative Rangefinder."

Ros' blood ran cold at the mention of her former call sign, her trip to Moscow seeming a lifetime ago. Before Connie's deception and before Lucas' return. Ros shook her head at Lucas as she listened to Malcolm's instruction.

"We're wanted back at base." Lucas' eyebrow's shot up. "Drive Lucas, just drive."

Ros was frustrated as she looked out the window.


Lucas nodded towards the building they'd been watching for the last hour. The occupants of the building were now stood on the doorstep shaking hands. Neither Ros nor Lucas could take their eyes of Sarah's Nightingale associate and Andrew Lawrence's personal secretary.

The mobile phone in Ros' hand was talking again as Ros snapped back to the present. "Ros, Lucas talk to me." Ruth's voice could be heard over the mobile.

"What!" Ros snapped.

"The devices work, but we can't pick them up now. This goes higher than we thought. Get back here before Harry personally comes to collect you. Please Ros, don't push your luck with him today."

Ros groaned as she listened to Ruth, knowing she would have to talk to Harry at some point. Ros lied easily to Ruth that they were on the way back before turning to Lucas.

"Follow him.

Lucas smiled pulling the car away from the kerb.

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